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We continually verify that every website holds a valid gaming license in an online licensing jurisdiction. Thankfully brands like Betway are starting to branch out in covering lesser-known games like King of Glory and World of Tanks and so we can hopefully look forward to a far greater choice of betting markets in the future. Call of Duty Read More. Bitcoins are looked down upon from central banks, oh, the word rings ominously!. Virtually every gambling site offers some sort of promotion for players to join. Non Regulated vs Regulated Bookmakers

Choosing the Right Betting Site

Getting Started With Sports Betting

In this last format, the site is offering to credit you with free bets, based on your first bet. Some betting sites require you to use a promo code when signing up, others do not. If a unique promotional code is required to obtain a bonus, it will be listed on our review page.

We want to make sure you get the absolute best possible sign-up bonus when joining a betting site. Our reviewers continually update bonus information and codes as soon as they become available with the best possible sign-up offer for our readers. One of the advantages of betting online is the selection of sports available. Every sports betting site listed will have odds on all major sports leagues: Our sports-specific pages, we list the top-three betting sites for each sport along with odds trackers and betting tips that provide specific betting information so you can learn the ins-and-outs before placing a bet.

Most sportsbooks listed will also include odds on tennis, golf, cricket, mixed martial arts including UFC fights , professional wrestling, and rugby. A few gambling sites list more niche betting markets like e-sports, motor sports, futsol, cycling, darts, snooker, and entertainment props. If you are looking to bet on one of these niche sports, then take some time to figure out which sites offer your sport of choice.

Beyond what has been covered here, there are a host of different offerings from each betting website that necessitate reading individual reviews. Some have a poker room, online casino games, or a racebook, while others only have the option to bet on sports.

While we have provided our top 10 picks, if you are looking for something specific, or want to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a particular site, there is no substitute for spending a bit of time digging in and learning about each one. Once you see the right site, you can sign up today and make your first wager. The 10 Best Sports Betting Sites. Ranking Name Rating Buttons 1. All Sportsbooks meet or exceed our minimum standards for security and payout speeds.

Choosing the Right Betting Site Sports and betting go hand in hand but, unless you live in Las Vegas and can go to a live sportsbook at a casino, finding a trustworthy and safe betting site can be a daunting task. Here are some additional betting sites: How Our Ratings Work Each site is rated against the following: Reputation — Does the sportsbook have a good current reputation and history. Do they hold a legitimate licence, payout customers quickly, and use the latest security protocols.

Do they have a good sign-up bonus and ongoing promotions. Selection of sports to bet on, odds, wagering minimums and maximums, live betting options. Is the easy to use on a mobile phone and fast.

Casino, online poker room, horseracing options Support: Does the site offer good customer support and hours. Be not afraid for your local betting experts never fail to identify and point to the rather nippy North of gambling paradise.

We will introduce you to what we consider new and exciting grounds for eSports betting, some of the staple titles of the industry as a whole and later on, an overall analysis of the wholeshebang.

You look a clever patron, so let us not beat around the bush any longer and cut to the chase. Live eSports betting is upon us, damn right! Look at it, it looms, it is so omnipresent that it hits you in the face well before you knew it even existed.

We should think so, huzzah! Look at these guys with their fancy make-believe money, savvy of gadgets and sporting their riches in bittaas and bytes. Naturally, the question what the eSports consumer looks like springs to mind. So, eSports betting boils down to throngs of enamored enthusiasts with plenty of disposable income looking for an edge to make a quick buck or revving up the excitement that goes hand-in-hand with spectating an e-sports event.

Just like betting on traditional sports, the eSports equivalent is looking to expand. New titles are being probed for earning potential, and some forays have been made. In recent years we have seen traditional bookies turn to eSports with a greedy eye. This does not mean, however, that the likes of Bwin, Bovada, Betway, and sport sought exclusively personal gain. They opened the sluicegates of online eSports gambling which has been picking up steam. Au contraire, they offer comprehensive statistics, news and predictions about the industry.

By following this trend, bookies joined the ranks of eSports betting analysts and enthusiasts. Bookies have been laggards in adopting live betting for eSports and their reluctance can be chalked up to the legal bog the segment actually is.

All tardiness aside, boy, have the chaps been quick to catch up. Live betting is a thing today and the more it expands the more pronounced the clout of eSports becomes. A number of tie-and-suite sports entrepreneur are now testifying to eSports undeniable resemblance to real-world sports. What are the most tempting events out there to throw hard-earned money at, expecting solid return or just participating in the madness of looking for an outlet of your zealous support for a favorite eSports team?

Those are among the most dynamic games out there which allow for a great spectacle when played at the highest level. Some live betting is kicking for other titles too:. In fact, any tournament with a large prize pool which promises to bring a pot of winnings for the perceptive eSports bettor. When setting out to bet on live matches, odds enough will not do. Familiarity with the subject matter is much advised.

You are a huge fan of DOTA 2, we take it? So look into the line-up of teams, see if their teams offer for a more aggressive style of play or if it is going to be the turtle build which at some point gathers so much momentum that it squeezes the life out of opponents. Whatever you do, do not go blindly into the unknown, placing First Blood, Map 1 Winner types of bet at a whim.

