What is a system 3/4 (4 bets)?

Using Neteller all of our reviewers report withdrawal normally paid in approximately 6 hours but at most 24 hours. We go to great lengths to eliminate all unfair advantages and are removing the potential advantage provided by using multiple accounts to register for a tournament. Information Seller ElectraWorks Limited. Failure to do so will mean alternative, potentially inferior accommodation will need to be arranged by bwin. As such, these programs are prohibited. Bwin Status: Not Recommended


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What is a Canadian system? What is a Goliath system? What is a Heinz system? What are handicap bets? What are Head-to-Head bets? What does 2Way mean? What does 3Way mean? What is a Lucky 15 system? What is a Lucky 31 system? What is a Lucky 63 system? What is a "Double Chance"? What are Multi bets? What is a Patent system? What is a single bet? According to the principle of the system bet, you win even if only two of the four predictions prove correct. The exact amount of the winnings depends on how many of the predictions prove correct.

In the detailed view of bets, you can see the combinations formed with the four picks:. The more correct picks you have in your system bet, the higher the winnings. If you fail to meet the system criterion e. Here is an overview of all the available system bets:. What type of bets are there? What is a single bet? What are multi bets? What are system bets? Which bets can be combined to form a multi parlay? What are handicap bets? What are Head-to-Head bets?

What does 3Way mean? As well as personal game play analysis, these programs also compile and profile a player's opponents' play. This is similar to how a meticulous player might use our "Player Notes" feature after every hand to compile their own profiles on opponents. As such, these programs are allowed. Programs that share data are not allowed.

Further, we do not allow players to collude, share hole card information or team up against other players. We also prohibit the use of any software program that facilitates the sharing of this information or player profiles.

PokerEdge and CardAnalyzer, for example, are programs that compile player profiles in a database and then sell subscription access to their systems. These programs allow players to access profile information on players they have never played against, and we believe this provides an unfair advantage. As such, these programs are prohibited. We currently have sophisticated processes in place to detect and prevent the use of prohibited programs.

This technology is an extension of our anti-collusion security systems, and is deeply integrated with multiple tiers of our client and server architecture. It is in our collective interest to ensure the safety and integrity of the game and this is part of the security we offer all our players. We reserve the right to close accounts, seize funds and ban players from playing at bwin. If you are considering using a program that is not on this list, please e-mail support with information about the program, including its name and a URL where we can find it.

After we review it, we will make a decision about whether or not it is allowed. Ongame Network allows players to register accounts with multiple Ongame Network operators, such as bwin, but has the policy that an individual may only register for any single tournament from one of these accounts. Any player who plays in a tournament from multiple player accounts will be in violation of this policy and suffer the following consequences:. At the Network's discretion, tournament pay-outs the distribution of tournament prize monies to winners can be held for up to 14 days if an investigation is required though we will try to conclude all investigations within 72 hours.

Investigations are predicated on automatic processes and manual checks conducted by separate support and security teams both during and after tournaments.

Where an investigation determines there is or has been a serious problem, all accounts suspected of being involved may be frozen for the duration of the investigation. This means that players will not be able to log-in or play, and they will not be able to withdraw or transfer funds.

We recognize that this will be an inconvenience and we regret that this may affect innocent players. Where an investigation requires that tournament pay-outs be held pending distribution to winners, we will endeavour to communicate this to all players involved shortly after the tournament concludes. Ongame Network has the policy of not sharing the results of its investigations.

However, where appropriate, both the results and actions being taken will be made available to players through our Operators' websites. If prizes need to be redistributed, this information will be provided directly to players. Ongame Network recognizes that it is critically important to provide safe gaming for all our players, and to ensure that our card room is fair.

We go to great lengths to eliminate all unfair advantages and are removing the potential advantage provided by using multiple accounts to register for a tournament. Note that we are advised by David Sklansky in respect to preventing various forms of collusion, and appreciate his expertise. As such it cannot be reviewed as a stand-alone Policy nor does it overrule these documents in case of confliction.

Please read through the above two documents before proceeding. This Refund Policy covers bwin. Accounts affiliated with other operators within the network will not benefit from it. This Refund Policy details reimbursement rules in cases of confirmed tournament collusion. The punitive measures enforced upon caught colluders - although mentioned - are regulated by the Ongame Network multi-account Policy.

This policy has been engineered to provide just treatment in the case of cheating being determined in tournaments. All decisions will be made by bwin and cannot be overruled. Detailed information regarding our investigations — and the investigations made by the Ongame Network Security Team - will be released at our discretion. The policy deals with three separate types of tournament collusion; checkdowns, chip dumping and co-op play multi-accounting.

Checking down can occur when two or more players call an all-in player. Equally it is against the rules to suggest such an action. However, merely suggesting it does not equate collusion. Players found guilty of verbally agreeing to not play each other in a hand with the explicit intent of maximizing the chance of eliminating a third player will receive a warning.

Repeat offenders risk having any prize money forfeited. Tournament chip dumping is defined as a situation where one player purposely loses chips to another player with the sole intent of increasing their combined chances of winning prize money. Chip Dumping will incur a permanent ban of all involved accounts and the forfeit of all the total value of prize money.