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In my private league, we used an auction draft and I tried something different, spending roughly three-fourths of my budget on two players: He even showed as the off-guard he could handle ball-handling responsibilities. In baseball, you might see a hitter combination from the same team. MKG can still see a lot of minutes and is a solid balance player for your lineups because of how much he helps with rebounds, steals and blocks. Any players who are not an "international player" must be at least one year out of the graduation of his high school class in order for them to qualify for the upcoming draft. About the Author

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And when Noel hit a rookie wall midway through the season, I cut him out of desperation and used his roster spot to stream players. It ended up being a total disaster of a season.

At the same time that team was flopping, my team in the ESPN league -- which used a snake draft -- couldn't be stopped. By season's end, it finished and cruised to the championship.

It must be noted, too, that many of these same players happened to be on the team that won the championship in my other league. Winning in fantasy basketball requires a deep roster full of versatile players who stay on the court.

That simple sentence can lead you far in this game, so it's worth reading again: This IS the season to get 3-pointers from your power forward. Paul George qualifies at power forward, but he's not the only 4 who excels at shooting the long ball. Both players come with question marks, as neither is still the young player we still think of them as or a safe bet to stay injury-free all season long. This IS the season to draft Joakim Noah late. Formerly a top fantasy player, Noah wasn't the same last season when the Bulls added Pau Gasol next to him in the frontcourt.

And knee pain limited him to just 67 games. Though no longer elite, he's a late-round center who can rack up blocks, rebounds and assists, and at this spot he's a steal. At this stage in his career, Dirk isn't the same scorer we've come to know through the years. And if Dirk isn't scoring, you don't want him on your roster. The year-old averaged This IS the season to believe in Gordon Hayward.

Utah's clear-cut offensive leader took another step forward in his development last season, his fifth year in the league, and the onus will be on him to be the focal point of the Jazz's offense again in This is exactly the stat-staffing type of player I referenced above. This ISN'T the season to hold off on point guards until late in the draft. Don't talk yourself into a backcourt of Ricky Rubio and Rajon Rondo , or it will be an uphill struggle for your team all season.

If you build your roster around players like James Harden , Klay Thompson or Paul George, you have a big advantage at this position because there just aren't a lot of high-end fantasy 2-guards roaming around the league these days. Some point guards like Curry qualify at shooting guard in some leagues, including ESPN, and that's another smart way to fill this position. This ISN'T the season to overpay for a rookie. If you do use a top pick or sizable auction dollars on a rookie, let it be on Minnesota's Karl-Anthony Towns.

His ADP is I see Denver's Emmanuel Mudiay This IS the season to stash injured stars on the injured reserve. With the IR spot becoming more standard across fantasy basketball sites this season, there's never been a better time to stash injured fantasy studs like Kyrie Irving and Brandon Jennings who a won't take up an active roster spot, and b can provide a big boost once they return to the lineup.

Be the person who takes advantage of this, and not the one wishing you had thought of that. Good luck this season. Hopefully some of these tips and strategies help you bring home the championship! To help make this website better, to improve and personalize your experience and for advertising purposes, are you happy to accept cookies and other technologies? How to win your fantasy hoops draft d Joe Kaiser.

Which future fantasy stars stood out at Vegas summer league? Irving, Hayward ready to go for training camp Boston Celtics. Ginobili announces retirement after 16 seasons San Antonio Spurs. Who are the biggest fantasy risers and fallers during free agency? How will LeBron's production change with the Lakers? Summer league's best and most surprising rookies Chicago Bulls.

Charlotte lottery pick Miles Bridges is coming Charlotte Hornets. Isaiah Thomas to sign with Nuggets Denver Nuggets. Hawks add Lin in trade with Brooklyn Brooklyn Nets. Usage is an estimate of the percentage of team plays used by the player while he is on the floor. Here's a look at the top 15 players of the NBA which lead in usage during the season.

Based on at least 30 games played: Stats courtesy of NBA. Fantasy basketball is based on production. The more time a player has with the ball, the more chances at consistent production. Value is another criteria I also follow in selecting my players. I weigh in the risks in selecting a player if they are able to at least match or exceed the value depending on which round or pick I selected them in. I call matching their production, their "floor", where I call exceeding the value, "upside". It is critical to spend your first 2 or 3 picks on someone who is going to have high usage and return equal or higher value.

Carmelo Anthony had a higher usage than Karl-Anthony Towns last year, does that mean he is a better player to select? It could also be a case where a player on a bad team is forced to take upon a role he may not excel at.

In this case, Carmelo Anthony had the green light on a bad team last year with the Knicks, where Karl-Anthony Towns had an amazing season last year despite of having a lower usage rate, finishing at 6 overall.

Playing ADP and target discounts — Yahoo! It is up to you to determine if you feel like they are correct. More or less, they are mere projections. Players have shown in the past to shatter expectations and projections. Many owners come draft night will follow down the list and draft players that appear on the list. However, targeting a player who has more upside than their ADP are the hidden gems that can win your league.

Every year there are potential break-out players who come cheap on draft day but become extremely valuable as the season goes on. I remember winning a league in which I gambled on Damian Lillard in his rookie season, in which he exceeded all projections and eventually won Rookie of the Year honors. Taking the time to scout for players with upside on the list is a good way to stay ahead of your opponents who are too busy drafting. I will have another piece on potential break-out players soon. Russell Westbrook averaged a triple-double last season, does that mean I select him if I have the 1st pick?

When selecting RWB, you almost automatically punt turnovers because he averages close to 5. It sounds ludicrous to say Russell Westbrook is not a top 5 selection in fantasy, but the first top players off the board this year all make a strong case to be in that argument. Perhaps sometimes you need to gamble and risk drafting a player that you might not like at all. Knowing what you are getting into, Klay gives you security with his scoring and 3-pointers.

On the other hand, picking Turner, who now has the Indiana Pacers all by himself. You have a younger stud who's able to pick up more minutes and contribute being the 1 guy on his team. Not to mention, Myles Turner finished 25 in 9-cat leagues last year. He's 21 years old, improving each season, and has just been given the franchise.

That's what upside is. Lonzo Ball is receiving a lot of hype this off season. How do you feel about him this season? I want him on my fantasy league because I know he has the ability to rack up assists, which is rare in fantasy basketball.

I see him being picked very early in mock drafts this year, anywhere from 35th to the 55th pick. Never draft a player based on emotions and likability. I want to target Ball at a slight discount with a chance at upside. Who are you gambling on this year?