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She has defeated players most of whom ranked quite high in the World Badminton rankings. Olympic history Badminton made its debut as a demonstration sport at the Olympic Games in Munich. However she also has the ability to dictate the action with clever early changes of pace. Men's events

India at Rio Olympics 2016

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Sindhu with incredible attacking play now on her backhand to put away a shot at the net. Once again, Sindhu makes a mistake on a loopy shot at the net. Hit into the net. Sindhu with beautiful disguise on the drop and Okuhara sends backhand wide. Duly put away by Sindhu. Sindhu with an unforced error. Had the point for the taking but nets it! Sindhu nets a rushed backhand Sindhu possibly hit a shot that was going out and Okuhara wins the point. Goes into open court. Great flick of the racket at the last second by Okuhara to play disguised drop.

Sindhu makes a mistake on the backhand — rushing a little too much. Okuhara once again forcing Sindhu to make a loopy return at the net and dispatched quickly.

Short reply by Sindhu and Okuhara is quickly on to it. And it inches inside. Great point with both players going back and forward before luck of the net helps Sindhu win the point.

Sindhu with a great smash as she moves back and keeps the margin going. Desperate lunge by the Japanese but not enough to send it back. Lovely tactics by Sindhu to push Okuhara back and then produce a lovely drop.

Poor response by Sindhu on a Okuhara drop and it is duly dispatched for a smash. Sindhu with a great early start. Using her racket head exceptionally to return a shot back. Some good wishes from Gautam Gambhir too. She isn't just carrying the hopes of a nation but she has a billion prayers supporting her.

Best of luck Pvsindhu1 pic. All the very best Pvsindhu1. Li Xuerui clearly unable to move and Marin wins , Through to Gold medal match! Li Xuerui is down and needs attention by the medics. Marin is up in the second. Unfortunately, Sindhu lost but she has still made India proud with her Silver medal! Watch the video highlights: It was an excellent performance by PV Sindhu but she fell short in front of the aggressive and dominating play by world no.

PV Sindhu loses final. Is there still a chance she can do this? Carolina Marin now needs just 2 points to win the match. This is an iconic match for several reasons. Today is just one of those rare days as the whole country will be cheering year old PV Sindhu as she tries to take down the ferocious World no. It is going to be more thrilling than any other Badminton Final you have ever seen! She has defeated players most of whom ranked quite high in the World Badminton rankings.

This was followed by her match with World no. This was a cracker of an encounter with the two playing head-to-head and not letting the other one go easy. In fact, Li won the first game putting Sindhu under pressure which the world no.

So well that she actually emerged victorious , ,