Here is the Islanders' offseason in a nutshell - they made big upgrades in the front office and behind the bench, had real hope, and then lost all of that hope when their superstar center, who they nurtured into the player he is since drafting him, bolted for Toronto. Denver Broncos at Detroit Lions. The National Hockey League tends to have a few powerhouse teams who can really throw off money line bets, opportunities for gamblers to look for upset specials. The NHL season runs from October to June, a nearly eight-month span of time including the season playoffs. Threads in This Forum

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First goal percentage — Teams that score the first goal in games win about two-thirds of games. It would be really easy to handicap if we could reliably predict in advance who was going to score first in a given game. If one team in a game has scored first regularly, while another has shown a real tendency to start slow then you could have spotted a good edge in the game.

Teams that often give up the first goal are just making it too hard for themselves to win games. Power play percentage — This stat usually gets talked about in the same breath as penalty killing. Both factors are significant, but I think that power play is a much more valuable as an assessment tool. Teams that have a strong power play percentage are disciplined, work well together, and have the patience to set up a play and wait until the timing is right.

Those are the same characteristics that a team needs to win. Teams that are strong on the power play are typically kind to bettors, and vice versa. Save percentage — The most common statistic people use to assess goaltenders is their goals against average — the number of goals they allow per game. The save percentage is much more meaningful, though. The save percentage tends to fluctuate less during the season, and you can use it to get a better sense of how a goalie is likely to perform if there are far more shots than usual in a game, or far fewer.

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All of our NHL Handicapping picks come with a rotation number, unit rating Click Here to read more about our Unit System for the best money management , time and date of the game and a detailed analysis. The NHL is a fluid league as teams ebb and flow based on the grueling schedule, chemistry amongst line mates, injuries, etc. Look for teams that are playing well and maybe flying under the radar because of their overall record or a tough stretch in their schedule.

Maybe a team is in their last five games, but all five of those were against the top-echelon teams, and three of those went into overtime.

That's a good sign as the scores of the games certainly matter as well as the shot attempts. There are plenty of deceiving scores based on a goaltender that stops everything coming his way despite the opposition dominating the puck that day.

Break down those box scores and find out what is really going on. Well, it shouldn't be a surprise that this is the perfect sentiment to use when discussing the one sport in which players are allowed to throw punches on ice! To be a good hockey handicapper you have to understand the particular style of play that each team possesses. From there you can determine how they relate to one another. And, this is key, keep in mind that the majority of the time the home team in a game is able to dictate its tempo.

So if a fast-and-loose Western Conference team rolls into an Eastern Conference rink to play a trap-and-grab team you should expect that the home club is going to set the pace. Home ice doesn't mean more in hockey than in other sports in terms of betting value. When they fell behind the Columbus Blue Jackets after losing the first two games of their first round series at home the Caps normally would have wilted right then and there. Instead Washington rebounded to win the next four games When the Winnipeg Jets scored a home win in game one of their Western Conference Final series against the Vegas Golden Knights a lot of perceptions began to change.

The Jets were looking unbeatable and the Golden Knights, it was said, had finally met the team that was going to end their improbable Finally, so it seemed, the Washington Capitals had exercised their playoff demons and were destined to make the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since Much maligned superstar Alex Ovechkin was finally going to have his career redeemed.

Taking home ice on Tuesday night with a series lead No other team in the history of North American major league sports has come this far this fast. With no roster less than one year ago, the Golden Knights are in the Washington finally conquered the Pittsburgh Penguins in a playoff series for a monumental and historic franchise achievement. What good does a win over Pittsburgh do for the Caps The Tampa Bay Lighting have the look of a well-rested and fresh team ready to make a deep playoff run.

After missing the playoffs last year, the Bolts have been dominant in the first two rounds as they defeated both the New Jersey Devils and Boston Bruins in relatively short five game series. Since their move from Atlanta in the Winnipeg Jets have been slowly and methodically building for the future. And it does appear as if the future is now. Winnipeg has arrived as one of the best, deepest, and most talented teams in the NHL.

Best of all the Jets are not going anywhere. History has already been made by the Vegas Golden Knights in their inaugural campaign. They became the most successful expansion team in the history of any sport. And there is still the opportunity for even more.

For the Penguins it has just been part of the job in winning the last two Stanley Cup Championships. For Pittsburgh, the Capitals have proven to be an opportune way to advance to bigger When, oh when will they learn?

Entering the season, they were politely picked to be a semi-competitive team that, of course, would miss the Even non-hockey fans acknowledge that there is nothing in all of sports like a game seven in the NHL Playoffs.

Three years ago, the Devils made the decision to hire Ray Shero as general manager and have gone through quite an organizational transformation since that time. Few playoff series in any sport can match the opening round matchup of the Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs.