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ET Super Bowl wagers continue to flow in at a nice pace through Las Vegas sports books, but the only real activity on the odds board Wednesday afternoon happened at CG Technology when they moved the Patriots from 3-flat to -3 Target container is not valid. November 11, [14]. The San Francisco Chronicle. CURRENT SUPER BOWL ODDS AFTER WEEK 1:

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ET It's now the fourth quarter of booking for Las Vegas sports books and the story behind where the Super Bowl spread eventually moves begins tonight. Almost every book is sitting with the Patriots still at -3 , but this is a long fourth quarter that has just begun. But now I want to see what the tourists are thinking; who are they going to side with and they'll make the biggest difference of all since we've yet to see about 75 percent of our overall action expected on the game.

At this juncture no one does, but most casinos haven't even seen their billionaire whales arrive yet. What we did see on Friday was some early activity with a couple books moving numbers. Nothing really happened the previous two days, but a few were maneuvering beginning with CG Technology adjusting the record total that was sitting at 59 with every book in town.

It was short lived, but hey, at least we have some activity and the total move wasn't the only happening. Simbal says his books are "balanced on the game, but two out of every three tickets written have been on the Patriots. Yes, this bettor loves the Falcons and loves the total way Under.

It's a trend I think we'll be seeing more of as millions of dollars run through the windows over the next three days. We'll keep you updated as the real fun has just started. Jeff Whitelaw has been one of the most respected bettors in Las Vegas for the past 25 years and he kindly shared with me a few of the Super Bowl plays he's made.

I figured there might be a few people out there who might be interested in his comments. The last five Super Bowls featuring the top scoring offense against the top scoring defense have saw the defense come out on top.

He eats up zone defenses and that's what Atlanta employs most of the time. I also think Belichick will have his team prepared more. Almost every intangible points to the Patriots winning. And then you've got the public having a great season, and they like the Patriots too. ET Super Bowl wagers continue to flow in at a nice pace through Las Vegas sports books, but the only real activity on the odds board Wednesday afternoon happened at CG Technology when they moved the Patriots from 3-flat to -3 It was the third time in six days they've gone that way.

It lasted less than an hour before they moved back to 3-flat. On Friday they took a six-figure wager on the Falcons to force the initial move and when they're looking to balance the cash out on the game VP of risk management Jason Simbal says "it's easy to get action at -3 Sharp money has been seeded everywhere around town on the Falcons.

The public likes the Patriots. What every bookmaker in town wants to know is if the public trend continues when the bulk of the Super Bowl action happens over the weekend. So who is the public going to show more favor with this weekend? He estimates that 90 percent of their overall Super Bowl action will come Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I wish there was more to report, but this Super Bowl is still sitting -3 and 59 everywhere and it's rather boring.

The activity going on in Las Vegas reminds me of a Talladega NASCAR race where every driver stays in line for the first laps and then starts maneuvering for position in the final 10 laps. I'm hopeful those final 10 laps to the finish line starts on Saturday with some movement -- any movement -- either way.

ET As of late Tuesday afternoon, every Las Vegas sports book is showing the exact same Super Bowl number with the Patriots still -3 and the total still And it doesn't look like anything is going to change for at least the next few days until the wave of weekend action starts.

The first book to move off -3 is likely going to be the South Point just because they're the only book to use flat numbers. While other books next move -- if any -- will be to or on one of the sides, the South Point policy is to deal only on each. If the risk at that number gets too high, the move is either to I talked with book director Chris Andrews regarding their stance with six nights of action still to come and he doesn't appear to be moving the spread any time soon..

We're sitting well on the game, but what we really need is the game to stay Under. When asked if a Patriots win would be the best overall result, Andrews chuckled saying "I'd would love that score. The Nevada books held 17 percent in that game, which is still the highest Super Bowl hold percentage ever in the state. The South Point is the only sports book in Nevada that uses exclusively flat numbers.

You won't see a or attached to any of their spreads due to a policy instituted by legendary owner Michael Gaughan , one of the few casino owners in town that actually understands bookmaking very well.

Gaughan opened one of the first sports books located inside a casino at the Union Plaza in the early 70's and also gave Jimmy Vaccaro his first bookmaking job at the Royal Inn in He's a pioneer of bookmaking and so is his Lineage.

His father Jackie Gaughan owned the El Cortez and was operating several legal stand alone bet shops in downtown Las Vegas during the 50's and 60's. So when Gaughan decides he doesn't want his book moving juice, he does so with knowledge and a refreshing old school flair that is appreciated by his guests. Also, he gains more action when all the other books attach to a side because his flat number is usually the most attractive in town.

It's also easier for his novice customers to understand. There's a reason that only two of the past 27 Super Bowls have had spreads at 3 despite it being the most key number in the NFL.

The bookmakers don't want to deal with the possibility of a push on their biggest game of the year and refund all the wagers. They want a decision, but the longer they stay on Patriots -3, the harder it's going to be for them to move, unless of course, massive action comes on one of the sides. With the way two-sided action has been coming in, any advantage with a hook at either If the books move off the number and the game lands 3, they'll put themselves in big position to be sided like the city has never seen before.

The volume of action back then was far lighter than today, but they ended up losing the Pittsburgh It's a day still known as Black Sunday. He said he got loaded with Steelers money early on laying Listening to Vaccaro tell the Black Sunday story always is great stuff. Here's a quote from him in an article I wrote two years ago. The play is often cited as the worst blunder in the history of college football. Dropping back into his own end zone, quarterback Sammy Baugh threw, but the ball hit the goal post which at the time were on the goal line instead of at the back of the end zone and bounced back to the ground in the end zone.

