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Many people like to add an extra element of excitement to the games by making a friendly wager. Home Casino Sports Betting Poker. Sign up and become an ice hockey tipster. The Eastern Conference is divided up into three divisions: Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. The Regular Season

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Finding that clean and easy website is a must to keep your sanity and to make betting on hockey fun. No one enjoys going on a website and seeing the hourglass just spinning When you look for a sportsbook, you want a sportsbook that has great data service and little lag time! Below are the four top sportsbooks that we recommend for betting hockey! Hockey odds and lines are usually released the night before, at least 24 hours in advance, of their future game.

Hockey lines usually reflect on the goalie and the record of the team. You can find odds at various different websites so make sure you shop your lines before placing a wager. Hockey is a game of momentum and many times, a team will jump out to an early lead but with a replacement of the goalie, you like the other team. There may even be times when you like that other team to come back and win the game, even though they are currently behind in the game. When times like that happen, it is very beneficial to bettors to wager on that team plus the odds.

In most situations in hockey, if a team is behind in the game, there odds will be much stronger than if they were in the lead.

That is when it is most beneficial to play that team and capitalize with the Live Betting aspect of betting. We recommend two sportsbooks for Live Betting on hockey. First, we recommend MyBookie. As you read earlier, they are one of the cleanest and easiest sites to use and their live feature is quick to use and easy to maneuver through. The second online sportsbook that we recommend is Bookmaker.

Bookmaker rarely ever has any issues with the Live Betting and they offer a ton of options, especially with hockey, in their Live Betting platform. Ask any expert professional gambler and they will all tell you that they have some sort of strategy that they use to maintain sustainability. Whether they are very basic or requires extensive research, a strategy in hockey betting is a must if you want to be successful. Below are three basic hockey betting strategies that our experts have listed to help you with betting hockey.

Once you begin to get the grasp on a basic hockey betting strategy, you will want to begin rounding out your style of wagering so that you become more profitable and begin to be able to save some money in your bank account.

We make sure the sites are safe, offer competitive betting lines and reward you with big bonuses and promotions. We also explain ice hockey betting in detail including tips, tricks and insider strategies. You want the best. To make the grade with us, sites have to pass the following tests:. One of the biggest perks of betting on sports online are the bonuses.

When you sign up for a new account and make your first deposit you can cash in big. That means you have to wager the money a certain number of times before you can withdraw it.

Now you just have to learn the basics about the common kinds of bets people make on hockey and some simple strategies for maximizing your chances of winning. Moneyline — This is a bet on which team will win an individual game.

Each team is assigned a number that represents the odds of them winning as well as how much you can win by betting on them. A moneyline bet looks like this:. The negative number always means that team is the favorite. Point Spread Puckline — This bet is similar to the moneyline but uses a point spread to handicap the better team in addition to manipulating the payouts.

Point spreads in ice hockey look like this:. In this example the Red Wings must win the game by at least two points to cover the spread. The Penguins can either win the game outright or lose by one point in order to cover the spread. The second number reflects the payout on your bet and works the same way as the moneyline odds described above. The sportsbook sets a line and you can bet on the total being over or under the line.

A game total bet looks like this:. If you bet on the over, the total number of goals must be five or more for you to win. If you bet on the under, both teams must score a combined total of four or fewer for you to win.

Sometimes the line is a whole number which means you can tie the casino. Props and Futures — Another kind of bet are props, also called propositions.

These are special individual bets on really specific things. It could be a bet on which player will score the first goal of the season, or on which player will score the most goals all year. One popular prop bet is on which team will win the Stanley Cup. This bet is made before the season begins and depending on the team the odds can be massive. In-play betting, also called live betting, allows you to make bets in real time while the game is being played.

It could be a bet on which team will score next, which team will win the period of the entire game or lots of other options. You can literally make new bets throughout the game and since there are so many variable factors, the lines and odds on all the bets are constantly changing. This offers tons of valuable betting opportunities to the smart gambler. All the top casinos and sportsbooks have designed their sites to work perfectly on smartphones and tablets. Teams must qualify for the playoffs, which run from the middle of April until early June, for a chance at winning the Stanley Cup.

There are lots of reasons hockey is a great sport to bet on but the biggest reason is if you truly love the game.