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Sunday, September 16

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Trump Creates a New Twitter Storm. Trump's Radically Un-American Agenda. For Trump, Pence and America: We're trying to stay immersed in the nation's political bloodstream at all times. That way, we can show you every small, little twist and turn, and give multiple sides to every story". RealClearWorld, the international news and politics site, was launched in August RealClearPolitics aggregates polls for presidential and congressional races into averages, known as the RealClearPolitics average, which are widely cited by media outlets.

However, some statisticians say that it is sometimes misleading to average results from multiple polls. In recent elections, the final Generic Congressional Vote average of polls has underestimated Republican performance. In , Republicans performed 1. The final electoral college prediction map produced by RealClearPolitics had her narrowly winning the election with electoral votes, in spite of her losing the general election to Republican Donald Trump. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

RealClearPolitics Type of site. Retrieved April 3, Web site a must-read for political fanatics". The New York Sun.

Archived from the original on October 16, American Government and Politics Today p. The Role of Blogs in American Politics p. The Wall Street Journal.

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