I need help playing 8th man in rugby. What is required of u to play as 1?

I get injured quite a lot in rugby, what can I do to try to stop this? Related Questions How to play number 8 in rugby union? What rugby position should I play? Your job is to make sure the ball is available for the scrum half to pick it up cleanly. When the ball goes to the opposition backs the number-eight follows at speed to help the flankers, stop the attack and get the ball back! Sam Warburton – Wrap tackle Technique

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How do you play Number 8 in Rugby? I've been playing rugby a lot recently with friends and getting better and more used to it. Due to lack of players and officiality we tend to simply divide positions amongst front and backs. However in the last game we had a scrum on the field and I was chosen as the number eight. The ball got back to my The ball got back to my side and instinct took over and I got the ball close to the try line before being taken down.

Suffice to say this gave me an incredible liking for the position and my question stands: How does one play number eight in Rugby? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? This Site Might Help You. I'm an 8 and my coach tells me that if i do nothing else in a match i should make three runs past the game line and tackle two people behind their game line. Just stick your head in and when the ball comes to the back of the scrum, hold it between your feet.

Or under one foot. Or you can pick it up and have a run with it. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that this is a serious question. IRB regulations require that any international must be born in that country, or have a parent or grandparent born in that country. The only way around that rule is to have "three years uninterupted residency" -- so if you can't qualify on the first set you are going to have to move to New Zealand.

And if you are good enough to be capped for Wales which is pretty darned good, despite some of the SH idiocy you read here that would disqualify you for the All-Blacks. IRB rules currently prevent anyone from being capped for two different nations.

That said, it is odds of literally millions to one for anyone to be good enough to make a first-rate international squad like the All-Blacks -- or England or France or any pretty much any other international squad in the first odd IRB ranked nations. Even second Tier countries like Canada and the United States are now limited to full-time professional rugby players.

You need to think about this some more. The 8th man is most important in scrum and line out work. You either direct the ball with your feet to the scrum half from the back of the scrum or grab it as it comes to the back and peel away from the scrum as fast as you can. You also are at the back of a line out and must be ready to grab a tip from the jumper and head towards the opponents try zone.

All rugby skills are of course required but speed, passing, and the ability to read developing plays are especially important. Smart, fast runner, good at organizing a squad. Also needs to be able to take instructions from the scrum half instead of trying to be the big hero man.

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