Legal Online Sports Betting In North Carolina

BetOnline has been around for a long time, and their service still ranks among the best in the industry. The legal gambling age in North Carolina is 21 years old. Although I could have gotten a money order, bank transfer, etc. Online Horse Betting

Where to Bet on Horses in the US

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This might be a surprise to many people, but online horse betting in the United States is completely legal.

Horse and greyhound betting are the only two types of online betting that are exempt from federal gaming statutes in the United States. The US government has come down hard on online gambling over the past few years, but online horse race betting has been quietly exempted from legislation such as the UIGEA.

Each state in the United States has the power to decide if it wants to allow online horse betting or not. So even though horse betting is legal at the federal level, it may not be legal on the state level. Most US states allow horse betting, but not all. Visit this page to see which states allow horse betting online. There are several US-based websites that provide real money horse betting on the internet. My favorites are the following:. The nice thing about all of these websites is that they are strictly regulated within the United States.

You can bet at any of these sites with confidence because they are bound by strict gambling regulations. These websites are based in the United States and comply to all state and federal laws. A secondary advantage of betting at the above websites is that you can transfer money to and from your betting account with ease. Since these sites operate with the blessing of the US government, you can make instant deposits with your credit card or debit card, bank transfers or online e-wallets.

And last but not least, all of the above horse betting sites provide live streams of horse races. They each employ a sophisticated security profile to protect the sensitive data of their customers. We have evaluated each site through an intense review process to determine their legitimacy and quality.

US based online sports betting is illegal across the country according to the Federal Wire Act. This being the case there are definitely not any state licensed online sportsbooks available to North Carolina citizens. The good news is that there is a handful of legally licensed and regulated online sportsbooks located offshore that gladly accept bettors from North Carolina. Like the situation with online casino gambling, it is not legal to own or operate an online poker site in North Carolina.

The fact that there are no state licensed online poker rooms does not eliminate all options for North Carolina residents. The gambling laws in NC do not criminalize online poker activities that take place at licensed and regulated online poker sites located offshore.

This means that playing poker online at a legitimate international poker site does not violate state laws, nor does it violate any federal laws. We have provided a list of recommended online poker sites that accept players from North Carolina and I have been vetted to ensure they are legally licensed and regulated and offer a premium online poker gaming experience.

The minimum legal gambling age in North Carolina depends on what type of betting is taking place. Participants in the state lottery and bingo games must be at least 18 years of age in order to play. There are no age limits for charitable gaming activities. A minimum age of 21 years old is required in order to participate any type of brick and mortar casino gambling.

As far as online gambling is concerned, players can legally play at 18 years old and up. If any state was going to arrest somebody for gambling online we would expect North Carolina to be the one.

However the state has not gone in this direction and there have been no cases of law enforcement arresting, investigating or trying to prosecute anyone for gambling online. Participating an online gambling at legally sanctioned gambling sites located out of the country does not violate US federal laws either.

So it's hard to be prosecuted for doing something that isn't deemed illegal in the eyes of the law. Please keep in mind that we are not attempting to provide professional legal advice or services. For definitive answers regarding the gambling laws in North Carolina we suggest you visit a licensed attorney familiar with gambling laws. Other than sports betting, most forms of gambling are at the discretion of the individual states.

Those exempted states are Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon. This law concerns the owners of gambling businesses as well as payment processors, and does not really have any impact on players.

These federal gambling laws do not really have much influence over North Carolina gambling laws other than the applicable prohibitions on sportsbook gambling.

North Carolina is a unique blend of progressive urban politics and conservative rural leanings. Unfortunately the progressive side of North Carolina political leanings has resulted in a progressive anti-gambling campaign over the years.

The conservative portion of the population supports this.