Activities for 9 Year Olds

Listen to responses some children provide to each other. The four core values caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility can all be related to many situations that arise while playing basketball. Dribble the ball to the person next to you. A fourth player starts in the middle of the triangle then tries to intercept passes from the three at the corners. Save This Report

Sample Session Plan 9 – 11 Year Olds


I am the only one that brings a large carry-on. In my carry-on, I will pack the pillow, all of our toiletries, which fit in a small case, a first aid kit, the portable telephone, and an extra set of clothes for each of us. I didn't take an extra set of clothes once and my daughter spilled her milk all over her pants. She had to sit in them all the way until we could get our luggage. I usually also carry a surprise gift that they don't know about in case all else fails and I need something to distract them with.

It is usually a sticker book for the youngest and a book for the oldest. On the plane, we play cards, or the magnetic checkers game, the game-boys with the nightlights or play Disney Trivia Pursuit. You can rent books on tape from your local library. There are a wide range of books on tape from Cat in the Hat with the accompanying books for the children to read along to Harry Potter books on tape that are up to 11 hours long.

I bring my suitcase and a totebag with tickets, guidebooks, cell phone, snacks and have my waist pack that I wear in the parks with all the other essentials tucked inside. We have everything with us on the plane so that if calamity strikes and a child gets sick or we miss a connection we don't need to worry about finding new clothes or where our luggage may be.

If the overhead compartments are full, our suitcases actually fit underneath the seat in front of us and I've never had a problem getting all our carryons stowed. We go through the airports like ducks all in a row with our pull along suitcases. The kids can strap their backpacks piggyback onto the suitcases so they are not all weighed down and we travel very quickly this way. I do not need to leave the children alone even for a moment to ferry luggage out to a shuttle bus or rental car.

When we get to escalators which I've found to be the biggest obstacle for small children I help each child to step onto the step and place their suitcase beside them so they are all set to step off at the bottom.

I go last so I can retrieve any bags not successfully handled and because once I didn't go last and one of the kids panicked and got off and I had to jog up the down escalator to fetch her.

The older two didn't get the escalator down pat to where they didn't need assistance until about age One of my best tips is My daughter always cried, no screamed on the plane They are hollow screw type inserts that go in the ear when you get on the plane It was like magic Earplanes are also made for adults who have similar problems I believe they are good for children 2 to 9! I prepare a gift bag for each child for the plane ride. I put in it markers, activity books, stampers, playing cards, treats, etc.

I purchase most all at a dollar store. I make sure that all the items are quiet activities so not to disturb any other travelers.

This was just a little too long a flight for them between hours! They were mightily tired of sitting at the end of this flight. Neither napped, which would have helped. We flew with a stopover in Denver on our way home and this was more manageable - the stop in Denver was long enough for us to get a bite to eat and walk around the airport.

We were even delayed an hour on the flight, but the kids managed the in-jet times much better. Now, I look for flights with a stopover that will break up the trip into reasonable chunks. Also, the kids like the idea of stopping in yet another state! Make sure you tell your children to stay where they are if you get split up. I flew to Orlando with my 9, 7 and 1 year old. My 2 oldest children got out of the elevator to go to pick up our rental car and the doors closed before I could get out with the luggage and baby.

Of course I panicked but I had explained to them many times that they should stay put if we ever got split up. By the time the elevator got back to the right floor, the girls were a tad nervous but I explained how proud I was that they had followed my instructions. My heart is racing a little bit right now just thinking about the incident. We usually travel to WDW by car and find that giving the kids a special surprise each of the travel mornings helps us get there easier.

On the way to Disney, it is usually a Disney themed surprise, like a Disney coloring book or activity book. On the way home, it is usually a game for the car. These surprises bring hours of happiness and can be a blessing for the adults in the car. Second area of advice is regarding the hotel! The pool is one of the main draws in this age group.

Remember to bring goggles for the children if you have them. If you are staying at one of the hotels that has a beach with sand such as the Carribbean Beach remember to bring some sand toys.

A shovel, a sieve and a small pail don't take up much room and will keep you from having to buy some while there. We went to the pool so often that I now bring one bag which is waterproof and collapsible. This is our "pool" bag. Everything that we would need for the pool always went in this so it was a snap to get ready for the pool. These are much, much safer than blow up water wings and give the same amount of independence to a small child who wants to use the "big pool.

Many of the hotel pools Contemporary and Animal Kingdom Lodge I know first hand let you use life vests at the pools for free. The third key area is the hotel keys. If you decide to give your children each a key for the room, make sure that they get into the habit of always keeping it in one place. We have fanny packs for each child so it had to go into this every time.

If one of you loses your room key, you have to turn in the remainder and get issued new keys for everyone. One year we each lost our key, entailing us to go to the reception area three separate times!

Put me in a rubber room! Another idea for the hotel is to use a walki-talkie. I am used to getting up early and since I couldn't put on the light, I would leave the walkie talkie on the night table between the two beds and leave the room to go get breakfast. The children knew that if they woke up they were to signal for me and I could come right back to the room. It also helped when the oldest did not want to go to the food court with us but stay in the room watching TV.

I was ok with leaving her as long as the walkie talkie was on. In the pack I stashed juice pouches and snack foods along with all of the other goodies like: We could stretch a meal and didn't have to pay park prices for snack items.

They would melt during the day, so you had cold water available for several hours. We also found that for a family of 3 it was almost the same price to have a town car pick us up at the airport as it was to take the shuttle. We didn't have to share the ride, or the time it takes to make multiple stops and our ride included a 30 minute grocery stop!

Talk about a money saver! Sue and Steve Breske. Before going, I purchased several small Disney related items at discount stores and put them in my backpack in the morning. During different times I would bring them out for the kids, such as Monsters candy dispenser waiting to meet Mike and Sulley.

They were a huge hit, and the kids weren't always asking for something. I also made the kids canvas pouches that went around their necks, I painted mouse ears and their names on them. They held their disney dollars, pennies and quarters for press and pen and cards for autographs.

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The idea is for each pair to attack one of the goals, trying to beat 1 defender and a goalkeeper. This activity includes lots of similar decisions: An interesting variation could be to use one channel that is wide and one that is narrow.

This will challenge the attackers and defenders to think about how to attack and defend across different sized areas. Coaches could use a whiteboard to help explain the activity to the players beforehand, as it is important that all the players understand how the activity works.

Whiteboards and player demonstrations are also useful to show attacking players creative movements like overlaps, one-twos, dummy runs etc. It may be motivating for the players to keep score during these games, and this activity is easily turned into a mini-competition by seeing which pair can score the most goals. This time there are two defenders and a GK against three attackers. This should be more difficult for the attackers, particularly because there is less space. The modification to this 3v3 is for each team to use a designated sweeper.

A condition is added: That the team in possession needs to play the ball through the sweeper in the sweeper zone before coming forward. This condition aims to help children look behind them for support, as often they only think about going forward and do not realise that often the better option is to play back before going forward again. This modification also challenges the sweeper to support play behind the ball, to switch play, and to play one or two-touch to speed the play up.

Parent and Child 3 and 4 year olds activities. Shooting and passing circuit This circuit challenges the players' ability to shoot or pass the ball in a variety of different ways.