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Peter King picks against Seattle because ‘history’ tells him to

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Peter King shook this ball and it told him Seattle will not win the Super Bowl this season. This prediction is all about other non-related teams failing to repeat in the past. An ageing roster with a QB earning his pay day, a hot playoff team and a typically modern day QB-dependent franchise. The Seahawks are none of those things. Hard for any team that won the Super Bowl by 35 points to look better the next year.

But if Harvin plays every week—which is no lock, with his recent injury history—I could well be eating my prediction in five months. Which, as you know, will be nothing new. Russell Wilson is only entering year three of his pro-career, after setting records in the first two. The entire defense is pretty much intact. Arizona beat Seattle at Century Link last year. Tampa Bay came close.

So did San Francisco in the Championship game. Point to a resurgent Packers team, the rivalry with the 49ers, the Saints behind Drew Brees. Get on the Denver bandwagon or believe in Tom Brady. There are others too. There are teams capable of matching up with the best. King will pick somebody else to win the Super Bowl this week. Probably Denver, New England or Cincinnati. Maybe Green Bay or San Francisco.

King has bills to pay like everyone else. Nobody except us wants to read about the Seahawks repeating. People will, however, read about some other team stacked with fantasy players they drafted winning it this season.

But I disagree with his suggestion that the Seahawks will not repeat simply because history works against them. Perhaps not entirely, but I think to some degree an opinion like this from King has an element of saying what the majority of readers want to hear. To be fair Rob, you are not relying on this blog for your living. I think the click-bait is not the only motivation, but I think it is a factor. And I believe that he also is promoting his brand, i. Currently the money is in fantasy sports, much more than actual games.

This is driving the rules changes and NFL policies for the worse in my opinion. Peter King has 1. Several people on here have made a point that PK is picking against the Hawks because it means more site views. I think the Seahawks are at the point where if you are a writer and pick the Hawks you get clicks and if you pick against the Hawks you get clicks.

Journalism is dead, click-bait lives. That is why blogs like these are the only genuine sources for news and opinions, and that is true for current events as well as sports. I guess for me it comes down to the obvious fact — as you clearly articulated in the OP — that this is not an intelligent opinion by King, by a long shot.

King is not just missing the mark here. So eliminating the possibility of honest error, what else could it be other than just a half-baked effort to meet a deadline for a Seahawks-related piece with something he thinks will appeal to more than just Seahawks fans?

Well, he even admits himself that his reasons for not doing so come down to him being stubborn. I would tend to agree. The original content he creates from his stable of football minds is unique and drives traffic there all on its own. Not headline grabbing titles based around his forecasting predictions as a pundit.

Hard hitting analysis from Mr. Peter King will not pick the Seahawks to win Super Bowl 50 because no one has ever won 3 in a row. On a side note: Green Bay almost did three Super Bowls in a row. Dallas came close with three of four, and their only miss was because of a loss in the NFC Championship game. This is a classic statistical fallacy.

Winning the Superbowl is difficult. Picking the field over a specific team is always the correct choice. Just look at the Vegas odds. On your last item, what makes winning a Super Bowl a second time uniquely difficult are several items. The first is that you play more games than any other team except one. This wears guys out, and consequently they are more likely to be hurt the following year. We saw this with the Seahawks. However, the team last year and this year is uniquely deep in my opinion.

With the amount of rotation and how careful the staff is to rest guys that are even slightly hurt, makes me think that this is much less of an issue than it is for most SB champs. Factor in our well publicized youth, and I think we are uniquely positioned to avoid this unique pitfall watch out Denver…. The second unique difficulty of Super Bowl teams is that they suffer from other teams overplaying their best players, and forcing them to pay more for they guys they do keep.

Consequently, SB winners suffer a huge talent drain that they have to overcome while wrestling with Joe Flacco style contracts. While we did expend a fair amount of money doing just that, the losses were very minimal and at positions where talent could be upgraded this year with the exception of Clemons.

The tremendous bump in the salary cap helps here, as well as having Russell Wilson still in a very low level rookie deal not to mention some of the other young players as well. Third, everyone is shooting for you as you are the top dog. Granted, at the end of the day, the biggest question is can we get home field advantage and can we keep our best guys healthy? If the answer is yes to both of those questions, even Peter King will be favoring us come Christmas to win the Super Bowl.

Draft position — This is fairly self-explanatory. Rookies are having a greater impact on the game today than ever before, and having each of your own picks at the very end of each round is clearly a disadvantage.

I noticed they bunched the SF games together when they will likely get more healthy. That 7 game stretch at the end of the season is brutal. Thanks Peter — that is exactly the type of thing this team wants to hear! Doubt them, create penalties to stop them — it just gets better and better! I agree, I love the doubt. This team feeds off of it. Hopefully we will see more of it from other national writers because it only makes our boys work harder.

Peter King is correct that the odds are against us repeating. The pros at Vegas give us a 1: We still love the Seahawks and they have the best chance of repeating of all the teams out there. Why do any of you care who Peter King picks? Honestly, this need to have the greatness of the Hawks affirmed by every writer, TV pundit, and media member baffles me. Everybody ought to stop. As for picks on a weekly basis? Those are far less foolish than preseason Super Bowl picks.

America needs these picks. The world needs these picks. Just look at how Super Bowl champs since the Y2K fear have fared in the seasons following their championships:. Lost Super Bowl Broncos: Missed playoffs Patriots: Lost conference championship Seahawks: Lost Super Bowl Ravens: Missed playoffs Giants: Missed playoffs Packers: Lost in divisional round Saints: Lost in wild-card round Steelers: Lost in divisional round Colts: Lost in divisional round Steelers: Lost in divisional round Patriots: Won Super Bowl Buccaneers: Missed playoffs Ravens: Lost in divisional round Rams: Lost in wild-card round Repeating in this league is so very hard.

Sustaining success is incredibly difficult. What uhh … what are we doing here? You want my take? The Titans are good. They were last year and won a playoff game. I believe they should be better this year. But you get the idea. The worst trick you could ever play on your brain is to buy in to whatever team spent the summer entertaining you on Hard Knocks. You must fight this urge.

Oh , they shout. Do you know who the Niners beat on their illustrious five-game winning streak after starting the year ? They beat Chicago They beat Houston They beat Tennessee And they beat a Rams team in Week 17 that played no starters and was essentially punting a game before the postseason. He coached them all the way till this past January.

Not sure what that means for this week. Or for anything else really. They went in … and lost their only playoff game. They went in , but still made the playoffs and even won a game. Then in , they went , coming closer than anybody remembers to becoming just the second team to ever go They won two playoff games by a combined score of … then got smoked in the Super Bowl.