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Now I can't get any answer out of them. In this regard, Bovada is clearly incentivizing players to use Bitcoin. I think they are the fastest cashiers around via bitcoin. After we gave them all the proof that it was our credit card they closed our account for having another account we lost access to a couple of years ago. It's been increasingly hard to find US poker sites that process cashouts fast. Pure & Precise

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Had this been the old Bodog days, there would have no doubt been a league sponsored by the company, and founder Calvin Ayre would have found a way to make himself a character in one of the games. If you are a fan of eSports competitions and want to give betting on the matches a try, you can choose from all the top games including:. There isn't much new about the casino offering from Bovada, but that is just fine by me. The online casino market in the United States had struggled from a content perspective since when the majority of the top software providers stopped accepting bets from the region.

Three main providers remain - Betsoft, Rival and Real Time Gaming - and Bovada uses all three of these providers for its casino.

Bovada actually purchased a copy of the RTG code, so they are no longer paying the company royalties - it is hard to say whether or not they are still getting updates from the company as a result.

I really like parts of every one of these software companies. Rival Gaming has built some amazing slots content with its iSlots games - these are really immersive games that take you along a journey as well as spinning the reels. Betsoft has excellent 3D graphics in their games and Real Time Gaming has been building excellent casino titles for over twenty years now. I just summarized the best parts of the slots catalog above, but I have to tell you that having all three of these companies in the lobby gives you a wide range of titles and themes.

This is really important, because individually none of these companies would wow you with the volume of titles, but combined they offer you hundreds of slots options, including these titles that I like and want to highlight for you:. I have to admit I am a bit surprised that the casino doesn't offer the full suite of video poker titles from all three of its suppliers.

I suppose there is no need for overkill - many of the titles are the same across the board - but if it were me, I would be adding as much content as possible. You can still play tons of Video poker machines at Bovada, and chase the Royal Flush in 1, 2, 5, 10 and 52 hand versions of these titles:.

I prefer spending my time in a casino playing table games, so I wanted to spend as much time as possible during this review playing the options at Bovada. I know all three software vendors very well, so what I found wasn't all the surprising. The quality of the games is good, but I have seen better across the online casino world.

Having said that, I really just want the games to have nice graphics and play quickly, and that is exactly what I got out of playing at Bovada. The games you will find in the lobby here include:. Well, here is something new since the last time I played here! Bovada has finally gotten around to launching Live Casino games for its players. I am a big fan of these games you will know this if you have read any of my reviews before , so I am thrilled to find them available now at this site. There isn't as much of a selection of games as other casinos, but I don't mind at all - the standard games are here.

You should definitely give these games a try, especially if you are playing them for the first time. You can find Live Dealers in the following games:. Bovada seems to have found a niche with players who enjoy games that are more entertainment-based than gambling. There is a whole section of these games in the casino lobby, and while I didn't play any of them, here is what you will find if this is your type of thing:.

Another piece of good news for those of you who haven't played with Bovada in a while is that the poker client is back!

Bovada sold its original poker room to Ignition Poker a few years back although once again these companies seem very close , but clearly, they are ready to relaunch the game. I am very happy about this because I much prefer sites that have a full suite of games with one central wallet.

The poker arm of Bovada is full of great cash games and a tournament schedule that features over 1. This event runs through the summer of and offers 3. I fully expect this to run again in the fall based on the numbers I have seen in some of the events. Bovada's poker tables are full of novice players, so if you are someone who feels like you are better than most, then you should be able to take advantage to all the fishy play at the cash game tables!

If you have been following the career of Calvin Ayre, you may know that he has shifted his focus over the last few years away from gambling and casinos and onto cryptocurrency.

This largely came from a need to find ways to get Bodog players to make deposits easily, but he is now one of the most well-known experts in the field. Bitcoin Cash is the cryptocurrency that he is heavily promoting these days. As a result, Bovada has a heavy reliance on Bitcoin for its payments to and from players.

There are also a couple of other ways to get money to the site, but considering how aggressive Bovada is being with bonuses for Bitcoin users, it may make sense for you to get a crypto wallet and buy some coin. We have a whole guide to cryptocurrencies which will help you if you need.

The Bodog brand was built on promoting a certain VIP lifestyle embodied by its founder. The rollover requirements are 5x on this bonus, which is reasonable.

The Bovada poker rooms are well worth a look if you normally enjoy poker. As with many online poker bonuses, this one is released in stages as you accumulate points. There are no rollover requirements on poker bonus cash. This casino gives you one free deposit via credit or debit card but then charges 5.

Avoid these unnecessary fees and try using Bitcoin! Bovada has even created a detailed Bitcoin guide explaining what it is, how to get it, and how to use it. Ideally, I would like to see a few more altcoins accepted, although Bovada does allow you to withdraw by Bitcoin Cash. If you choose to withdraw by check, expect your check within 10 days. Note that you will not be able to withdraw by Bitcoin unless you have made at least one deposit via Bitcoin before.

Check out the screenshot below for a full overview. So, this is a simple and to-the-point rewards program. It makes it easy to understand and to know where you stand. Email — You can use the contact form on the Bovada. Replies are quick, professional, and to the point. This is how it should be. However, Bovada has gone to a lot of effort to put together an extensive FAQ section.

There are sections for casino games, sports, horses, financials, bonuses, Bitcoin, poker, and general questions. Bovada customer support is great. However, one is better than none. In general, the customer support here is as it should be. I like that Bovada offers casino games, sports betting, and poker, and I like that it accepts both US players and Bitcoin.

