Yankees: Why their 2018 projections are wrong

Figures were obtained by The Associated Press from management and player sources and include salaries and pro-rated shares of signing bonuses. His swing is fundamentally sound, however McLain will have to prove he can catch up to advanced velocity. Still, there's real talent here -- some have argued they'd even rather have Nolan Arenado than Kris Bryant, when you account for defense -- including young pitching working its way through the system. Sports on Earth: A Closing Tribute

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Patriots vs Jaguars Score: Dolphins vs Jets Score: Sam Darnold Seeks Win. Browns vs Saints Score: Baker Mayfield Battles Drew Brees. Becca Kufrin May 28, Garrett Yrigoyen Bachelorette Winner: Lauren Burnham, Arie Dating: Who Wins the Bachelorette Who Does Becca Pick? More in Becca Kufrin. Who Wins the Bachelorette: Seigler is strong and powerfully built, and as a defensive backstop he checks all the boxes scouts look for.

He is comfortable and quiet behind the dish, gets in a low, spread position to receive the pitch, shows relaxed hands and easily performs the catchers triumvirate: Hitting production standards for catchers are far more modest than for say, 1B prospects, and Seigler shows the potential to meet those goals. As he swings, Seigler rises up and pulls off the ball, but his fundamental swing is sound and smooth from both sides. College prospects begin to gain notice and separate themselves during the summer prior to their junior season, when they play in the Cape Cod League.

A strong Cape season leads to scout attention in the spring. If a player produces in the spring at a high level, he secures an early spot in the draft. This is the path Hoerner has taken. Not gifted with extraordinary tools and inhabiting a somewhat thick body, Hoerner has produced offensively at Stanford this spring.

The Cubs figure to use Hoerner in the same fashion they use Ben Zobrist: Matt McLain, SS, 5' 11", lbs. To his credit, McLain is a polished player, is dedicated and enthusiastic, has a strong work ethic and knows how to play. He probably moves to another position—second base most likely—as a pro.

His swing is fundamentally sound, however McLain will have to prove he can catch up to advanced velocity. Casas does have a strong arm, but his other non-hitting tools are below average. To his credit, Casas does possess big-time power and bat speed and will appeal to a club which prizes that skill above all others. In a moderate embarrassment, Casas was outhit this spring—in both homers and average—by a far less touted teammate.

When his front foot touches during his swing, Casas assumes a Bryce Harper type of position—hands high, left shoulder and elbow tucked behind his head. An adherent to the modern launch angle craze, Casas shows too much length in his backswing, then over strides and over swings on his follow through.

Projecting as a big power, high strikeout hitter, an organization will need to be patient with Casas, banking on the possibility that early struggles in the minors will eventually lead to home runs in the majors. Mason Denaburg, RHP, 6' 3", lbs. At a showcase event several years ago, Vincent Velasquez now with the Phillies wowed scouts with a blow away pitching performance.

Velasquez was also a shortstop and occasional outfielder. Denaburg has fiddled with catching and playing the outfield, but those dalliances will end pronto. Tall and projectable, Denaburg fires a mid 90s fastball and adds a hissing breaking ball. A tendency to pull off to his left during his delivery negatively affects his command. When that issue is solved, Denaburg profiles as a No.

Beer enjoyed a fabulous freshman year at Clemson and was projected in to be the number one pick in His stock has dropped for several reasons: Beer has no set defensive position and figures to be a liability wherever he winds up, plus he has well below average speed.

Still, there is no question Beer has produced offensively at Clemson. He is the rare power hitter who has a modest K rate. Joan of Arc HS, Ontario.

Canadians, of course, have played in the majors leagues and many quite prominently—Larry Walker, Ferguson Jenkins, etc. Naylor is a lefthanded hitting catcher from Ontario, a background rarely if ever found in big league history. Naylor's primary appeal is as a defensive catcher. His showcase and in game POP home to second consistently hovers in the 1. He will need to polish his receiving skills—it is safe to assume that as a Canadian youngster he has not had the opportunity to play quite as often as his American counterparts.

At bat, Naylor projects as a bottom of the order hitter, but with time and patience will not be an automatic out. Naylor has boarded the launch angle bandwagon, but those who do so need to avoid lifting and pulling their front side off the ball as they swing.

If he solves that problem, Naylor may become a productive hitter. Ginn fires a blistering mid-to-high 90s fastball and a wicked mid 80s slider. He does an excellent job of driving off his back leg in his delivery, but his command is negatively affected by his habit of pulling off hard to his left as he finishes.

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Hardy does under the option at least to the Baltimore Orioles. These numbers do factor in regressions toward the mean as the projections do and as these are mean projections, you'll see a smaller spread between best and worst team than you eventually will in 's final standings. After all, these are mean projections for each team, and some teams will be fortunate, some teams less so. To help make this website better, to improve and personalize your experience and for advertising purposes, are you happy to accept cookies and other technologies?

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