Legal Australian Online Betting Sites for 2018

This is much the same as the above bet, but with this market, you only need to predict which team will score first in the match, regardless of which player hits the back of the net. How soon can I start making money? If you have been lucky enough to place a winning sport related wager online then you will find there may be just a minute or so delay in your winnings being credited to your account after the sporting fixture you have bet on finishes. Known as the Bonus King due to regular promotions Coupon bets now accepted Renowned for settings bets early. Deposit & Get a Bonus



Some of the most important things to consider when deciding where to bet include:. These are just some of the things we take into account when putting an online sportsbook through our rigorous review process. Also steer clear of online bookmakers that limit maximum bets — or worse still, charge fees for withdrawals.

Every one of us at Sports Betting Online has a wealth of experience of professional gambling and making money from sports betting as a living. Our online bookmaker reviews are completely independent and unbiased, and we scrutinise every betting site before we recommend them to you.

Our sports betting guides, free tips , and strategies are written by industry experts with the aim of creating the greatest online sports betting portal on the internet. Through our own research and feedback from our community, we highlight the worst betting sites and rogue operators and keep an up-to-date blacklist of bookies. Scam sportsbooks and illegal bookmakers never make it through our strict review process, so our members can join any one of our recommended betting sites with peace of mind.

Sports betting online has seen a great deal of competition arise among bookmakers. The best online betting sites can now reach customers in every corner of the globe — which means every site has got to do more to stand out from the crowd and earn our business.

Online bookies now offer a whole host of bonuses and free bets to either entice new customers or persuade existing customers to carry on playing. There are some genuinely massive bonus offers out there, ready to be scooped up if you open an account and start betting with the sportsbook in question. We keep track of the latest promotions at all the top bookmakers and list them all for you on our free bets and bonus pages. You can read our guide to the overround and the importance of hunting for value in sports betting to get a clearer idea of how online bookmakers set their odds and make a profit.

The simple rule of thumb is: As for the way odds are displayed, that may depend entirely on where you are in the world. Odds listed in a fractional format are usually associated with the UK, while Europeans will be more familiar with decimal odds. US bettors will easily understand American odds , and Asian punters are more likely to be used to Malaysian odds , Honk Kong odds , or Indonesian odds.

Thankfully, most online bookmakers give you the choice of how the odds are displayed on your account so you can stick with what works for you. Another advantage of sports betting online is that bookmakers can offer as many different bets as they can come up with. However, with over betting markets on high-profile matches, it can be quite the minefield for punters to navigate. The most popular type of bet is a simple wager on who will win the game or match. This bet removes the possibility of a draw and offers more balanced odds when one side or player is clearly superior to the other.

This means the bookies can offer close to even odds on both sides, even when they are completely mismatched. This is another very common betting market which asks you to predict how many points or goals will be scored by both teams combined in a match. Usually associated with football, but also used in several other sports, this is a simple two-way bet where you predict whether both teams will score in the match or not. Odds can be very high in this market, but you must predict home, away or draw as well as whether or not both teams will find the net.

This is a simple bet to predict the final score of the match. Again, the odds will be generous due to the difficulty of predicting the exact score of the game. Pick a player to score the first goal, try, or point of the game. They must be the first player to score for either side. This is much the same as the above bet, but with this market, you only need to predict which team will score first in the match, regardless of which player hits the back of the net. It allows you to predict the number of corners in a game.

These markets allow you to bet on most of the above outcomes over the course of the first or second half only. Bookmakers also offer odds on red and yellow cards for each game.

If you think a particular fixture is likely to be a fiery one, this can be a very profitable bet. The most common market is total cards, where you predict how many cards or card points will be amassed during the match with some bookmakers, a yellow card is allotted a value of 10 points and a red card 25 points.

Many professional punters have demonstrated that you can easily win money from sports betting online by following a few simple rules. Set up a betting bank and stick to your staking plans.

Spot the value bets and take the best odds every time. Use our professional strategies and staking plans, take the best bonuses we can find, and join our top-rated bookmakers so you get the best odds on every bet. Stop standing on the sidelines and get involved in the action! Get started with our highest-rated betting site today. We recommend registering with at least a few of the top-rated sites so you can compare odds and enhance your profit by betting at the bookie with the best prices every time.

This is the type of bet you should always be trying to place. You should generally stick to the sports that you know most about, but always be aware of great betting opportunities that might pop up in other sports from time to time.

How soon can I cash out my winnings? If you have been lucky enough to place a winning sport related wager online then you will find there may be just a minute or so delay in your winnings being credited to your account after the sporting fixture you have bet on finishes. This is due to all betting sites settling their player accounts as soon as the official result of any sporting event has taken place and has been announced which depending on where it is being held in the world can take a few minutes at most.

Once your winnings have been credited to your account you are free to cash them out at any time. What types of wagers can I place online? You are not going to have any restrictions in regards to what types of sports bets and sports wagers you are going to be able to place at any online licensed betting site. You will find just as many different bets and wagers can be placed as you find offered in land based betting venues, in fact some online betting sites offer a range of exclusive betting opportunities some of which are multiple type bets and wagers on which special additional bonus payouts can be awarded to you.

What age do I have to be to legally bet online? You need to be at least the age of 18 to be able to legally gamble in Australia.

This age limit is in place at land based poker venues and also online poker sites. If you choose to gamble online you will be required to prove your age, and this is often done by you sending in a scan of some form of identification document such as a Driving License of a copy of your Passport. Can I use web wallets to deposit and withdraw? There are some web wallets that are available to Australia based sports bettors and online gamblers that have been designed to allow them to keep their gambling funds in one very easy to manage online account however some web wallets for legal reasons do not allow Australian residents to use their services.

Which are the safest sports betting sites? You will only have the highest levels of safety in regards to ensuring a betting site is not going to screw you over in any way if you stick to gambling at sites that hold one of the betting licenses issued by our listed jurisdictions listed further down this web page, when you do take a look at that section underneath it you will also find details of a couple of licensing jurisdictions that you should avoid as they offer no protection to players what so ever.

Can I bet using my credit card online? You will be able to fund an online betting site account using you credit card, however be aware that there are several more cost effective methods for you to fund any betting site account, and by using your credit card you are of course gambling on credit and as much you will be hit with interest charges if you fail to pay off your credit card bill in full at the end of the month, if you do use your credit card then always set yourself limits and stick to them.

When can I place a sports bet online? In fact thanks to the new In Play betting markets you are going to be able to bet on some sporting events and some sporting fixtures even after they have begun.

For fraud prevention reasons all online sports betting sites are able to tell where you are accessing their websites and sports betting sites from, this allows them to be able to only offer their range of betting opportunities to countries where they are licensed to operate or in market places they are targeting.