Inside Track

Don't just quit the game without saving, in case you lose any data that hasn't been auto-saved. Do not let this change your mind though, because the chances are the horse you previously bet on will win if you bet on a different one. I don't get it. Data Legend

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Inside Track is an interactive betting shop for thoroughbred horse races featured as an accessible store in Grand Theft Auto: The interior of each Inside Track features four manned counters, ceiling-mounted television screens that broadcast horse races, and two inside track betting ITB machines, the only interactive items in the establishment, that line the walls. The interior also features a backroom which can be entered.

Once the player places their bet thereby deducting the bet amount of money from the player , the player is directed to a broadcast of the horse race. If the horse the player bets on wins by finishing first, the player receives amount of money that the player wagers multiplied by the odds that the bet racehorse has.

Otherwise, the player gets nothing. In " Against All Odds " in GTA San Andreas , Catalina , together with protagonist Carl Johnson , robs the Montgomery branch of the betting shop for money by blowing open the outlet's safe in its back room, drawing the attention of the police before escaping to Catalina's hideout in Fern Ridge. Nikewatch 3 8 That was exactly what I was after! MartinBean I didn't even know you could bet.

I'll have to try it out now. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. There's two specific things I'd like them to do with races; the first is to better calculate the payout based upon racers at the start opposed to those still in it at the end , and distance per lap and then number of laps. Anything under that doesn't register as a statistic although there should be a public record of how many races have been raced in total.

I would be tempted if it could be done to aware players with a further cash value if they can have a clean race, thus people at the back of the grid would be less tempted to ram their way to position. Personnaly I don't want all payout to be increase I only want a well balanced payout system.

I want to be able to play golf, parachute, race, do mission and get the same payout after an hour. A lot of game mode are empty because how horrible the payout is. Agreed, If everything wasn't so overpriced now, the smaller payouts wouldn't be an issue, but as it is now, you really do have to grind for countless hours just to get enough money for a single vehicle. Most of the prices in my opinion used to be very reasonable, but are now just ridiculously expensive. For example, the "Sports" class cars used to cost usually between k.

Now, all the more recently released Sports cars seem to cost upwards of k, the Supercars are the same. They used to cost between perhaps k - 1 Million, now most of them cost atleast 2 million or more, which is just ridiculous for a single car. I can definitely see why alot of people gave up on GTA Online, because it is just a grindfest if you don't want to spend a ton of money on Shark cards.

The Shark cards used to just be an optional booster to get things quicker, now they are basically mandatory if you want to buy all of the latest items as they release. It's sad when you think about how great the races could really be. I know it's GTA and GTA promotes blah blah blah behavior; but really in races, all it does is turn angsty pre-teens into impetulant, blood-thirsty chimpanzees.

Each race really is a roll of the dice. You can own first place for the majority of a race, only to have catch-up allow the two lucky children who managed to pull away from the retarded pack, slip stream each other until you've been overtaken into 3rd at the last few hundred feet. To all those who said "races aren't meant to make money, that's what missions are for, races are for fun", well, I sure am glad none of you are game devs.

What the hell kinda mentality is that? Making one game mode for grinding and all the others for fun? How about making every game mode fun, which is what any game developer should strive to do, AND make them pay fairly, since that's simply It really horrifies me how people treat this sort of crap as normality, as if having fair payouts for all modes, not just missions, is a concept from some fairytale.

It's perfectly attainable and not at all hard to accomplish with what GTA currently has. The fact that one game mode, missions, pays acceptably, is absolutely no argument for why other game modes wouldn't. And for those who say that higher payouts would mean pricier items, do open your eyes, please.

Items are getting pricier as they are. Someone already noted this. Used to be that cars that cost over 1 million were a rarity and that pricetag was well earned. Now damn near every new non-super car costs close, if not more to what actual supers used to, and most of them aren't even competitive in racing to be worth that pricetag.

As for supers, most cost close to 2 million. And that's just the cars. Hell, even things like simple jackets can now carry 5 digit pricetags. Prices HAVE gone up. But the payouts haven't. And just so you're aware, I'm not asking for payouts to unanimously increase. I know what that means for the economy. That was the entire point of the original post. Not that I would cry if they increased payouts across the board Completely debunks what you're saying.

All this whining about catch up is from sore losers who aren't good enough, period. Rockstar set the racing payout 32 months ago and hasn't changed them despite changing contact missions' payout system. We again, at least I aren't in agreement with Rockstar over what the rewards should be for anything in the game, especially when you compare the prices of similar items released from launch and now.

There just doesn't seem to be any momentum on their part to change them. If you want to shout at an unlistening object, go ahead, but complaining here isn't going to be heard over there. Many of us in this thread are just telling you what the situation is. Not that we like it or are happy with it.

And I've had similar results.