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Predictions, Odds and Statistic. WWE has specific shows played on Sky Sports 5. I lost loads on this site but it's my own choice also have had some lovely wins. This meant there was not as much coverage than had originally been intended. Although landline phone connections are not as busy as they used to be, Sky Talk still plays a large role in its service. Opening Times for Sky Bet

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Sky customer service will also be able to answer any questions related to your online accounts and any billing queries you may have, which includes providing an explanation of any charges that appear on a billing statement.

For billing related enquiries call Sky on If you have questions relating to a specific Sky service, you may prefer to call the direct Sky department below. To contact Sky with a general enquiry, call or Freephone which will put you straight through to the Sky customer service team. You can phone Sky customer service free of charge by calling the Sky Freephone number on which is now free from both mobile phones and landlines.

If you are new to Sky and would like to become a Sky customer, phone the Sky new customer helpline on or Freephone to speak to a member of the Sky customer service team who will be able to help you join Sky today.

Customers often call Sky customer service to report problems. Should you experience any service problems or a complete outage, contact Sky customer service by calling or Freephone straight away. In some cases, problems can be solved by troubleshooting the issue by phone with the technical department. For more severe service problems, a visit from a Sky engineer may need to be scheduled. The Sky helpline can assist with setting up a repair appointment or rescheduling an appointment that was already scheduled.

In addition to being able to call Sky, customers can read through the Sky Help section which explains some common problems customers have or they can contact Sky through their Automated Service. These are still viable methods of contact, but they do provide a slower resolution time. For the fastest response, call the Sky phone number to speak with the customer service team immediately. You can call the Sky TV contact number between the hours of 8: A large number of the enquiries that are handled by Sky customer service are related to Sky TV services.

Sky provides a wide variety of TV packages, along with optional extras such as the ability to pause and rewind live television and on demand viewing options. One of the many other reasons customers call the Sky TV phone number is to explore the variety of television bundle options.

Sky offers a full range of TV bundles that are geared towards specific needs such as Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and programming for children. In order to access Sky TV, customers will need to have an internet connected Sky digital box. There are many Sky digital boxes to choose from so call Sky TV on so a Sky customer service member can help you choose the right box for you. Any problems with Sky digital boxes should be reported to the Sky support team by calling the following Sky telephone number Most problems can be handled via a simple phone call, but in the case of faulty equipment, it may be necessary to have a replacement device delivered to your home or business.

When planning to move home and take your Sky TV with you, call the Sky moving home phone number on to start a home move. It is advisable to make sure you call a few weeks before moving home as Sky may need to book an engineer to come and visit your new home if your property is not Sky enabled.

When you contact Sky broadband customer service, use the phone number or Freephone number which is the Sky broadband helpline that you need to call.

You can call the Sky broadband contact number 7 days a week between the hours of 8: Sky now offers several different broadband options for their customers, including regular broadband and super-fast fibre.

Sky Bet does not have any traditional high street betting shops. You can reach them by calling to connect to the Customer Care department with your general enquiries. They can give you advice and point you towards more in-depth guides to the rules for each betting system. You can place a bet over the phone if you are willing to provide card payment details. Before you join Sky Bet, call to find out if there are currently any welcome offers.

There may not be, but there may be other great promotions. Existing customers can also call up for information on promotional offers. Please note that the Sky Bet team cannot advise customers on future promotions. They can only discuss the terms of current or previous offers. You might also wish to unsubscribe from marketing e-mails, texts, or post from Sky Bet. Call for guidance on managing your payment methods in your Sky Bet account.

Contact your bank directly if a deposit is declined. For blocked withdrawals, call this number, as Sky Bet may need to verify your identity. Call if you made a withdrawal to a lost or expired card, or if you do not receive the withdrawal in your bank account within 10 working days. Customers can use Apple Pay to make payments with a Visa card Mastercard is coming soon. Sky Bet encourages responsibility when gambling, so they offer several tools to help customers with this.

Firstly, you can limit your deposits with a daily, weekly, or monthly maximum. If you want to stop betting, you can ask Sky Bet to close your account.

You also have the option of taking a break for 1 to 30 days with a Cool-Off Period, or barring yourself from placing bets for 6 months to 5 years with self-exclusion. Once these expire, you can call to activate your account again. Call this number to re-open your account after closing it, or for assistance with setting up account restrictions or challenging a suspension.