Super Bowl Odds 2019 Updated After Week 1

Giants 17 New England 14 Spread Total: We have complete information on the betting spread, game totals and results for every game played since , so click on the following link for more. Free Monday Night Total Pick. DEN -3 47 Betting Results: Success Thank you for signing up! Welcome Back!



During the offseason, the Super Bowl odds are based on speculation. After all, the actual teams have yet to play a game.

Once the season begins, the odds have a deeper rooted foundation because bettors can evaluate the teams on the field each week. It is during the regular season when the Vegas and offshore books futures odds will fluctuate the most as teams move up and down, like stocks, depending on their perceived value. However, these kind of odds have basically disappeared since the St.

These favorable football odds can attract serious professional gamblers and casual sports fans who want to take a shot with their favorite team. Super Bowl futures are usually a favorable bet for the house. There are 32 wagering options but only one winner.

Because money is pumped in on a year-round basis, online sportsbooks have plenty of opportunities to adjust the odds in their favor. If certain teams are getting bet too heavily, their odds can be adjusted to a lower payout to make the clubs a less favorable wager. In the past decade, Super Bowl Prop Bets have become big business in the Vegas sportsbooks and offshore. The average bettor is very comfortable wagering on prop bets for a couple of reasons.

They feel as if they know as much about the players as the oddsmakers. Have you ever wondered how favorites and underdogs have performed historically in the Super Bowl?

How about, what was the point spread for the 1st Super Bowl? Or better yet what was the point spread for all Super Bowls? Has the Super Bowl Betting line gone over or under more often historically? The answers to all of the questions can be answered below in the Super Bowl Betting History table. Denver Carolina -5 New England Pick 'em Baltimore San Francisco New England New England New England New England 55 N.

Philadelphia New England -7 Carolina New England -7 Louis 53 New England 20 St. Louis -7 45 St. San Diego San Francisco Buffalo Buffalo -7 New England Chicago Miami San Francisco Washington Washington -3 48 L.

Please keep in mind you should check the laws in your local jurisdiction before wagering money on office pools. The most common payout is one winner for each of the first 3 quarters and a 4th winner for the final score. The payouts are typically equal. Alternatively you can scale the payouts so that the prizes go up for each quarter. Another popular option is to also pay the reverse of the winning numbers. If the AFC team has 7 and the NFC team has 0, you would payout the normal winner as you do in step one, then you would also find the 0 in the AFC row and the 7 in the NFC row and that intersecting square would get paid half of what the main winner does.

This typically requires a large prize pool, but a payout can be made every time there is a score change. This creates a lot of winners, so it keeps everyone on their toes. An example of this is the AFC team scores a touchdown which makes it The square intersecting 6 and 0 would be a winner and as soon as the extra point is kicked the square intersecting would be a winner. You can pay every winner the same, or you can make the scores at the end of each quarter worth more.

You can also adjust this method so that payouts are only paid for the score right before a kickoff.