Successful Football Betting Advice

College Basketball Top 25 Rankings Polls. You can even extend into the teens 14 and 17 for college football key numbers, but with so much parity in the NFL numbers that high generally do not apply for straight bets. Other key numbers in the NFL include 4, 6 and Either that or there would be a lot more successful sports bettors than there are in reality. Performance Over the Course of the Season

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Key Numbers in College Football

History shows us that, unless you can buy a half point for 10 cents or less, buying onto a whole number in college football is typically a losing proposition. The table above explores buying off of a whole number point spread to a half number. Much like buying onto numbers, buying off rarely makes sense unless you are able to buy the half point for 10 cents or less, otherwise you are simply wasting your money by buying the hook.

If you do any first half betting then the following table might be interesting to you. You can see that a large number of games land on a variation of a touchdown and a field goal. Plus, with the shorter time played in the first half compared to the game the margins bunch up with smaller numbers.

The key numbers for college football second halves are very similar to the first half. If you are going to do any halftime betting then this will show you the importance of shopping lines and getting value with your key numbers. Key Numbers for College Football. Cost to Buy a Half Point: Odds Handicappers Archives Privacy Policy.

For example if the New England Patriots are Of course, this is not always the case, but it certainly is sometimes. It costs extra to buy a favorite down from 3. It generally costs 25 percent extra to get on or off of 3. For example, if the Pittsburgh Steelers are For all other numbers most sports only charge standard 10 percent juice to buy a half a point. When following line movements, being aware of the key numbers can give you an idea of what oddsmakers are trying to do.

When lines fall on a 3 or a 7, sportsbooks shy away from moving the line, rather they will adjust the juice. If indeed they do move a line off of 3 or 7, it gives an indication of significant action or developments that warrant such a move.

When playing teasers bettors need to be aware of critical numbers and how many of them their teaser crosses. The popular Wong Teaser is a two-game teaser in which a bettor teases a favorite from 7.