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The next tier of challengers includes Argentina, Belgium and England. Money thrown on the window. France will have to convert its opportunities impeccably to win. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Brazil vs Belgium (2 p.m. ET Friday, July 6)

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Big favorites hold their ground

If AccuScore group stage simulations are in fact gospel, here are the pairs for the Round of As we all know penalties in football can be tricky, but in general the better team wins.

Argentina and Spain have the easiest task ousting Denmark and Russia respectively, while Germany and Colombia have tough time against Serbia and England. Moving forward in the knockout stage, we finally get some surprising results. One of the biggest favorites, France will take on Uruguay and the South Americans prevail with around 60 percent probability. Other pairs finish up with similar numbers, with Brazil beating Belgium, Germany sending Colombia home and Argentina besting Spain.

When only the top four remain, the games get tougher and tougher. In the all South American final, it is Argentina against Brazil. One of the most interesting games inside the games is the winner of the Golden Boot, given to the best goal scorer of the tournament. Even if the finalists' teams play eight games, rarely has a a player scored more than five or six goals. Neymar is back with a bang and has looked amazing.

Having a sluggish year at Bayern Munchen has reportedly made him uneasy at the club, so what better stage to show off for the future employers? Practically the only player on the team that is more likely to score than not. Legends were made during this cruel phase of the tournament, when one game can make a player a hero or a zero.

Accuscore correctly predicted six of the eight teams to make it through to the quarterfinals. That's a fair result considering Russia's massive upset of Spain, one of the biggest favorites, in a penalty-kick shootout. Another missed prediction was Sweden overcoming Switzerland, but that match was pretty much a coin toss.

Schedule, results, how to watch Sign up for a fubo. There are some extremely interesting matchups among the final eight, and Accuscore will once again provide simulations the knockout stage. Here's how the World Cup is most likely to roll on, according to those simulations:. The defense was rock-solid despite conceding its first goal of the tournament; Pepe's header was an absolute beauty. Portugal controlled the possession, but Uruguay did what it does best and pestered its opponents as long as was needed to get the go-ahead goal.

Its efficiency in goal-scoring situations is phenomenal. Trouble is brewing, however. Cavani had to be substituted in the 74th minute because of a calf strain and will likely be out for this match. He is irreplaceable in his role, but Uruguay does have options to roll out a different, yet just as solid, formation. France was involved in one of the highlights of the tournament to date, beating Argentina in a thrilling encounter.

The young team responded brilliantly after going down to start the second half. He created a plethora of scoring chances with his explosive pace and also finished well two goals. France put on a scoring clinic as it tallied three times in 12 minutes, although it did get plenty of help from a slow and disorganized Argentina defense. With Cavani out, Uruguay will most likely become even more defensive and more difficult to break. Salzburg vs Red Star Champions League The first game in Serbia was quite truncated with both teams stopping a lot and avoiding taking chances.

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