Who Will Win Super Bowl LII? Our NFL Playoff Predictions

The tie breaker is the person who guesses closest to the total points scored in the game. The play is reviewed, and it is determined the catch did not survive the ground. You have successfully created your Sports Illustrated Account. For all of that, this year's extensive Super Bowl matchup breakdown can be found here. Super Bowl 3-Game Party Pack

Super Bowl 2018 predictions: Expert picks for Eagles vs. Patriots

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My husband played for the Broncos in the s, so we're especially excited to be hosting a Super Bowl party this year. The trivia game is just what we needed to make the party more fun. What was the first wildcard team to win a Super Bowl? Who was the first left-handed quarterback to win a Super Bowl? Which player is credited for the longest punt return in Super Bowl history?

Which quarterback has the most Super Bowl starts? Which team won the first ever Super Bowl? Kansas City Chiefs B. Green Bay Packers D. What two networks broadcasted Super Bowl I?

Who performed at the halftime show? The Rolling Stones B. Which team lost the first ever Super Bowl? New York Jets D. Who holds the record for most receiving yards in a single Super Bowl game? Which starting quarterback has won a Super Bowl with two different teams? Which team has scored the most points in a Super Bowl? Tampa Bay Buccaneers B.

San Francisco 49ers D. Which head coach has the most Super Bowl wins? Who holds the record for the longest interception return in a Super Bowl?

Which quarterback holds the record for the most passing yards in a Super Bowl game? Which team scored the fewest points in a Super Bowl game? New York Giants B. In what stadium was the first Super Bowl played? Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Who holds the record for most career rushing yards in Super Bowl games? Who was the losing coach in the first ever Super Bowl?

Which two cities have hosted the most Super Bowls? Then they will still be challenged to predict the outcomes of the 20 questions for this year's Super Bowl. Decipher 11 rebus puzzles to find the names of winning Super Bowl players and coaches. Using the Super Bowl Squares is one of the most fun ways to do it, while giving all players novices and NFL superfans alike a shot at winning!

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Super Bowl Pencil Puzzle.