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Groups — The teams with the most chance to advance to the knockout stages are better options for the top goal scorer. Shakhtar Donetsk — Hoffenheim: The latest goal has occurred twice in the st minute. France — Argentina Prediction France — Argentina: 2018 Record:

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Sometimes I do multiple posts per day focusing on specific games and sometimes I do posts combining them. You can subscribe to the tips free by putting in your e-mail address in our signup form above, or see the most recent tips posted on the left.

Often I will peer into my crystal ball and look at events further in advance. It could be who is going to win the English Premier League or who will top Serie A at Christmas or other future specials such as the top goalscorer in a particular league.

This is outside of the daily tips and I have this section dedicated to that and all those futures. From a betting perspective. The left side covers any specific competitions I look at and you can see a more in-depth look, including archives of all my posts on the site.. I've been betting online since the late 90s. Over the years I've learned what the best sportsbooks are and what ones to avoid.

In this section I review only the online sportsbooks I personally recommend and actually bet at. Any of these sportsbooks you can trust with your soccer bets. You can see a complete listing of all the sportsbooks in my sportsbooks section.

Don't worry I don't actually think you're a dummy - it's just a common phrase and a great name for this section. In the "For Dummies" section I cover everything so if you're new to betting on soccer or curious about betting online etc - fear no more. In the "For Dummies" section I cover everything so if you're new to betting on soccer or curious about betting online etc - fear no more.

Whether it's how to deposit online or asian handicaps I gotcha covered. And it's just a joke Joey - please don't come after me. In the strategy section I cover a wide variety of betting systems and strategies you can use when approaching betting on soccer. None of these are guaranteed success or anything like that - they can just help you when it comes to picking your bets. It can also make it a lot more fun.

Especially when we can utilize them on leagues we know nothing about! So if you're looking for something in your timezone - I should have it here. My free soccer betting tips come with a confidence rating based on 1, 3 or 5 units. Very rarely I will bet 0.

Subscribe Just throw your e-mail address in the form below and get my daily soccer tips e-mailed to you every morning! I feel after a good few days I finally have a solid grasp on the tournament and am looking forward to the next rounds now. We had Spain to win over Croatia and that was a nice and easy one as Spain thumped Croatia in spectacular fashion. Nice to see that sort of performance from the Spanish and Croatia did not look good at all.

We also had a double that came in with Luxembourg defeating San Marino easily and Finland getting the tight but solid win over Hungary I was expecting. Good stuff and thanks to UEFA for coming up with this. Said it before but I hate tipping the draw. This one especially makes me almost cringe ha. Rather dull in the game during the group stage Australia, Peru, Denmark , the Blues have passed the Argentine obstacle in the round of 16 in the most beautiful way. If Switzerland held its rank by finishing second behind Brazil, Sweden created the sensation.

Thanks to a solid victory ag. The Red Devils, undefeated for 22 months, had previously defe. Both teams still arrive in a somewhat different form. After winning their first two days against Germany and S. Authors of an accomplished group stage, the Croats easily dominated Nigeria , gave a football lesson t.

After waiting two weeks to know all the qualifiers, the knockout stages can start. From this first day, we also find a breathtaking match between Russia and.

After a slow start to the tournament and 2 narrow successes against Egypt and. Already qualified for the round of 16 before clashing, Engla. Both teams, dominated by England and Belgium in their first two games, have already been eliminated.

At the top of her group, tied with Senegal, the Japanese have the opportunity to qualify for the round of 16 if they win against Poland. If the Poles seem superior on paper,. If Brazil managed to take control of this pool with four points, Serbia, third in the group, is only one length o. Switzerland — Costa Rica: After a draw against Brazil , the Swiss managed to win against Serbia Belgium — England Prediction Belgium — England: AP , in Predictions , World Cup read more.

France — Croatia Prediction France — Croatia: