Exchange wagering is simply the greatest invention in the history of gambling, and I found playing over Betfair to be far preferable to the traditional. However, cash at the casino cage is not among the available methods for deposits at Betfair. TVG is a horse racing television channel powered by Betfair, and available in roughly 35 million homes in the U. Screenshots

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TVG is owned by Betfair, a global leader in online gaming. To access the app you'll need a 4NJBets wagering account; you must be at least 21 years of age; a United States citizen or resident alien; a resident of a state where wagering services are available. False statements made in regard to an application may subject the applicant to prosecution. States where Mobile App wagering services are available: We love to hear from our customers.

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Deposits are easy and your money is always safe. Want to cash out? Direct deposits, bank wires: Your winnings are easy to withdraw at TVG. This is not possible at other sites-apparently. They are always figuring out ways to take more of your money. TVG has money back promotions and wager rewards that get money back to the player. The app is great! I like that you can review your bets and watch the race at the same time.

I also like it when you launch the race video, you actually have to click the arrow to see the race and there is an option to disable the sound first. It gets stuck and I cannot proceed. I have to completely close the app and log back in, then I can go fund my account. Please fix this issue. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Some minor bug fixes.