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You should get this cue because of its adjustable weight system that will improve your game. The lower part that you hold is the cue butt, and the upper part that strikes the ball is the shaft. They make pool cues, pool shafts, billiard balls, gloves, pool cue cases, and other accessories. Reader Interactions

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I watched this years World Snooker Championships and decided to observe a few of the tips on show and tried also to see if I could see what makes of tips the players used and how they had shaped them. Did this affect him going out in the first round?

Very common tip and has a nice large dome on the top of the tip, this is certainly the tip shape I get asked for the most. This also a very common tip where the edges are sanded off but the top surface is pretty much flat.

Take a look at some of the professional players tips below which I collected just prior and during and after the World Snooker Championships, why do you use the shape you use and do you need a change?

Well this is more of a conventional snooker tip, I certainly fit a lot of these. This looks like more of a conventional tip, very close to the standard flat tip. Looking at the bottom edge of this tip of this tip, Ronnie uses the domed tip. Well Ronnie seems to have a different size cue tip and also the shape is now a little more standard and domed.

The height is certainly a lot less and there is a slight cone where the tip is larger than the ferrule but nothing to write home about. Again, this is more of a conventional flat tip. A reasonable amount of depth with very little dome on the surface. Sits nice on this cushion. Well this is a nice big tip that is very domed. I think he did ok with it though! Not the best picture but the tip is certainly domed without any real depth underneath the surface area. I like to see a little depth before the surface shape.

Nice depth and average shape, tip looks a little hard, I wonder if it is? Looks that way to me! The tip certainly looks a lot deeper and domed. Always difficult to decide the best time to change your tip!

Well here is an old cue tip shape that Jimmy White used. Not a usual shape nowadays but who can argue! The saying in pool is: There are weights that you can attach to your pool cue to increase or decrease the weight. Joint of the cue stick: If your stick is made from two parts, it should have collar rings at the joint. These rings can be made from plastic or steel. These rings keep the wood from splitting, from the force of the impact with the cue ball. The wrap is the part of the stick where you put your hand.

Your hands might get sweaty billiards is a tense game! They will typically have leather, or nylon or Irish linen. Irish linen absorbs the most perspiration.

The end of the cue butt has a rubber bumper. If you put your stick on the floor, you don't want the cue stick to get damaged. The rubber bumper inhibits vibrations. The bumper can be removed, to allow adding weights into the cue butt. P ool cue tip shape: A breaking cue tip is usually flatter, whereas a shooting cue tip is more curved.

The rounder the cue tip, the more the shot can curve and you can put spin on the ball. When you do the initial break with the cue ball, you want a strong straight shot—so the breaking cue tip is more flat. Players —is a billiards products company founded in They are located in St. Predator —is a billiards products company founded in , and located in Jacksonville, Florida. They make a full line of pool cues, shafts, cases and accessories for professional and amateur use.

Meucci -- is a billiards products company, founded by Bob Meucci, with its headquarters in Byhalia, Mississippi. He makes a series of professional pool cues and shafts. He also has professional services for improving and servicing pool cues. McDermott -- has been manufacturing billiards supplies since Theyare located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

They make pool cues, pool shafts, billiard balls, gloves, pool cue cases, and other accessories. Find The Best Reviewed Stuff. X The Score indicates the overall value of the product. The rating is based on multiple factors: Relative Price, Brand, Reputation and more.

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