9 Most Important Tips and Tricks for Badminton Beginners

A Anonymous Sep 24, Find out whether they play more aggressively or defensively. What are the basics exercises to start with to become an advanced level player in badminton? In badminton, you are ready if you have the right posture, the right grip, and great footwork skills. 2. Know how to grip

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Warm-up for badminton

Always try to make your opponents move around the court and they will tire. Try to be unpredictable. Vary with different strokes. Study your opponent's weaknesses.

Is his backhand weak? Does he have difficulty returning smashes to the body, returning drops, moving backwards, etc? In doubles, is one player weaker than the other?

Is one better at the net than the other? Posted by Saad Usufzai at 5: Try these amazing trick shots and become the finest player in your gymnasium.

Posted by Saad Usufzai at 4: Interval and Change of Ends. Posted by Saad Usufzai at 2: By nature, badminton requires the player to have a few pieces of equipment to engage in the sports, items such as a racket and a shuttlecock are a must for a badminton player.

However, often I see many player places the wrong focus on how they spend their money on equipment. A smart badminton player will spend money effectively to maximize their badminton playing experience. However, before I start, I would like to point out that no badminton equipment can replace proper badminton skills.

A good set of equipment can only bring out the potential of a player with good skills. No equipment can fix your bad skills.

Once your pulse is raised and you body is feeling warmer, stretch the major muscle groups, particularly focusing on legs, back and shoulders to get fully prepared for all the lunges ahead.

When choosing a racket, the grip is crucial. Small grips are best for small hands and large grips for large hands. Having a flexible wrist will help you to perfect both your forehand and backhand shots.

Beware of shuttles which 'wobble' in flight. A wobbly shuttle indicates that it is on its way out, is of poor quality or faulty and should be returned or disposed of. It is good advice after playing a shot to return to a central base position. By positioning yourself in the middle of your area of play you are more likely to reach opposing shots.

The shuttlecock is designed to be lightweight and the slightest breeze can whisk it away. So if you want to avoid forever retrieving your shuttle, find a place to play indoors.

As badminton is a fast-paced, unpredictable game you must be prepared to move in any direction at any given time. So much of badminton is psychological. When starting out with minimal skill, try to understand your opponents psychology and use their weakness to your advantage and catch them out.

As badminton requires stamina and agility it is good advice to get involved in other activities that can benefit your game. Brisk walking and jogging are ideal for providing good all-round knee strength, allowing your knees to cope with the impact during a fast paced badminton game. You will need to manually use them in order to upgrade your abilities. One of the best investments in the game is Endurance as it increases your maximum stamina. This will allow you to stay active in the game longer without needing to rest.

Another ability is Agility, and it allows you to move faster as you play. Lastly, there is Technic. This ability increases the speed with which you hit the shuttlecock using short or long range hits. Upgrade your abilities as often as you can in order to stay in top shape. Aside from these innate abilities, you can also improve your character by buying new gear.

Headgear do not give any additional stats, but your chest piece, lower piece, shoes, and racket all do. Unfortunately, some equipment also lower your stats somehow. Make sure you double check what each gear does before purchasing!

When you go into the shop, you will see a star icon. Under the star menu are some special skills that can help you win matches if used correctly. By default, your special skill is the ability to increase your agility for 15 seconds. This is a good ability to use when you need that sudden burst to surprise your opponent.

There are other special abilities, however, that may suit your playstyle better. Other abilities include power smashing in mid-air, duplicating the shuttlecock, increase in technic, slow stamina consumption, slow shuttlecock movement, and so on. A good way to win games is to keep your opponent guessing.