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Are you a Stathead, too? What if the ' Celtics played the ' Chicago Bulls? The Major League Baseball database contains box scores, lines, and totals for over 26, mlb games going back to Big Plays by WPA. Be the first to know.

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Add to that the ridiculous "Legacy" leaderboard which is utterly useless and has been bugged and glitchy for half a decade, so that Coach Chad Masters shows up in the list of Legacy QBs, and if you play as Blake Bortles for a season and go to the playoffs Bortles will be like the 9 QB.

Madden 17 or Originally Posted by RicoLaguna wait a second How can Madden call this a Franchise Mode, if you have no way to look at previous seasons stats, boxscores, standings?? I mean you cant even see who won the previous seasons Superbowl?? Franchise Mode is just a smoke and mirror pony show of single seasons strung together??

I cant believe this Isnt Franchise Mode all about building teams, players BB code is On.