The AFC's new bullies

City's first-ever goat yoga studio climbs into West Austin. Of the nine staffers polled, all seem to agree that the Texans will win the game. The linked article is a single overall assessment, predicting and ranking the entire league from 1 to Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Round 7, Pick 38

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Manage your team for up to 15 seasons, create free agents or edit existing players with an in-depth player editor, and sign, retire, draft, and trade players. Trade for future draft picks and field computer-initiated trades. Watch as players improve their abilities over time with game experience, and set corresponding game plans, matchups, and depth charts for simulated games. The completely customizable scenario mode lets you create any game situation imaginable.

Playing fields are degraded and uniforms dirtied based on weather conditions, further enhancing realism. ESPN NFL Primetime also includes animated sidelines, realistic crowd attendance, visible breath and steam from players during cold-weather games, and variable weather conditions and severities for snow, rain, and more.

Irvin was self-nicknamed "The Playmaker" due to his penchant for making big plays in big games during his college career. He played college football at the University of Miami. In , he was selected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He competed in season 9 of Dancing with the Stars.

Irvin was the 9th contestant to be eliminated. He was the last first-round draft pick made by the Cowboys under the leadership of long-time general manager Tex Schramm, player personnel director Gil Brandt, and coach Tom Landry Schramm predicted that Irvin would accelerate the Cowboys' "return to the living". Irvin became the first rookie receiver in Cowboys' history to start a game in 20 years, in which he caught his first touchdown the same game.

Fitzpatrick shines again, Buccaneers stun Eagles Courtesy of DeSean Jackson, Ryan Fitzpatrick rocked a pair of sunglasses and a partially zipped warmup jacket revealing a couple of gold chains and a large pendant resting on his chest.

Saints narrowly prolong Browns' winless streak Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints needed less than 10 minutes to obliterate what looked like a milestone victory for the seemingly cursed Cleveland Browns.

Kevin Hart vs the People - Week 1. View the Night School League. Eli Manning's continued decline Week 2 fantasy football Sunday recap: Superhero quarterbacks and draft pick regrets Early Week 3 fantasy pickups: Dante Pettis among sneaky starts.