Rugby Union Betting Predictions

Bookmakers use the decimal system exclusively in Australia when determining the odds. The dedicated rugby section of their website includes betting alternatives for both international and domestic rugby and covers as wide an array of cups, tournaments and competitions as you will find anywhere. William Hill is a registered I. Differences Between Rugby League & Rugby Union

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View all our Live In-Play Events. Rugby Union Betting at William Hill. Handicap Betting 80 Minutes Betting. Either Team to Win Both Halves. Competitions Markets Six Nations Outright. The sport of rugby first appeared at an English boarding school in Within a few decades, it enjoyed massive popularity across the United Kingdom.

And since the British Empire was alive and well in those days, the game was soon introduced to nations around the globe. If you follow rugby closely, then you probably realize the differences that have existed ever since the sport split in Otherwise, you might not have been aware that rugby league and rugby union were two separate entities.

In order to clear up any confusion, here are some important distinctions between the two:. This is worth 5 points in rugby union and 4 points in rugby league. In rugby union, the ball is usually in play for about 35 minutes. It also has applications to other sports, but in this article we will just look at football.

As you begin to create your own odds, check them against our top-rated football betting sites with the best odds below:. As a quick summary, what we are going to do is take historical results to calculate the number of goals teams score and concede.

These averages are compared to the league average and used to create values for attacking strength and defensive strength for every team, which are then turned into goal expectation figures.

This metric is put into a Poisson Distribution formula which works out the probability of every result when two teams face each other. The beauty with a method like this is that there are a number of different points during the process where you might decide to try a different value as an input or may want to include something else in the calculation. You may even choose to calculate goal expectation in a completely different way, for instance, by using Elo ratings which ranks all teams against each other — as teams play each other, their respective rating will increase or decrease based on the outcome of the result — and will be covered in a later article.

That is perfectly fine and will help you develop and refine your predictive model during its lifetime. If we use as an example, the Poisson Distribution formula would look like this:. If we use the formula for all of these scorelines up to and use a matrix, then something like this will be created.

As you can see, the most likely scoreline is to Arsenal Should you enjoy betting on the Correct Score market, then the above table will give you a decent indication of expected scorelines.

However, what we can do on top of this is create our own odds for common betting markets using these probabilities. If you add up the probability of all results where the home team wins e.

If you add up the probability of all scorelines which have less than 3 goals in the game i. Both Teams To Score Yes: If you add up the probability of all scorelines in which both teams find the back of the net e. In the search for value, you may also consider looking at other markets which are goal based.

However, the below table gives the probability of a few of the most common markets by using the principle of the above bullet points:. The next step is to turn the probability into decimal odds. To convert from probabilities into decimal odds, just do the reverse, i.