Bookmaker roundtable: Super Bowl LII betting trends

Los Angeles Rams vs. The public loves the pluses on those props, and we always need the "no" on all of those. As far as total dollars wagered, Beasley has the most 13 percent of all MVP money. Pre-game festivities at Super Bowl 50 Public Domain. Betting On Fun Super Bowl Props

2. What are a few of the prop bets that have gotten the most handle?


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Betting will increase leading up to Sunday. Jay Rood, vice president of race and sports, MGM: We are at 3 and I really don't see us moving under current trends. We are continuing to see the most popular prop bets from over the years being bet heavily again. Patriots total points scored And then there are the usual picks every year: The safety prop is always a popular one. This year we did something a little different: We added a safety prop for the first half and for the second half.

These have been popular bets so far. Julio Jones as the first player to score a touchdown and Vic Beasley Jr. Also, we have had good movement on bettors' taking the Atlanta long shots to win the MVP. The player to score first touchdown prop has moved a bit for players such as Malcolm Mitchell and Levine Toilolo. They are betting that Julian Edelman will score a TD. The no opened , and now it's It is hard to pinpoint one or two with so many bets available. In general terms, we have seen at least a handful of props move toward the under.

This is not surprising at all. Sharp action will always come first on the props. As of now, we have more future liability on Atlanta. No matter the outcome of the game, we will do well on futures.

We do better in regard to the futures with Atlanta.