Under the rules at the time, this was ruled as a safety and thus gave the Cleveland Rams a 2—0 lead. The Rams went on to win 15—14, as the safety proved to be the margin of victory. Redskins owner George Preston Marshall was so incensed at the outcome that he became a major force in passing the following major rule change after the season: A forward pass that strikes the goal posts is automatically ruled incomplete.

On October 25, , Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jim Marshall recovered a San Francisco 49ers fumble but ran 66 yards the wrong way into his own end zone. Instead, the 49ers were credited with two points a safety. Despite the gaffe, the Vikings won the game 27—22, with the final margin of victory provided by a Carl Eller touchdown return of a fumble caused by a Marshall sack. With Notre Dame leading 39—34 in the final seconds, their head coach Bob Davie ordered quarterback Jarious Jackson to kneel down in his own end zone after time had expired.

Notre Dame settled for a bid to the Gator Bowl , and lost that game 35—28 to No. Prior to the NFL season , a safety was awarded when a defensive player's momentum or impetus in recovering a fumble carried him into his own end zone; on the other hand, if that same defender was intercepting a pass and his momentum carried him into the end zone, the ball would then be spotted at the point where the interception occurred.

Falcons running back Jamal Anderson ran 42 yards to the Carolina yard line before he was stripped by Panthers defensive back Doug Evans. Evans then grabbed the fumble at the 2-yard line, but his momentum carried him through the side of his own end zone. The play was ruled a safety, and the Falcons held on to win, 15— After the game, Panthers head coach George Seifert told reporters that he was confused by the call, saying, "from what I understand right now, it's a different rule than it is if you intercept the ball and momentum carries you into the end zone than it is for a fumble recovery That is something that possibly would be looked into with the Competition Committee".

Then on December 16, the Seattle Seahawks trailed the Oakland Raiders , 24—19, in the fourth quarter in a game played in a rainstorm at Husky Stadium. Seahawks running back Ricky Watters ran 53 yards to the Oakland yard line, before he was stripped of the ball by the Raiders' Charles Woodson. In the ensuing scramble for recovery, the ball was batted multiple times towards the Oakland goal line.

Raiders safety Marquez Pope eventually recovered the ball at the Oakland 2-yard line, but with the wet field, his momentum caused him to slide into the Oakland end zone before being touched. This play was also ruled a safety, and with the score now 24—21, the Seahawks then rallied for a late touchdown and a victory. And just like Seifert did during the Falcons-Panthers game, Raiders head coach Jon Gruden complained about the safety call. The losses were costly to both teams. The Panthers were never able to sustain any momentum after that early season loss and finished, out of the playoffs, with a 7—9 record.

The Raiders' loss dropped them to 11—4 and eliminated them from contention for the AFC's first seed. The following season, the NFL modified the rules so that fumble recoveries, as well as interceptions, would now be awarded at the spot of the recovery, not where the player's momentum carries him, even into his own end zone.

On October 12, , Detroit Lions quarterback Dan Orlovsky , after having lined up in a shotgun formation, inadvertently ran out of the back of his own end zone in a game against the Minnesota Vikings.

The media labeled the play as emblematic of the Lions' struggles during their eventual 0—16 season. On October 26, , The New York Giants were trailing the Pittsburgh Steelers , , with under seven minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Backed up in their own territory at the eighteen-yard line, the Steelers attempted to punt the ball.

Steelers linebacker James Harrison , who was taking over long snapping duties for an injured Greg Warren , snapped the ball too high; it sailed over the head of punter Mitch Berger and through the back of the end zone for a safety.

This tied the score at 14 and helped put the Giants in good field position following the free kick. The Giants would then rally for a touchdown and went on to win The Packers trailed the Vikings 28—14 midway through the fourth quarter.

With the ball at the Green Bay one-yard line, the Packers attempted a pass from their own end zone. Vikings defensive end Jared Allen grabbed Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers from behind for a sack, with Rodgers appearing to fumble the ball at the one-yard line and Allen recovering.

Referee Gene Steratore ruled Vikings possession inside the one-yard line. Packers head coach Mike McCarthy challenged the play and asserted that Rodgers' knee was down in his own end zone before the fumble, asking Steratore to award the Vikings a safety and increase their lead to 30— Strategically, the move made sense: Had McCarthy not challenged, the score would have remained 28—14, but the Vikings would have almost assuredly increased their lead to a three-possession game with a field goal or touchdown.

Steratore reversed his own ruling [39] and awarded a safety to the Vikings. The Packers added a touchdown missing a two-point conversion and a field goal, but lost by the score of 30— On Sunday, November 6, , the St.

Louis Rams posted the first four-point quarter in NFL history. The Rams' next possession ended in a punt, then, on the Cardinals' first subsequent play from scrimmage, Skelton was flagged for intentional grounding in the end zone. The Rams did not score in the remainder of the quarter, thus scoring a total four points in that quarter.

The Rams lost in overtime, 19— On January 1, , the Detroit Lions opened up the scoring in the first quarter with a touchdown, in a game against the Green Bay Packers.

On the ensuing kickoff, Packers returner Patrick Lee muffed the ball in his own end zone. The ball bounced off of Lee and left the end zone, still in bounds. Lee, not realizing the ball had fully cleared the goal line, reached over the goal line and brought the ball back into the end zone, where he took a knee for what he thought was a touchback. This may lead to subtle reconciliation issues. Try rendering into a container element created for your app.

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