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Friday, May 25, , 8: Tiago Splitter is not listed - see my previous post and the subsequent abuse it recieved. We have a rundown of the latest trades here. In today's hectic world, who really has the time to do all the research necessary to produce consistent winners? Senor Capper Service Plays Main navigation

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Philadelphia 76ers Allen Iverson drives to the basket against the Boston Celtics in the first half of acion at the Fleet Center January Milwaukee Bucks forward Glenn Robinson prepares to shoot against the Chicago Bulls during a game played on January 6, Webber was drafted by Orlando, then traded to Golden State.

The six-foot-9 forward from Louisville will go to the Sacramento Kings as the first pick of the draft. The Spurs won the game, Cleveland Cavaliers center Brad Daugherty looks to shoot the ball during a game against the Denver Nuggets. Houston Rockets center Hakeem Olajuwon goes up for two. Houston Rockets' Ralph Sampson looks to advances the ball against the Golden State Warriors during a game in the season.

Los Angeles Lakers' James Worthy makes a free throw during a game. Martin averaged over 18 points and 16 rebounds per game.

Detroit Pistons' Jimmy Walker 24 and Philadelphia 76ers' Archie Clark 21 tangle up as they battle for a rebound in the first half of game in Philadelphia on Wednesday, Feb.

Charlie V has risen. Blatche will be a PF. We already have that in Bosh, Blatche looks more like his upside is a poor man's Tim Thomas Blatch reminds me of Bender - seeminly so much potential but I also got a laught out of critcizing a pick because of potential, and not production.. Blatche doesn't remind me of anybody because I haven't seen even a second of playing from him.

But if we're going to draft a big man I'd rather it be a banger than a finesse-type. I think if the raptors could get Blatche, and Wright that would be very good for them. Blatche is young and has great potential, and i think Wright will make a big impact on there team And I will not let anything get in the way of me and my competitive enthusiasm to win.

Jacks of course is depending on whether we get Ray Felton, or Derron Williams. Warrick is the defensive stopper the raps need on the team. Are you against that? It's not against the laws of NBA basketball to draft for depth.. I think Blatche has the versatility to play more than one position. I have to agree with picking Jack if available at I am hoping Jack is still around with the 16th pick.. Drafting Jack could potentially kill the relationship between Bosh and Alston. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.