Lawmaker Says Everyone Is ‘All In’ For Legalizing Iowa Sports Betting Next Year

This site refuses to take shortcuts when it comes to delivering a rock-solid sportsbook. According to Vice President Mary Neubauer , several large retailers have expressed interest in offering at least a limited sports betting product. Leading the charge is Rep. Congress could open the door if the U.S. Supreme Court does not


Laws To Consider

We have also shared expert opinions on why it is legal for Iowa residents to bet on sports at offshore online sports betting sites. Despite this, one may come across live bookies accepting bets from residents.

Iowa bettors must understand that these bookies are illegal because the state does not license or authorize anybody to run live or online bookie services in its jurisdiction. Residents must avoid dealing with live or online bookies based in Iowa as it is illegal for these bookies to operate.

Nevertheless, no Iowa resident has ever been fined, arrested, or convicted of wagering at offshore, online sportsbooks. Having said this, it is worth noting that none of the laws in Iowa make it illegal for bettors to register at offshore online sportsbooks and place bets on their favorite sports teams.

On this page, we have listed a number of legal and safe offshore online sportsbooks. Since Iowa does not have any specific online sports betting laws, one can safely conclude that it is legal for Iowa bettors to make use of offshore online sports betting sites. Iowa residents will not get into trouble for betting on sports events at offshore online bookies. In the first place, the state has no specific online sports betting laws.

Since there is no law specifically prohibiting Iowa residents from signing up at offshore online bookies and placing bets there, the state cannot prosecute individual bettors. So far, the state has not prosecuted any of its residents for making use of offshore online sports betting services. Iowa residents can therefore register at offshore online sportsbooks without fear of getting arrested or penalized. Iowa has a set of live sports betting laws, which aim at eliminating illegal bookies from its jurisdiction.

The state does not hesitate to use these laws to crack down on illegal bookmaking businesses, but it is rather lenient toward individual bettors. Since there are a large number of offshore online sportsbooks willing to accept Iowa bettors, there is no dearth of opportunities for Iowa residents.

We have made things easier for you by making a list of safe, secure, licensed, and regulated Iowa friendly offshore online sportsbooks. You can legally bet on sports online at these offshore bookies without worrying about your state government slapping penalties on you. Bettors can also grab reduced juice opportunities, season specials, and rewards for loyalty at Bovada Sportsbook. The best features of Bovada Sportsbook are live video streaming, mobile betting, live betting, and so on.

This online bookmaker is home to valuable information such as the latest sports news, team information, match stats, odds analyses, free picks, and more, which bettors require to place maximally informed bets. BetOnline Sportsbook, one of the most popular online bookies in North America and Canada, offers the best betting odds on favorite American sports such as football, soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, tennis, boxing, MMA, and others.

BetOnline Sportsbook, which was established in , is licensed and secure. It is home to live betting, giving bettors the opportunity to place bets as and when the events unfold on the field. The live betting facility greatly enhances the experience of watching a sports event.

BetOnline is also home to informative features such as Betting Edge and Stats Center, where bettors can get the latest statistics, odds analyses, picks, and betting news. This online bookie offers the best possible betting odds on sports such as soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, hockey, football, and so on.

Bettors can fund their accounts using safe and reliable banking methods such as credit cards and money transfers, and Bitcoin is also accepted. IA residents can also rest assured that 5Dimes processes payouts quickly.

Accordingly, bettors can place bets either over the phone or online. Best of all, these bets all come with an almost infinite number of alternate lines, allowing IA sports bettors to essentially create their own preferred terms for any given matchup. Sports fans looking for a top sportsbook to bet on Iowa sports should look no further than BookMaker Sportsbook.

They have been around for a long time now almost 30 years! BookMaker has huge betting limits to appease the highest of high rollers, but the site also makes beginners feel right at home with tutorials, easy-to-navigate boards, game analysis, and more.

