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Ron Gant hit a home run in the top of the seventh to tie the game, but the Pirates scored what proved to be the winning run in the bottom of the seventh as Van Slyke doubled to score Gary Redus. With Cecil Espy batting, Avery then threw a wild pitch enabling Lind to score and cut the lead in half. Wainwright is making his first start since May 13 after spending the last three months on the disabled list with elbow inflammation. CBS Sports "Although the Pittsburgh Pirates are still mathematically alive, they will soon be eliminated from postseason contention and shift their focus to {{ currentStream.Name }}

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We're about to get started on Sunday Night Baseball -- Dodgers looking to finish a four-game sweep in St. Bud Norris has faced one batter in the last five days; Carlos Martinez hasn't pitched in 6 days; Jordan Hicks hasn'… twitter.