I advise you to check it out for yourself. This review was made by: Your email is never published nor shared. Deposit and Withdrawal Fees. My Favorite Find at Bovada. Would I Play at Bovada Casino? Click to view list. You will lose no matter how good you think you are. I had ace queen up against pocket aces.

Only one card that can beat my hand. An ace and guess what comes on river? Yea it does but not at an 80 percent rate. I been heavy favorite like 90 percent to win the hand basically only a 1 outer can beat me and it comes damn near every time.

You will not consistently win. Put it to you this way, the last 3 times I had pocket aces I lost to a set of kings. And oh yea majority of the time if you have pocket kings, someone at the table has them aces. I lost on so so many bad beats. They will screw you to the max.

Payout on slots less than 40 percent. If your going to play at bovada, they will play you. Flush your money down the toilet. By far the most horrible untrustworthy people in the business. After losing seven grand I was told I did not qualify for cash back.

Bitcoin is the only way you should cash out imo. Takes less than 48 hours usually. Like the new live dealers for some games. Advice start slow small bets and deposit a large enough amount to cover losses then use bigger bets later when it seems like the tide of losses changes. I made 2 deposits one day , checked my bank account the next day, they charged me an extra deposit, an trying to get refund of overcharge now, they say it is a pre hold, when I sent them copy of my bank statement showing it is not pending, it has cleared, they still told me to wait 10 days and see if it goes back in my account.

You never take insurance on 21, and yet, When I first started to use this site, it seemed about as balanced as casinos. House has an advantage. Play long enough, and you will always lose. That's how gambling works. It's not meant to be a stable income. But Craps, for instance, 3 loss , 8 , 7 loss , 12 loss , 9, 7 loss , 12 loss. I would be willing to bet that a very small percentage of people actually win any substantial money from playing here.

This site chooses who is going to win even before the first card is dealt. As I said, this type of action happens more times than it ever could during live play. Again, I get it, bad beat right, but the frequency in which this type of play happens is ridiculous. Almost every hand on the river winds up with straight, flush, and full house possibilities. If you chase your bets, the higher the bet the lower the win percentage. I Cannot not even begin to say how many times I pushed tied with Tried to play another game, an my funds were 0.

Called customer service told me I was shit out of luck. Should of known better. Hopefully nobody else falls for puttin money on it. Don't waste your money here. Do not put money on it.

Rapid Transfer the equivalent of Moneygram is a handy way to deposit and withdraw money to and from Bovada. It takes 15 minutes for a deposit and 24 hours for a withdrawal to arrive.

Your available withdrawal option depends on the way you deposited money to Bovada; if you made a credit card deposit, you can withdraw the money as a check Bovada has the fastest check payouts out of all US poker sites ; if you made a Rapid Transfer deposit, you can withdraw the money by using Rapid Transfer.

To be eligible for a withdrawal after having made a credit card deposit, you must complete the credit card verification form on Bovada's website. Are there any cashout fees? The first check withdrawal of each month is free. In case you make a deposit and then, without using the money, decide to withdraw it, Bovada may charge a fee.

Bovada delivers checks in weeks recent reports indicate that they deliver these in 10 days when many of their competitors take several weeks and some even months. Rapid Transfer payouts take a maximum of 24 business hours , after which you can collect your withdrawal at a local Moneygram location.

It's been increasingly hard to find US poker sites that process cashouts fast. Some sites claim to deliver checks in a couple of weeks but take months even half a year in the case of relatively popular Lock Poker. Bovada is the biggest US poker site but incredibly also has the fastest withdrawal processing times. The only two Bovada payout issues that I recall were in and when checks took a long time to process longer than usual , that is - they still delivered checks faster than most gambling sites do normally.

But those were small issues and it's remarkable how well they've done for such a long time. Bodog's payouts were delayed in and for a good reason: An undercover agent registered an account at Bodog and made two cashouts during the year of , which helped the IRS to seize the money.

Citypaper published a great article on the subject called The Ghost Hand. We have no real information on what caused Bovada payouts to be delayed in They claimed to be in the process of changing payment processors in order to deliver checks faster in future which then slowed down current check processing.

I don't know if this was the real reason but they surely figured out how to deliver checks fast afterwards. Big poker bonuses are useless unless they can be reasonably cleared. Some bonuses are impossible to clear for beginners; for example, they might take ridiculous amounts of playing to clear in relatively little time or they can only be cleared above micro stakes.

Fortunately, the poker bonus offer is good for beginners. You get 60 days to clear the bonus after you've made your first deposit , you can clear the bonus at any stakes you want and the terms are straightforward. They cater to recreational players which forces them to make their welcome bonuses simple and relatively easy to clear. How Do I Clear the Bonus? You clear the poker bonus by reaching new bonus levels; you reach new bonus levels by earning poker points; you earn poker points by generating rake for Bovada.

The more bonus you earn, the easier it gets to clear additional bonus. Will Additional Deposits Qualify for the Bonus? Only the money deposited on the same calendar day as your first deposit will qualify for the Bovada Poker deposit bonus. There is no Bovada bonus code at the moment; you can qualify for the bonus simply by signing-up at their website. Reload Bonuses They award reload bonuses only to certain players - whether these players are selected randomly or have to meet certain criteria is unknown.

There are no poker reload bonuses available for everyone. How long does it take to clear the bonuses? Their casino bonus requires you to wager the deposit and bonus amount 25 times over until you can cashout. Their sportsbook bonus can be cleared by wagering 3 times the deposit plus the bonus amount. It's important to look at the background and the people behind operations that provide online gambling - especially when it comes to sites that provide games for US customers.

While the company has done an admirable job so far, there's some controversy in their background that the readers at Gaming the Odds should know about - so is Bovada legit and safe? It feels good to play at a site that has been in the online gambling business since