2018 NFL Scores - Week 2

This is the epitome of a closed system. Your cheat sheet is going to need seven tabs, create the tabs using the names below, to the letter! If you import from the columns will resemble the format below, which is needed to ensure the formulas I give you work. AK32, out of view, - that should not be deleted. Team Statistics

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I only find the world cup pool and it doesnt have that things. I have just downloaded the World Cup spreadsheet but the worksheet is blocked. What is the password? I think there may be a bug in the sheet. When I input the scores thus far and re-simulate, the Group Stage tab populates correctly, but the Group Projections tab incorrectly shows Panama with 3 points. Prob meaningless, as the same page shows Panama with a projected 1. I think you may have grabbed a version right when we published.

That is fixed in the current version of the downloads page. Does the current spreadsheet use updated power ratings from June 18 , or the ones from pre-tourney? Is there a chance to put a combobox in spreadsheet to change the time zone, which will then adjust the starting time of the games accordingly? Greetings from central Europe! The other ones are great! Reply Will that be soon? Reply These look great! Will you be doing a Euro Finals spreadsheet?

Reply EURO spreadsheet will be available soon! All tiebreakers will work properly! Reply I hope the six eliminated teams from preliminary round for AFC qualifiers could play in play-offs for Asian Cup Reply Well then can you send me an example of how to do a head to head between two or more teams in the excel file Reply Will you provide the AFC 3rd round soon?

I will be looking forward for that!! Reply 3rd round has been posted! Reply Thank you very much!!!! Reply Hi, I like your European Championship spreadsheet, can I ask though how you managed to split the teams in the group stages if 2 or more teams finished on the same points ,,,,,, reason I ask is I run have been asked to automate a current manual Excel file for a junior soccer season cup, but I am having trouble when 2 teams finish on the same points, how to split them …..

Thanks Reply Thanks guys very much! Reply Best thing to do is look at Wikipedia to see who goes where. Reply Thanks a lot! Sorry for my bad English. Reply Hi Dejan, The files individually are large, so putting them all in one file is going to really slow down the performance of running simulations and projections. Reply would it be possible to have the file in a format whereby i could find and replace the name of the teams to include in brackets the name of my colleague who has that team in the sweep stake at work please?

Reply when I try to enter a score into the knock out teams cell it keeps asking for a password…. That is where you enter the score Reply I would like to make some changes on Euro Cup spreadsheet.

Reply I have the same issue. Reply I just did a test and the remaining rounds work for Any Location. Sorry about that Reply Hello. Thanks for great job. Will the Olympic tournament be available? Reply UEFA sheet will be up today or tomorrow. Just adding some finishing touches.

Reply I just love these sheets…. Where do the World Cup players play their club football? Please join our mailing list to receive software updates or check this page again! New version released with updated Ribbon menus. World Cup free Add-in in English is the only file available for download. Do you have an idea that you want to become a reality in Excel? Please contact us and we can work together to create a new workbook version! Sumer, one of our readers and an avid soccer fan, has shared with us a screen shot from his Apple laptop.