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This is where OddsDigger comes in with the excellent tool that helps segregate through the different numbers in a couple of seconds. Cricket has always been a popular sport for punters out there.

The big test series are always an attraction as well as the one-day internationals. What this page will endeavour to do is to show cricket odds comparison of all possible betting offers for various cricket matches and tournaments, including cricket live betting odds and links to experts betting previews for the events. The following aims to give a little more background to the sport and the best ways to cricket bidding. The obvious answer is yes but there are so many different ways to bet on the game that it can be a tad difficult to navigate for some.

For example, you may like the longer form of the game which would be Test matches. You may also approach your wagers on a game-by-game basis or even day-by-day. Another popular option is to bet in-game. You may put a wager on who you think will score the most sixes or which two batsmen will have the highest partnership. There truly are a myriad of ways to bet on the game. The great thing about cricket match betting is just the sheer amount of options that the punter has.

There is almost no limit as to what you can wager on. You can bet according to the format, the teams, the players, the weather conditions and so on. There can be so much to factor in. Alternatively, you could just go for who you think will win. The choice is yours but the beauty is the range of choice and type of bet that you have.

If you are not someone who would normally look at cricket match odds as a betting option, we do hope this has served to open your eyes and dive in.

For those of you that do know the game, we only hope this piece has sharpened your appetites even more for a bet on cricket. It boasts an odds comparison tool and all possible betting offers for various cricket tournaments, including live betting odds and links to experts betting previews for cricket events. The most popular method of cricket betting is the single bet. With there being two teams there will obviously be a favourite and an underdog. For example right now India sit on top of the world rankings.

At the bottom of the current list is Zimbabwe. If the two teams were to meet in any format of the game, the Indians would be the overwhelming favourites and the cricket betting odds on them would be very low. What if the Indians were to lose? In most cases, that type of cricket betting strategy is just not worth it. As was said before, there are a whole host of options on how you can bet on the sport.

You can also use this line on how many boundaries or sixes will be hit and so on. You can also use the accumulator option. This is particularly useful especially where there is a big tournament like the Cricket World Cup where there are multiple matches to speculate on. Cricket is a major worldwide sport everywhere except in the Americas and the Far East.

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