Coaching Youth Basketball: Keep It Fun for Younger Players

At this point i feel he is missing out on the basics. OR, should I just let my kid sit on the sidelines and I will stay silent and watch the favored children get more playing time this is a house league basketball team where it is supposed to be equal playing time for all I watched the practice today where two players ball hogged the entire practice and the coaches were encouraging this style of play. I mean, I learned many a day by shooting, shooting, shooting, dribbling, dribbling, dribbling - constant repetition! Not only is playing dribble a good way to get the kids moving, which children certainly need and love to do, but it's also a good way to teach them how to dribble with their heads up and to change direction, which are important fundamental basketball skills. Note that young players tend to bring the ball above the head to pass; emphasize that each pass should be made from the waist. 5 Keys to Being a Great Basketball Coach

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You also need to tailor your drills around your offense and defense. By doing this you will create game like situations in practice that will help your players execute the specific skill sets your are teaching in the game. For example if you are running a shooting drill, then set the drill up so that the players shoot from spots on the basketball court where they will be receiving the ball in your offensive plays Having said that you can find several youth basketball drills in the video section of our website.

Just follow the links below. Free Basketball Videos go here: Basketball Glossary A-Z go here: Basketball Drills For 12 Year Olds. Star drill This drill is good to warm up your fingers, especially before a big game. Figure 8's Figure 8's is a good passing drill. No dribble scrimage Passing perfection Never throw a bad pass again!

The Help Line This is a very simple drill where the point guard or player with ball gets stuck they stop dribbling and a defender jumps on them. Wrap around pass Passing around a defender. Spin fake This drill is semi-difficult but it helps your ballhandling greatly.

Speed 1 on 1 Improve ball handling and get the ball to the basket quickly Zig Zag Dribble A good ballhandling drill for the entire team. The mirage The drill requires two balls. Bounce around the center circle or either of the free throw circles with two balls for thirty seconds as fast as you Foreigner jogging bounce the ball 3 times going forward regular right to left then reverse momentum by going backwards and then dribble 3 times behind the Make your defender choke so you can get by with ease.

Jay Shah Fake Spin This is a short drill which is easy and you can use this easily in games. Pounding Pound the ball as hard as you can, while still controlling the ball, as you dribble.

War games Just like 1 on 1 zigzag drill, 2 players start out on the baseline with one ball. The player with the ball will dribble in a zigzag motion from the Vision Test A coach stands at the FT line. Two players are standing on the box on each side of the lane. Player dribbles to coach, full speed, head up, from half Three ball wall drill The player stands ten to fifteen feet from a wall.

As you explain the basics, offer a visual demonstration, so children stay interested. The attention span of children in second through fourth grade will be short, and you want to ensure they absorb as much information as possible.

Offer smaller balls and lower the nets, if possible. At times, younger children will sacrifice form to accommodate for a heavier ball heaved toward an impossibly high net. Since form and technique are the basis of basketball, scaled-down equipment can help them learn properly. Teach the right way to shoot a basketball at the basket. Children can remember how to properly shoot by remembering the acronym BEEF.

This stands for balance, eyes on the target, elbow straight, follow through. This can help children more easily remember what to do at the basket. If necessary, post the word around the gym as a reminder. Introduce drills that seem more like games to keep the attention of the children. A regular pass and shooting drill may be so boring that children act out. Instead, try playing games like "Red Light, Green Light. When you call "green light," they dribble with their dominant hand.

Games keep children engaged as they hone their skills. Offer praise for good technique. Coaching 8- to year-olds can be frustrating, especially as they can be clumsy and uncoordinated.