Consoles and computers are somewhat tied in terms of how many viewers they attract. In the future, consoles may become a valuable way of placing a bet on eSports. Mobiles are meanwhile slated to overtake television and head neck-and-neck with any laggard in the first two slots. You are basically purchasing fake monopoly money with your real money, then gambling with the fake money, hoping to get lucky enough to win a shiny or sometimes glowing gun skin pattern for your weapon.

When it comes to picking the right betting site to begin wagering at, it's apparent that not every shoe size fits everyone in the store. If that analogy didn't help then there are a couple of other ways to explain it as well. The novice bettors usually notice what appeals to them; things like the graphics of the betting site, or the layout and structure of games offered. And while all those aspects are important, they fail to reach further than skin deep.

Not every bettor thinks alike and that doesn't mean that one preference is more right than the other. Unless they both know what to look for, usually, they're both equally wrong. There are multiple variables that need to be considered before choosing which site you should be risking your money at, and when it comes to betting esports there isn't much of an exception. Despite its incredible popularity, esports is a brand new sports betting genre and hasn't yet established itself within the betting world.

Keeping that in mind, we're going to highlight a few key things to look for and principles to stick to when you are searching for your own personal "perfect esports betting site. You don't have to like a site just because it's popular and everyone else is using it. Sometimes that might even detract from how lucrative you may become in the long run, depending on the game you are playing. However, as it relates to esports, picking the larger sites is definitely the route you want to take. Gambling on esports with smaller sites is a risk; why take that risk when you can mitigate it with a few simple steps?

Each of the previously mentioned aspects can be expanded and elaborated upon in other sections of the site , however, we'll spare you our rambling and let you read through the rest of our guide as it pertains to esports betting. Knowing how and where to make your first bet on esports is just as important as understanding the legality behind betting esports in your geographical location.

Make sure to check our compiled list of regulating gambling laws for your local area before choosing which sites to bet online. Some sites may not be allowed in your area, limiting your selection. The above-mentioned gambling laws link will dispel any rumors you may have heard about internet gambling in your area.

As of current, with some exceptions, there are not that many rules in the United States regarding online betting, specifically and esports. That makes the legality of wagering on esports comparable to the Wild West.

In keeping with that analogy, regarding the betting, lawmakers are trying to tame the Wild West internet bettors in order to implement their own regulatory system. This procedure helps those lawmakers thwart money laundering attempts from criminals while also ensuring the newly made laws help states earn revenue from esports betting. Speaking of the Wild West, it's the state of Nevada who's pioneering the way for esports gamers to bet on their favorite teams. Undoubtedly, the large and popular tourist attraction of Las Vegas Strip casinos is driving this esports lawmaking process.

This MOU shares information between agencies that relates to suspicious betting activities, unlawful player activities, and match manipulation resulting in fraud. It's the ESIC that's charged with maintaining player, team, league, and tournament integrity. Burnett is quoted saying:. One incredibly interesting aspect regarding all of the esports betting is the potential for it to become a pari-mutuel; pari-mutuels split the costs amongst all the bookmakers evenly. This eliminates the need for low limit wagering due to high variability… or in layman's terms, there's no big risk to any bookmaker because they all share an even stake in the losses or gains.

This allows for bigger and more profitable wagering possibilities by eliminating a maximum bet amount. Much like horseracing, an esports bettor would be able to wager as much as he wants on whichever player or team they think will be the winner! At this point in time, it's fair to say that esports are here to stay. You can count on them becoming a permanent fixture in the sports, not to mention the betting world.

The esports popularity scene is wildly contagious amongst the younger Millennial Generation; they are the driving force behind the sport's fan-base. Every young person nowadays more than ever is introduced to a technologically different world than any other previous generation. With an ever increasing younger generation, and even faster growing electronic technology, esports may soon even overtake the more notable sports on television in mainstream popularity in the coming years.

The current popularity of esports, as a spectator sport, is easily comparable to the Super Bowl's television ratings. Recent League of Legends LoL tournament viewers recorded numbers boasting above 40 million viewers at one time! Esports is currently not scheduled for any major broadcasting network to televise their tournaments which allow independent media companies like Twitch able to capitalize on the budding market before the bigger media competition comes to take its own piece of the pie.

With so many viewers and interested parties watching, a demand for betting on esports was inevitable. Betting sites began catching on and have slowly tried to develop their own bookmaking processes, learning how to regulate and balance the odds-making aspect of esports. As it sits currently, betting limits on esports are noticeably low when compared to the other major sports in the public eye.

Part of that reason comes from a lack of steady statistics on professional esports players and teams as well as the volatility of the profession; gamers don't have a "prime" in their career like other athletes tend to have in theirs. Another part of the reason is the overwhelming lack of bookmaking experts on the esports subject.

Again, it's like the Wild West of the uncharted sports betting world. Eventually, esports betting will be as popular with your local bookie as football, basketball, and baseball are; the writing is on the wall. The budding electronic sport is spreading like wildfire and has already dominated most of Asia and Europe — the top two continents that house more esports bettors than the rest of the world.

So far in the juncture, America is the untapped market. As unlikely as that last statement sounded, it's the truth; esports is wildly more popular amongst people within Eurasia. It will catch on fast, and some argue that it already has. In the state of Nevada, esports arenas are being constructed with schools in mind. There are even talks of esports scholarship opportunities on the horizon.

The sports genre has finally welcomed video games and opened its gym doors to esports fans. In similar fashion, bettors are now looking to capitalize too! It's not that you don't want to dive into everything, you're just smart. You've got some important questions you need to be answered first.