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This means that the most successful players from the BDO inevitably choose to move across to the PDC, and this drain of talent shows no sign of abetting. The length of the match. Please specify an email so we know where to reach you. Apart from those ludicrously difficult shooting events in the Olympics, darts has to be the most precision sport in the world. How To Bet On Darts

History of the Professional Darts Corporation, or PDC

Premier League Darts Betting

Also, keep a close eye on the format as some players prefer short races to five or six, while others like to ease themselves into longer matches. Obviously, upsets are always more likely to happen in short format games. While Phil Taylor dominated the PDC Professional Darts Corporation for a quarter of a century, and was thus invariably made the favourite for every event he entered, the field is a lot more open now as the years finally catch up with a once seemingly unbeatable player.

A number of players are now capable of beating Taylor, and thus going on to win tournaments. Furthermore, pick two are in one half of the draw and a couple are in the other half.

For a perfect leg of darts, players need to gobble up their in just nine throws. By and large this is done by hitting two lots of s, thus leaving for their last three. While the average pub team player would struggle to nail a leg in less than 20 darts, a nine-darter is well within the capabilities of the players who feature in the big money televised events. The big prices about perfect legs to be hit are to be had in individual matches.

This additional rule makes it even tougher to score a perfect leg. If a match has the potential for 20 or more legs and it features a pair of high ranked, high scoring players, then the Nine Darter market is definitely worth a little look. Some darts contests are ridiculously one-sided, especially in the early rounds of a tournament. The odds will reflect this, with the favourite heavily odds on often as short as 1. The best way to get value out of heavy favourites is to dutch correct scores.

This means that you select the likeliest scores at the best available prices and if one of your selections land, you still end up in profit, despite covering a number of possible outcomes. Phil Taylor to win his match anywhere in the range from to If you pick the loser correctly, you win the money.

Laying is only currently possible on betting exchange sites, such as Betfair, where you are going up against other punters, rather than bookies. It just needs focus, concentration and the odds to move the way you want them to.

For darts betting tips posted by our community of tipsters, visit our Darts Betting Tips page. If you're looking for darts betting stats, here is our list of the best sites for darts statistics:.

With Sky televising the major PDC competitions, Skybet is an obvious port of call for darts betting, as well as the other major online bookmakers and exchanges. Paddy Power , meanwhile, often offers a free bet if a Premier League match ends in a draw. Exactly the same applies to all darts betting odds. Furthermore, the subscription-based channel PDC TV , offers PDC darts including the World Darts Championship live stream and World Matchplay Darts live stream for a monthly or yearly fee, although the same applies to this website in terms of second lag time.

While we await betting prices — and indeed any action whatsoever this week — we give you a sneak peak as organisers have made the draw for the tournament that will be played in Brighton one month from now. After the first two editions of the World Champion Rob Cross made it six winners from six events in the World Series so far in after he defeated Michael van Gerwen in the final of the Brisbane Darts.

For Voltage, it was his first televised title since For many people, when you mention darts the first thing that enters the head is dusty old pubs in England. Current televised stats for Sky Sports show it to be second only to football in terms of viewing figures. As with any sport that picks up popularity, a betting boom is sure to follow.

Sure enough, Bookies too are finding that darts betting is hot on the heels of football in terms of slippage. It helps that Darts lends itself to the betting formula, especially given the pre-match and in-play bets that can be placed on mobile and tablet devices. When asked why they enjoy darts so much, many fans point to the jovial atmosphere at tournaments and regular match-ups between the top seeds and players ranked highest in the world which help to make this game one of the most thrilling and competitive.

All of these factors help make darts betting so interesting and its markets some of the most riveting. With great events that include not one, but two World Championships and a four month long Premier League , darts betting has rocketed in popularity in conjunction with an increased TV viewership. In fact, its intoxicating brand of quirky crowd costumes, pumped-up walk-on songs, passionate fan base and nail-biting action has safely ensured that darts betting is one of the most popular sportsbooks at an online bookmaker.

Outright betting, on a tournament or match, is the most popular type of darts bet a bookmaker typically receives. This means that in the match you have placed your bet on, your wager is laid against the competitor you think will win.

Darts bettors can also place a wager on individual sets , where money is placed on players to win on a set by set basis or even correctly predict the score not easy with enhanced and unique bets available, including most maximums in a game.

To understand these bets, some of you may need to understand more about the game and how the dartboard works. There are three main areas on a dartboard. The outright market also gets updated as the tournament unfolds. However, the catch is that the favourite is given a fictional handicap, eg MVG There could be five World Championship matches taking place on a particular evening and many people like to try and pick a winner for each game and load them into an accumulator bets.

It could lead to some big potential returns, even if the players in question are all odds-on, while customers get plenty of excitement as their bet continues through the session. As the popularity of darts betting increases, the bookmakers are increasingly prepared to serve up promotions and offers when it comes to the big tournaments. There are often accumulator money back specials where you will get a multiple bet refunded if one leg lets you down, while for the Premier League we often see the bookies refund losing bets if the match ends in a draw.

Naturally, there are always free bets on the darts to be had when you open a bookmaker account, with these usually available in the form of a deposit bonus or a matched bet. Nothing quite beats the thrill of live betting and darts is one of the best sports when it comes to placing an In-Play wager, with the odds changing all the time. In addition to the match winner, you can also back the winner of the next leg or set, something which means you can place a string of In-Play bets and get the instant gratification of knowing whether your bet has won or lost in minutes.

Bookmakers such as William Hill, bet and Ladbrokes often secure live streaming rights of tournaments which means you can log into your account and access quality coverage of the action. Naturally, the bookmaker in question will offer accompanying In-Play odds which go hand-in-hand with the live streaming. Darts is arguably the fastest growing sport in the world, second only to Football in terms of Sky Sports viewing figures, and has consequently witnessed a betting boom, with fans able to place pre-match and in-play bets on all major televised matches.