You are doing yourself a disservice if you do not sign up for an account with BookMaker, so do right away. You see what I did there? For nearly 20 years, BetDSI Sportsbook has been churning out quality sports gambling opportunities for players all over the world. BetDSI has taken that time to perfect their craft and is now one of the premier gambling sites on the web for sports fans, particularly after their amazing new website launched in Some are rather small and don't have any hotel rooms, but others are legitimate resorts with golf courses and huge pools and fountains and spas and everything else that makes you feel like you're on a trip to Vegas or Macau.

The appeal of Iowa's casinos stretches out through most of the Midwestern region. After all, the state doesn't have any professional sporting franchises that are going to bring in outside tourists, but people do stop in from all around to play at the state's variety of casinos.

Some people even refer to Iowa as the Vegas of the Midwest, due not only to their many casinos but also due to their overall tolerance of gambling. Iowa has embraced the gambling culture wholesale, and they don't have any legislation sneaking down the pike that would potentially threaten their twenty-plus casinos or their lax way of viewing gambling.

Iowa obviously isn't one of America's most famous states, but the state is not without its famous cities and towns. Cedar Rapids is a big city that most everyone has heard of.

Des Moines is of course another big-name city within Iowa. And there are other places that are well known, like Waterloo and Sioux City. Overall, Iowa isn't the shy, reserved, fly-over state that one might think right off hand. There's actually a whole lot going on there, in terms of big cities and famous townships and the like.

So, it stands to reason that Iowa has a lot of sports going for it too, right? Sports betters in Iowa are already well aware, and it's everyone else just finding out, but Iowa doesn't have that many sports at all.

They're located right around Michigan and Illinois and Wisconsin, so one might think that football has a huge presence in the state, but they actually don't. Iowa doesn't have any professional teams inside of its borders. They don't even have a professional soccer team in Iowa. Looking at Iowa on the whole, it becomes clear that part of the reason they may be so forgiving about gambling is that the state doesn't offer anything else in the way of quality entertainment with basketball or football or baseball.

And that's especially disappointing in the realm of baseball. After all, Iowa is literally the Field of Dreams on which Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones stood for their iconic movie, considered one of the best sports movies in history.

And not having at least a professional baseball team is something that has long angered many Iowans. The state has been in talks with a few professional leagues about bringing a team to the Midwestern state, but so far nothing has stuck and Iowans live in a state that doesn't offer any pro teams to root for, and only a somewhat decent collegiate player in NCAA sports.

Overall, it seems to be that the area outside of Iowa has enough going for it that Iowa officials and league presidents don't believe that having an Iowan team is fiscally doable. They believe that NFL teams like the Bears and Packers will always be a bigger draw, and they have a gauge here.

They're not just plucking this out of thin air. After all, no matter how well the Hawkeyes do, it's the Ohio State Buckeyes that turn the heads, or a Michigan team, but never an Iowan team. Since we're a resource site that deals specifically with online sports betting, we feel it's important to focus on the sports scene in Iowa. After all, there's a huge difference between someone who likes to play a game of blackjack and someone who likes to bet on the NFL every Sunday.

One is a simple card game that many treat as a hobby; the other is a serious discipline that some people study all year for. To be an effective sports better on a sport like football or basketball, you have to know how the game operates, how momentum works, how weather can affect outcomes, and much more. But since Iowa doesn't have a single professional franchise within its borders, do sports betters within the state actually put that much effort into betting on their favorite teams?

Even though Iowa isn't offering anything for homers to take advantage of, you have to remember that teams like the Bears and Ohio State Buckeyes and Cleveland Cavs are still huge draws for the region.

Sports fans in Iowa are every bit as fanatical as sports fans elsewhere, and thus many Iowans do take their sports betting seriously and they study up on it like a school subject. This is something we recommend you do if you're a sports gambler. Pay attention to the teams' rosters and off-season trades.

Focus on their injury reports; look at weather reports. Learn to read stats and adjust your bets based on how well the team can do statistically, not simply how much you like them on a fan level.

Be very analytical when breaking down teams, leverage your bets for maximum efficiency, and always work to limit your risks. If you can do these things, sports betting can not only remain fun but it can also be rather lucrative. Mobile betting platform available for smartphones. Legally licensed and regulated in Panama. Bet on sports, poker, casino, scratchcards and much more. A true leader in the US sports betting market since Site Name Current Bonus U.