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We are not lawyers though, so take our legal advice with a grain of salt before you decide to sign up at any of the sports betting sites we recommend. Horse racing betting is a bit of a slow topic at Reddit, but there are still a couple horse racing betting subreddits that you may find helpful. These subreddits are geared towards sports betting in general. Sports Betting Sites by Category

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Can't get in touch with a single person to discuss anything either. I pulled out in mid april and didn't get the money until late june. I just switched to bovada but they don't post game lines until the day of which is equally as absurd in my opinion. So now idk what to do.

Probably the most painless option is Nitrogensports. You'll need to buy some bitcoin elsewhere but once you have them, nitrogen will let you deposit and withdraw, essentially instantly. I personally wouldn't fool with it, even if you win money betting you could "lose money" if the value of bitcoin falls.

Not to mention bitcoin exchanges seem to close left right and centre and run of with your money, and there is no recourse for the customer because that's one of the joys of bitcoin. Pretty minimal chance if you only purchase bitcoin you want to immediately place a bet with, and then immediately convert your winnings back to USD.

If you're betting futures then there's a greater risk, but I would argue there's an equal chance you could win more money if the value rises. Yes, that is exactly my point, Bitcoin is incredibly unpredictable and adds a ton of uncertainty to your return in addition to the uphill climb you face gambling against the vig.

It was over a year ago and is is below now That's why I'm saying cash out immediately if you don't like the risk exposure, don't keep it in bitcoin for a year.

When you look at small windows, like the few hours that most wagers take, the chances of a significant fluctuation is pretty small, and it's just as likely to go up as it is to go down.

But I've never known a gambler to be that risk averse. Yes, but doesn't it pay in bitcoin? When you bet online, the money immediately goes out of your account so you need to maintain a balance in your online account to play throughout the season.

There leaves a ton of price exposure to bitcoin I'm saying immediately withdraw your winnings back to coinbase and convert back to US dollars. And then when you want to place another bet, convert that amount back to bitcoin. You'd incur a small transaction fee on each deposit and withdrawal maybe a few cents , but you'd limit your exposure.

And I think you'd easily make those cents back since the juice is typically low. The idea that Bitcoin routinely fluctuates that much in a small window frequently isn't really true, the price has been fluctuating a little bit lately, but before that it was more or less stable for about 3 months. But only if you really want to get deep into it.

For gambling purposes, it would go something like this:. Coinbase is the most popular bitcoin vendor, here's a signup link. You'll have to complete some identity verification, but it's not a big deal. Once you've done that and link a bank account which makes some people uneasy, but I promise it's safe , you could just buy whatever amount you want to wager on a particular bet and send it to nitrogensports.

Then once you've hopefully won your wager, you could immediately withdraw the bitcoin from nitrogensports back to coinbase, and sell your bitcoin back to coinbase and get US dollars posted back to your bank account. This would leave you with minimal exposure to bitcoin price fluctuations if you aren't aware, it can be VERY volatile. Withdrawing from nitrogensports to your coinbase account would take about 30 minutes, and would either be free or incur a minimal fee I'm talking like maybe a couple of cents.

I'm not sure how long it takes to withdraw US dollars from coinbase to your bank, but I don't think it would more than a day. And you could just leave the dollars in coinbase and use it as a betting account. This might sound complicated, but in my experience bitcoin sites tend to have less juice than non-bitcoin sites, which is a big deal to me. And having basically instant withdrawals sounds like a big deal to you. If you want just have fun by betting on your favorite sport and team, you need to know as much as you can about the sport, team, players, events etc Now, and I suppose it's this, if you want place bet to make some money, you absolutely need to do two things:.

First, you have to bet with the odds and the odds only. Of course more you have info about your bet, better it is but you have to play with statistics and not with intuition. Second, you have to follow a system and stick to it. For this you can try to study odds from last seasons before place some real bet.

Or you can try your system directly without study the odds from previous season but you need to start slow with small bets to try your system.

As you discover the sport betting world, you will see there are thousands of potential system. The thing to remember is to play with the odds. It's serious and the odds are among if no the best you can find. Anyone ever used SpreadEx? Seems like they have a ton of betting options in-game but I've never heard of it. The thing that makes Reddit different than other websites is Reddit is entirely community-driven. At Reddit, anyone can chime in with a comment and you are exposed to multiple points of view and differing opinions.

When it comes to sports betting in particular, one of the big reasons I like Reddit is the best sports betting subreddits do not have an agenda — they consist of normal people exchanging ideas.

The people commenting are typically are not trying to sell you something or promote any bookmakers. In the end, what you get is a more organic exchange of ideas. The voting system employed by Reddit does enforce some level of quality control, but it is not perfect.

For those unfamiliar with Reddit, you may find it confusing at first. Just stick with it for a while and you will get the hang of it. The basic rundown is this: Subreddits are the individual communities within Reddit that focus on a specific topic. The URL structure for any particular topic looks like this, for example: During conversation, Redditors people who use Reddit drop the full URL when referring to other subreddits.

Within each subreddit, people can start topics of discussion by either submitting a link to something interesting or writing a post of their own. In both cases, other people can stop by to read the post or visit the link and have a discussion around the topic at hand. Each subreddit is full of these discussion threads, so there is quite a bit of interesting content and discussion to peruse at your leisure.

The following betting related subreddits are organized by category and then listed in order of the number of subscribers. In general, the more subscribers a subreddit has, the more active it is.

All subscriber numbers were originally collected on 24 May, and will be updated as needed. These subreddits are geared towards sports betting in general. There is no singular focus on a specific type of sport, but the content mostly centers around mainstream sports such as soccer, football, MMA, baseball, basketball, tennis and so on.

Daily sports betting threads for specific sports leagues are useful for timely information and opinions. You will also find the occasional highly informative post such as this one that really digs into the math behind sports betting strategies. The subreddit sidebar which is located on the right side of the screen when viewing from a desktop also contains useful resources and links to other websites. For example, they link out to betting calculators, basic betting terms, statistics, other useful tools and related subreddits.

You will also find the occasional thread dedicated to eSports betting and other niche sports. If you like to bet on soccer , you are in luck. This is one of the best betting subreddits of all and it is all football, all the time.