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Each week of the season hundreds of NFL picks are posted, with each tipster's record fully accessible so you can decide which tipster's free NFL tips to follow this season. Do the teams matchup well for a high scoring game, or are they more likely to play out a dour low scoring battle. Kansas City Chiefs Pittsburgh Steelers: New England Patriots vs. Preview Matchup Bet Now. Recent Articles

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This NFC South game kicks off at 1: The New England Patriots Kickoff for this game is scheduled for 4: ET and fans can view the action live on CBS. New England Patriots vs. This NFC North game will begin at 1: ET and FOX will showcase the action.

The Vikings are … Continue reading Minnesota Vikings vs. The opening kickoff for this game is scheduled for 4: ET and CBS will televise the action. Kickoff for this game is scheduled for 1: ET and fans can catch the action by tuning in to CBS.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. The … Continue reading Kansas City Chiefs vs. This Sunday Night showdown kicks off at 8: ET and fans can view the action live on NBC. Kickoff for this matchup is scheduled for 4: The 's has seen a number of teams attain Super Bowl glory with the Tom Brady led New England Patriots being one of the most successful teams in Super History, winning four Super Bowls and while appearing in five through the decade.

Recent seasons have seen the title shared among a number of teams with New England claiming another two titles, with the Giants, Ravens, Packers, Broncos, Seahawks and Eagles all winning the Lombardi Trophy.

The first Super Bowl was played in with the Green Bay Packers claiming the first two trophies with the New York Jets causing one of the biggest upsets in football history defeating the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl 3. There are many ways to bet on the NFL with most bookmakers offering a diverse range of NFL odds on a deep menu of betting markets. No matter what your preferred NFL odds and markets, pre-match or in-play, the most popular are betting against the spread and betting over under point totals.

NFL spread betting is easily the most popular way to bet on the NFL and it's certainly the case in the bettingexpert community of tipsters. Also known as line or handicap betting, spread betting has been around since the 's and popularised largely by American football, both the NFL and College form of the game. At bettingexpert, our community of tipsters love the challenge of betting on NFL spread markets.

Will the Denver Broncos win by more than the 7. Will the Chicago Bears get within the 3. NFL spread betting demands great insight and at bettingexpert our NFL tipsters regularly post the most detailed analysis available. The first of these is home field advantage. Home field advantage in the NFL is typically worth 3 points. In this case, the Panthers would be 3 point favourites when playing at home in Charlotte and conversely the Saints would be considered 3 points favourites if the game were being played in New Orleans.

The second of these is to consider what are known as NFL key numbers. These are the margins that NFL games typically end on. Before the change to extra point kicking distance, the key numbers were 3 points and 7 points. With most NFL games landing on these margins, betting on a favourite at It may seem like merely a single point, but betting either side of 7 or 3 for that matter can make a big difference to your success betting on NFL betting lines. The third is to take the best odds available.

As we can see here, the betting line win percentage required to earn a profit at odds of 1. To illustrate the difference between taking odds of 1. If we bet at odds of 1. If we can take odds of 1. So while the difference between odds of 1.

While NFL picks against the spread may be the most popular form of NFL betting, many of our best NFL tipsters post selections on whether or not a game will end over or under a certain number of points. This is most often referred to as Over Under betting. In over under betting, our community members post tips on whether or not the game will end over 45 points or under 45 points.

If you're looking for NFL betting tips on over under markets, our community of tipsters post dozens of such tips each weekend of the NFL season. No need to worry about who will win the game.

When following NFL over under betting tips, you're only concern is the number of points scored. While points are often the result of skill, there are many instances where high scoring can be the result of good luck, for example, interceptions returned for touchdowns or punts returned for touchdowns.

While this may reflect a high level of play, both are generally regarded as non-repeatable skills and considered more a matter of luck than skill. Most football fans like seeing high scoring games. Similarly the average football bettor likes to bet on high scoring games. This tendency distorts the market, providing value for those who like to go against the crowd and bet on the under. Thirdly, predicting points totals is less about concerning yourself with who will likely win the game and instead considering how the game is likely to be played.

In this way it can be well worth reflecting on team vs team personel matchups. Do the teams matchup well for a high scoring game, or are they more likely to play out a dour low scoring battle. Understanding the nuances of NFL tactics and strategy can go a long way to helping you predict how many points are likely to be scored in a given NFL game.

While Americans call this type of tips a 'moneyline' bet, to most of the world it is simply head to head betting. For one thing, it's the easiest form of NFL betting to understand. No concern for handicaps or point totals, all you're concerned with in NFL head to head betting is who will win the game.

For this reason, NFL head to head or 'moneyline' betting remains popular. Throughout the NFL season, our community of tipsters post hundreds of NFL head to head moneyline betting tips, with full match previews to accompany them. Predicting which NFL teams will make the playoffs is another popular bet type among bettingexpert tipsters.

NFL playoff predictions can be found all season at bettingexpert, with tipsters posting their selections and previews for division winner markets, conference winner markets and of course, the most popular NFL betting tip of them all, predicting who will win the Super Bowl.

Betting on which teams will win their respective divisions is always popular. With a total of eight divisions in the NFL, there's plenty of options, with many bookmakers failing to recognise the chances of up and coming teams while over estimating the chances of teams on the slide. We don't just stop at the NFL when it comes to betting tips at bettingexpert. Visit our Betting Tips list to see all current betting tips, with predictions posted for some of the biggest football leagues, tennis tournaments and basketball competitions across Europe and the world.

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