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It all looked eerily familiar — history repeating itself almost a decade into the future. Graham also originally signed with Appalachian State, and after a long battle to get out of that commitment — that included a one-year foray to prep school — he finally received his release after the school changed coaches. Jankowski singled to right, Margot scored. The Blue Devils are averaging Sponsored Headlines

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Hosmer struck out swinging. Hosmer grounded into fielder's choice to first, Jankowski out at second. Hosmer singled to right. Hosmer singled to right, Jankowski scored. Pirela hit sacrifice fly to center, Jankowski scored.

Pirela lined out to left. Pirela grounded into fielder's choice to second, Hosmer out at second. Pirela singled to center, Hosmer to second. Villanueva popped out to first. Villanueva grounded out to third. Villanueva struck out swinging. Villanueva singled to left, Hosmer to third, Pirela to second. Reyes singled to center. Reyes singled to right. Reyes grounded out to shortstop.

Today's at Bats Full Player Profile 7th: Szczur singled to center, Hosmer and Pirela scored, Villanueva to second. Galvis singled to right, Reyes to second. Galvis grounded out to second, Reyes to second. Galvis lined out to left. Galvis lined into double play, third to second, Villanueva doubled off second. Ellis walked, Reyes to third, Galvis to second.

Ellis grounded out to shortstop. Ellis lined out to left. Margot doubled to right, Reyes and Galvis scored, Ellis to third. Margot grounded out to shortstop. Margot singled to shallow right, Ellis to second. Margot popped out to shortstop. The Jayhawks have had their last two games be decided by four points each, as they have failed to cover in both victories. Kansas is now against the spread overall and ATS on the road.

The Jayhawks are putting up Duke looks like the better team right now and I think the Blue Devils have the better talent. I also feel like Duke has the coaching edge. However, Kansas is a team that seems to play to the level of its competition. The Jayhawks have looked bad against lesser teams, but show something different as an underdog.

They are against the spread as an underdog this season and ATS when a dog or favored by 2 points or less. I think the Jayhawks bring this game down to the very wire. The Blue Devils are excellent offensively and have found a defensive identity ever since switching to a primary zone defense in the last month and a half. I like KU to play well in this game too. I might as well steal some my own words here from an article I wrote after the brackets were released on Selection Sunday:.

A win in the Sweet 16 would set up some great drama. The Jayhawks would almost certainly play either Duke or Michigan State, and if that happened, they'd play an unfamiliar role as a 1 seed. Perhaps that wouldn't be terrible for this team, which is in games when it hasn't been favored. The pressure to advance past the Elite Eight round might not be as severe based on expectations, and this KU roster also has seemed to play well in the moments it has been doubted most.

There are obvious positives and negatives with this matchup for KU. Duke's offensive rebounding has the potential to expose the Jayhawks' biggest flaw, while Bagley and Carter present the type of mismatch KU's defense hasn't faced this season. One doesn't have to squint hard to see how KU's offense could succeed, though. The Jayhawks' two best weapons — transition and threes — are both areas where Duke is vulnerable. It's also worth noting that the Blue Devils' last 10 opponents have combined to shoot 26 percent from three, and while a zone like Duke's can sometimes affect three-point shooting percentages, the impact is usually minimal.

KU's three-point percentage this season 41 percent is closer to what we should expect from the Jayhawks' outside shooting rather than what Duke has allowed this season 32 percent.

I see KU playing and shooting well. I see the Jayhawks running in transition and having success.