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Or do you sacrifice some of that in favor of being a fighter that people want to see regardless of the outcome? On the other hand, if you want to make a fighter from scratch, you can choose either a male or female fighter to create. More From Daisy Ridley. Getting Started

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Master your skills and performance inside the Octagon.

Make sure to check it out! Take some time to know your opponent and familiarize yourself with the playstyle of your opponent. Play out with different techniques and see which one works better for you! Clinch Away Clinching is by far the most useful technique for me! After getting your opponent in a Thai-Clinch, you will be able to execute different sorts of attacks; ranging from legs to head.

Furthermore, Clinching can also be used to Takedown an opponent followed by a Submission Attempt. Take some time and work around with Clinching, Transition Positions, and how to get on your feet after a knock out.

Before release, multiple screenshots and clips were shown of press conference and weigh-in showdowns, but sadly these are also relegated to cutscenes and menus. Promoting a fight is as simple as spending points on a promotional task like streaming a game for fans or attending a UFC event, but there really is no player agency beyond choosing the task and getting a message from fans about it. Similarly, the rivalry system is done via a Twitter-like interface where an opposing fighter sends a mean tweet your way and you choose one of three ways to respond.

While disappointing that there are not more choices or consequences when promoting fights, the groundwork is here for something more exciting and immersive, and I hope that the team at EA can expand upon a good first step in the next UFC game.

As you increase in rank and get better and better contracts, the difficulty spikes by a large degree. Despite the game warning me during loading screens, I was taken aback by just how hard it was to fight against top 10 fighters.

While fighting the best of the best should be harder, I feel that a more gradual difficulty increase is warranted. I went from knocking out the number 11 fighter in the first round to having an absolute war against the 9th ranked fighter, and the CPU seemingly knew everything that I was doing. Again, I appreciated being forced to fight so much more intelligently than I had to at lower ranks, but there needs to be more of a lead up to it instead of it being so sudden from one fight to the next.

After winning the UFC title, players will then be set on a path to have a super fight with the champion of another division. At this point, players will be close to achieving all of the milestones to become the G. After having reached the greatest of all time status, I was given the opportunity to retire right away or fight until my longevity ran out. Not knowing that there was no option to manually retire afterwards, I chose to keep going.

This led to the problem of fighting a year-old Matt Brown and a year-old Anthony Pettis. It just kills the immersion to not have more created fighters take over for the real life ones, and it makes the idea of a longevity meter weird considering the real fighters never retire. The narrated cutscenes and Twitter-like feed are nice touches that add more to the experience than simply picking fights and grinding training drills. Unlike past games, the art of training has been simplified so that the focus is on the core gameplay rather than repetitive drilling.

While the promotion and rivalry systems are underwhelming, there is a ton of potential for future releases if the team at EA decides to expand upon the choices that players can make. Despite some quirks and missteps, the career mode in UFC 3 is a good first step towards creating a completely immersive experience.

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More topics from this board Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? ItsVinceRusso ItsVinceRusso 6 months ago 1 The difficulty of career isn't going to depend so much on the difficulty setting you choose, but the style of fighter you create. Submission artists have it super easy.

There's nothing the AI can do about getting locked in a level 5 submission by a guy with Submission Offense, and oftentimes they will just shoot double legs like a dumbass and give you free chokes. Wrestlers are middling difficulty. You can win with your ground and pound easily if you get the transition block timing down, but you risk getting caught in a level 5 submission or getting reversed and having your face pounded in.

Strikers have it the most difficult by far. The judges also love screwing you over if you don't get the knockout. My striking strategy is to work the jab in the first half of the fight, closing the distance and dodging to make the AI miss and sap their stamina. Then I start to work in hooks and uppercuts and go for the knockout in the second half of the fight.