2018 NFL projections: FPI's 1-32 ranking, odds for Super Bowl

The big surprise comes at No. And that got us thinking, with FPI able to move quarterbacks around, what other alternative realities could we imagine? Then all of their problems ostensibly spilled into this offseason, with uncharacteristic Instagram posts and headline fodder quotes and even players skipping minicamp. Because Keenum is a quarterback, he is specifically factored into the Broncos' rating, but nonetheless the model sees Denver as having the worst offense in the NFL. Brady is a year older. The Bills are so bad, one of their players quit ... at halftime

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The node you're attempting to unmount was rendered by React and is not a top-level container. Target container is not valid. The vibe around defensive coordinator Eric Washington is strong. I noted by worst case scenario here, but let's imagine the president directs his vitriol elsewhere space force? When in doubt, bet on talent. The trend will continue. Even though Brady always makes do with less and turns water into wine, I think the lack of offensive weapons, coupled by off-field drama that impacts on-field play, is too much for New England to overcome this year.

Rodgers Defensive Player of the Year: Bosa is on the precipice of true greatness. Barkley will be the most talked about rookie all season, and if he even comes close to matching the hype, the award is his. While Josh Allen is the most talked about rookie in Buffalo, Edwards is the one that will shine this year; an athletic marvel who can do anything physically possible from the middle linebacker position.

Watson is not only incredibly gifted, but incredibly fun to watch play football; if he is back to his rookie form, the award is his. And Zimmer has been slept on enough. His players love him, and his team is shaping up to be the class of the NFC. Coming off a month stretch filled with turmoil and rumors and reports of their demise, the Patriots were within a couple of plays of winning yet another Super Bowl.

Then all of their problems ostensibly spilled into this offseason, with uncharacteristic Instagram posts and headline fodder quotes and even players skipping minicamp. New England has been an unprecedented dynasty in NFL history, with their reign spanning not one, but two decades. But now Brady is 41 years old and Belichick is 66—the end is near.

Will they go out with one more win? Or will this whole thing combust in spectacular fashion? We will be watching every single week and parsing every single game or play or quote for evidence one way or the other.

It will be the prevailing topic all season. The Packers have Rodgers, the best player in football, returning to the team after a prolonged absence, now signed for the next six years , happy and healthy. I also love the hire of Mike Pettine and a more aggressive defense. They have built and refined offensive and defensive lines that will wear teams out, especially late in the year.

And yes, Blake Bortles will do enough to get them to the Super Bowl. With so many options and fractured viewership, the NFL has to recognize their new fans will not sit blindly for three hours to watch a product with 11 minutes of action.

The league started having fewer commercials, more split-screen advertising, etc. And the advent of legalized gambling is an integral part of engaging younger fans as well as a much-needed and lucrative revenue source. This issue will continue to dominate as the NFL tries to embrace cord-cutters, new media and a changing landscape of content delivery.

The NFC is loaded. The Panthers won 11 games last year. The Bears and 49ers are ascending. The Seahawks still have Russell Wilson. How many NFC teams do you feel comfortable writing off as playoff contenders? For me, just the Buccaneers. Jalen Ramsey Offensive Rookie of the Year: Minkah Fitzpatrick Comeback Player of the Year: And very quietly, the Chargers have built one of the strongest and best-balanced rosters in the NFL. This is the season Philip Rivers finally gets his due.

It has to end sometime for the Patriots, right? This season will signal the beginning of the decline of the Brady-Belichick dynasty. The behind-the-scenes cracks began to show last season, and those will play out on the field this year.

As for the teams I actually put in the postseason, they will show that you can turn around a defense quickly with good, young cornerbacks think Marshon Lattimore, the Jaguars guys, etc. In Green Bay, they have three promising ones Kevin King and rookies Jaire Alexander and Josh Jackson , and if two of them are good the Packers immediately go from a C-minus defense to a B-plus defense.

Throw in Aaron Rodgers who always performs better with a good flex tight end, enter Jimmy Graham and you have a world champion. I also thought about picking the Lions to win it all, with the tragically underappreciated Matthew Stafford making the kind of gutsy, late-in-the-down plays that Nick Foles pulled off last winter and stud-in-the-making Jarrad Davis leading an opportunistic defense, but I came to realize I am a coward.

I also think Adam Gase earns back his wiz-kid branding with his culture reset in Miami. The result will be a few more interceptions, but also a record-setting year for scoring, inspiring the kind of run-on sentences you just trudged through that first one is 99 words!

This Super Bowl prediction says less about the winner and more about the loser—losing the Super Bowl two years in a row is enough to bring about changes in an increasingly unstable New England.

Carson Wentz will return nearly as strong as before, and the Eagles will become the first repeat NFC East champions since Philadelphia won the division from And because some things never change, the Bengals are going to nab an AFC wild-card spot, igniting the conversation over whether or not Marvin Lewis can win a playoff game hint: Until Jimmy Garoppolo loses as a 49ers starter, San Francisco games will be must-watch.

If Joe Flacco gets off to a slow start to the season, how long until the Ravens will start rookie Lamar Jackson?

Will Kirk Cousins live up to his massive contract in Minneapolis? How long will it take the quarterbacks returning from injury—Deshaun Watson, Carson Wentz, Aaron Rodgers—to get back up to speed? One of the best blueprints to reach the Super Bowl is to have a kickass QB on a rookie contract, and the Chiefs very well might have one in Patrick Mahomes. They were as close to the big game as anybody last season and should be right back. I wish I could say it will be something else, but the biggest NFL storyline this season will be the debate over players protesting during the national anthem.

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