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Just wondering if you could give us any more information with regards to the closed beta? Since I already wrote this all up, what do you think of this list of requests? The site is not associated with nor is it endorsed by any professional or collegiate league, association or team. C Btw, I sent you a message:

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I believe he will make sure nothing like such happens further-on, Can't we be a bit considerate? What I didn't like at all was that he could have wait to take the decisions and see what would have been the best choices but no he rushed it and took them right away, without letting us know or talk. Complete disrespect of your users. Part of the tos says they reserve the Right to make a final call, just because you feel overly entitled doesn't mean some admin out there needs to get nailed to a wall for a decision that wasn't half bad.

Great to hear from you. Your twitter hasn't updated in a long while so I was wondering what was up. LoungeCompanion has made using the site bearable, thank you for that. I had a look at the source and was pleasantly surprised with how well written it was. This sounds really, really good. I'm happy that someone that seems mature and professional is taking over a important project like this one.

I really hope you the best of luck and that you keep doing a good job. I'm not actually from Australia, but still, thank you very much, haha. And if you need a tester, please let me know, I'd be more then interested to do it. Just wondering if you are aware of how CSGL controls item value, if you plan to implement a better system that stays closer to live market values? It seems like apart from manipulating their own rules this is another thing the lounge admins could have done a much better job with.

I honestly was replying to a facebook message someone wrote, I had no idea it would all kick off! Lounge is doing the best they can man, they're just absolutely horrible in their communication. They don't deserve half the hate they get, and if people are so quick to grab their torch and pitchfork it won't be long until everybody starts hating on csgoloot just as hard. Couldn't agree more with you about the whole 'more hate than deserved', even tho I lost a lot of money I still don't forget csgl has made a great job so far.

But this lack of communication is killing me and the fact that they completely disregard their users POV makes me want that csgoloot very badly. Anyway back on topic. I'm not interested in selling personal details to anyone for any price! I hope to maybe send out a few updates every week or so to let people know how its progressing and what we're building that week in case people want to add suggestions via twitter, and finally we will export the emails to a white list for the beta.

Awesome, I look forward to you hopefully delivering a better, consistent and more reliable service than csgolounge: Just wondering, but are you aware your automated emails are also attaching a 0. I remember you talking to us on Teamspeak about it. Can't wait for it man. I will do anything to help besides code stuff Im kinda only used to basic Java. Been in New York for the past few weeks. Going back on Wednesday so I will hop on TS again then: How would your website deal with the situation that happened in todays earlier match between NaVi and Mouz with the constant DDoS'ing corrupting the results?

I think we would have a feature where users can report a game for 'disruption' and that would flag it for review before any change can be made to the status. As for any disruption all bets should be returned. A real world personal experiance for me would be when a man swam in front of the Oxford-Cambridge boat race http: All of these features sound great!

Best of luck with implementation and I think I speak for everyone when I say we're all looking forward to this website. I've subscribed to your mailing list and I'd be interested in helping test the site, is there anything else I need to do or is subscribing to the mailing list the same thing as applying?

Sweet, well good luck with the site and hopefully I'll get to be a tester, if not then I look forward to its public release.

Good idea, If you want I can join in for beta, i've been in a lot of beta testing for different purposes, so I know what good feedback is like. I've been waiting for this since the day you announced, I'm very interested in being part of the beta and helping to test out features. Also, please come out with a public document like a constitution about your policies, we would something to keep the owners accountable. Also other people, don't buy too much into this hype please.

It's still vaporware and the site hasn't gone live. It's not going to be like the second coming of jesus. So chill out everyone. I'm excited but cautious: This sounds sick man, especially the shop for PayPal!! I'm not sure how we would work this out just yet, but thank you for offering, that is super cool! I've heard a lot of things about this in light of recent cock ups at CSGOL, I'd be happy to donate some test skins and be a beta tester.

Inbox me if I can be of service. If it could work i think it would be great to be able to bet as much as you would like in terms of number of items. We think we can be able to get all your returns in one trade, not sure on how many items you can bet, it's possible there will be a limit depending on the amount of bets already placed but we will have to wait untill we test the system and how steam reacts.

Best moment to advertise your web, when everyone is on hate on csgl. As highlighted by the events today, What would you rule if a team was being hit by a DDoS attack? All bets are off or the bets stand?

I personally would return all bets if anything was to change from the in game rule set. If something happens externally that effects the outcome of the match like a ddos then of course all bets would be returned. Can't wait for more info! Just make your profit on the items less than Steamcommunity please. Looking forward to it, so tired of CSGL's incompetence.

I like the idea of the charity thing as well. I really like the idea of the shop - a trusted middleman that can convert skins to real money is something that the economy would benefit by, I think. GL on this i am moving to this site when its finshed.

Thought I should make an account and reply here. Thanks for taking your time making this new site that hopefully is better than CSGL. This being said, I'd love to beta test the site. I could give some small skins if needed aswell. Would be honored to take part in beta testing! Hit me up if you need peeps, cheers and good stuff mate!

Good luck with this, i'd like to participate in beta. Let's hope this gets big. You guys do a great job, lemme help you with a few suggestions: Selling some skins for your value. What about the reddit for CSGOLoot, will there be a new one or this one or there won't be one at all? Will it work like this sub-reddit? Damn all the 60 Karma i gained in this subreddit will be like a memory haha.

I'm studying computer science and I'd love to assist in the beta testing, but I will not be able to until after May 16th due to my final exams: I will put out an API for matches, results, teams and previous stats so that other websites can generate there own analytics and analysis. The site will have to operate a profit to be able to support the bandwidth, depending on how we decide to do this most of the code will have to be private to ensure that I control the product I've been working on this on my own for months.

However I'm inviting developers into the project who have a solid demonstrable experience in Node. Open sourcing some of it doesn't mean you have to run a charity, you could keep the backend closed off. But really it was just an idea i was throwing out there, in reality an API would do much of what I'd want anyways. At this point i was going to link to a csgolounge forum post i made to demonstrate the kind of statistics i'd want to expose to users, or at least what i would have put in the site if i was in their shoes.

It was basically a few lines of JS that would spit out your backpack's total values or sort your inventory while making bets. But it looks like csgolounge just disabled the steam group.

Me too, I want people to be able to bet on there phones just as easy as on the website, bootstrap just makes that all a bit easier for me so I can concentrate on the backend: We have a very mature developer team, our latest contributor to the project is a software architect and has worked on sites for NBC and American Express.

Could you copy-paste in the comment section the content of your post? I would greatly appreciate that! However i subscribed to the public mailing list, so if you need any help, contact me on email OR steam kalegris hotmail.

I also signed up for the public mailing list, does that automatically put me into the beta as well? I'd be down to be part of the beta, and I'm also interested in donating a couple keys. Taking the initiative to make a better site should be rewarded. I subscribe to the mailing list so I should know about the features as they come out. I'll try to format a list of whats complete, in progress, planning and such depends if I get the time.

The title of "giveaway" normally suggests there is no cost or fee to enter, but the description you give sounds more like a raffle small entry fee, chance to win big prize. Which were you trying to describe? I would like to signup for the beta, if that's possible. If you would like, we could talk: I'm interested in Beta and i don't mind to spare a bunch of 4c skins if you want donations add me and we can arrange a trade of some sort.

Hi, I am very happy to hear news of csgoloot especially after todays DDos shit-storm. I would really love to be a part of the beta testing.

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