NFL Week 2 2018: Picks and betting lines

But for every Brown, Jones or Fitzgerald, there are a dozen guys who flash brilliance but can't sustain it or who let their oversized egos get in the way of their performance. Our rundown of NFL betting lines and odds that explain what the lines mean and how to profit from them. Oakland Raiders Denver Broncos. Where The Odds Are In Your Favor

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I think this will fluster the Falcons and cause holes in the defense. The Patriots are students of the game and will be all over that slot in this game. The Broncos offense was one of my strongest takes last week and it really paid off in daily fantasy. This week, I expect them to score all over this bad Raiders team. Emmanuel Sanders had a great game and I love him for the rest of this year based on what I expect to see in terms of target share.

On defense, the Broncos are still stout and capable of shutting down an old RB and a struggling passing game. Also, if you like trends, the Broncos are dominant at home early in the year due to the altitude. On the other side of the ball, the Bears offense showed life vs. As well, a recap of last season and some wagering advice will also be included.

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Do you see any good deals on odds to win the Super Bowl for the - season above? Unlike the above Las Vegas Super Bowl future odds, these Super Bowl odds were from the big game once it was finally known which teams were playing.

Season Win Total Odds For futures odds on how many wins your favorite team will score during the season, click the following to view NFL season win totals odds lines.

We'll post Vegas odds for the next Super Bowl as soon as they are available. Recent Super Bowl Odds: Pro Football Betting Information.