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Re: Unable to complete last 3 races (nascar)

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February Well I guess you'll have to wait until they fix it then. Check the Feature Request group! Message 12 of 50 4, Views. February - last edited February I'm pretty much in the same boat. Already on version 4. Message 13 of 50 4, Views. February They just commented this a few hours ago, when asked why iOS users can't get the update. Any feature you want to see in Real Racing 3? Message 14 of 50 4, Views. February For some reason this forum isn't letting me reply to posts on page 2. Message 15 of 50 4, Views.

Good job Firemonkeys and thank-you. Message 16 of 50 4, Views. The guy told you he's running 4. FAQUE off this forum, because its obvious you're as dumb as a hat full of donkey spoof!

Go away, do a degree in computer science, learn a hell of a lot more about how videogames work and grab yourself some common sense along the way before you come back here.

Your pizzpoor attempts to help people by firing in ridiculous and incorrect responses are a complete waste of both your time and ours! To the guys having dramas winning, please take the advice of someone who's been playing car racing videogames since Night Driver on the Atari games console my Dad bought me for Christmas in FAQUEwit features here wouldn't have the first clue on how to defeat a car racing videogame if his life depended on it, and listening to a puppet controlled by EA and Firemonkeys will only force you to do things their way.

Computing has never been like that, at least until the university muppets came along thinking they're smarter than us old blokes that have over 35 years of gaming experience under our belts. Now, when you get to the race selection screen, disconnect your device from any Internet connection by switching it to Offline or Airplane mode. Once the internet is gone, the game defaults to basic level difficulty, that is it changes the time it will take for each competitor car to complete the race.

When you play online, TSM sets those times to be very tough to beat, and the computer cars go faster or slower during the race so they match that time. Before the light goes green, those cars you're racing against have already finished that ten lap race, and the winning car set a time of, say, 8' Now, if you set consistently fast laps of no slower than 51 seconds each lap, you will defeat the computer car.

Thing is, when you're not connected to the Firemonkeys server, that finishing time is easier to beat, which is how - using Version 4. Stay on the bumper of the lead car, there is no need to win, the event will automatically complete when the counter reaches 2, yds 1, m. Starting 12th, work your way though the cars, inside overtake is normally good at turn 1, as the cars stretch out keep to the outside, once in 6th block the cars behind and stay in 6th.

Starting 16th this time, make you way to 10th and then block the cars behind, Inside overtake at turn 1, hug the yellow line and don't break, then stay in 10th to win, use the car behind to push slipsteam you to stay ahead. Standard Autocross finish in the top 3. RR3 Michael P , Continue to follow methods to slow bots down.

Choose one event and go for it, using the skills you have learnt, although you only need to finish in the top 3, bot slowing does not apply, so win by a big margin. If you don't need the car to progress the series i. You can look up the cost of any car on the Wikipedia page of full car information here. If you know the cost, you can avoid unlocking the car until you have either the cash or the gold to buy it.

This means that if a car is available in a sub series that you have access to and is a car that you would unlock as the first car in another main series, you are better pursuing the car in the sub series. Gold payout for leveling up does increase, but not by much. Payout is 20 in gold for level 50 to 75, 22 in gold for 75 to 99 and 25 gold for to The kicker is that leveling up takes immeasurably longer at higher levels.

Level 75 will take you about 94, fame points to level up. Use the gold only for buying cars that can't be bought with cash and absolutely essential upgrades that can't be bought with cash. Skipping levels that you really can't manage in the car give aways could be permissible if you win the car in question, but only if it's less than it'd cost you to purchase the car in gold.

Not fully completing levels is also advisable. Some races pay out slightly more per minute or per race than others. Here are my favourite tracks, depending on the time you have available or your inclination to sit there running a car around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for 20 minutes. You can get more money by finding endurance races that you can keep going for long distances. I can complete this 4 lap race at 1: With the Master Agent and the 2x fame, you also collect in fame points.

Payout is higher than the Mount Panorama Cup race but it's also slightly more difficult I think to win. It's still easily winnable, but I can't just switch off and win. On account of the relatively high traction to speed ratio, the race is quite winable with high speed cornering and has a good payout. The weekly time trial is also a surprisingly good source of cash very early on. Definitely worth participating now. You'll also find that as you go, past performances count against the current time trial so you'll get to the point of already having done all the tracks.

You'll be entered without entering or only have to race one race and get the cash when it ends. Time is the kicker in this game. You play a few races, trash your car and have to wait hour until it's ready to play again.

You can speed this up with gold but it'll cost you, eventually real money if you're too impatient. Here are a few minor tricks to maximising cars and time.

New cars take a certain time to be delivered but you can upgrade them while this is happening. The early upgrades tend to only take 10 minutes to half an hour but some of them can take a lot longer so use the delivery time to receive a modded car. You can also upgrade during maintenance.

Car maintenance will be the biggest drag on your time. Here are some tips to get the most out of a car before each maintenance cycle:. Here are three methods I would consider to be cheating. I class them so because they alter the way you play the game in a way not intended by the developer. Turn on Flight Mode on your phone. I discovered this when the game kept crashing. This will not help you with time trial races; you lose the drive ticket as soon as you start the race regardless of whether you complete the trial.

You should be able to do this on all Android versions, perhaps on Apple devices too. There is also a cheat to do with altering the time on your phone. You'll need to completely close the program first, i. Then you put the phone in Flight mode no wifi either , set the phone to manual time and alter the time to whatever is required to complete the maintenance period on the car. RR3 is very suspicious of behaviour like this and repeatedly tells you that something is wrong and to connect your phone and refresh the time.

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I just wanted to add how much this will help and say thank you,just found this yesterday and it's paying of big time.

If you're talking about switching timezones on your phone manually, I could never get that to stay. I'd switch, the maintenance or other time task would complete, then it'd simply roll back when I switched back to my normal timezone, even with a force-quit. Another tips would be to speak of the famous rr3 time zone trick, that's really all you need and time of course Yes, RRR, that one got increasingly difficult to do even back when I was playing.

Especially the no Wi-Fi tip, pretty helpful if you're just starting off and you aren't really good at the game. To be honest Nj, I haven't played in a while so I have no idea what the best and necessary cars are any more.

I had a fully upgraded Audi R18 E-Tron for grinding on LM which was the only way to efficiently advance in fame points when I was racing.

I seem to recall having a Lamborghini fully upgraded but I can't remember whether that was personal preference or needed. You'll always start in dead last unless they've changed something recently. If you really can't get to the front of the pack driving, you're going to need to look into cutting across parts of the track or tactical hitting other cars instead of braking.

Where I really struggled, I'd work out how to hit cars going into corners. This knocked out the car I hit and sorted the braking for me. You might have to try this a lot of times to get the hit right.

Thanks for these tips. Can't think of what it's called off the top of my head. I will definitely use these tips to grind cash. It used to come and go depending on the quota they needed to fill and how many other people were watching that day. I've actually installed this game again as I couldn't work out what you were asking still not entirely sure what you mean by increase the crew to R but I guess you're on about the lack of garage where the cars you've bought are , the player profile and the car selection when you first start.

If this is what you're asking, it appears you need to do the first few races and get through the Racing School Basics to see these. They popped up in the top left hand corner as soon as I'd completed it. I know this game is old, but i just started playing it.

How do you get to the garage to increase the crew to R.