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Talk to the children about "predictions". Super Bowl Printable Worksheets Printable Super Bowl worksheets that you can immediately use in your classroom for coloring activities, games, and more! Grade 2 students should do the predictions, estimation, and tally worksheets. Introduction:

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Haha can you imagine the shitshow if the Seahawks won and Sherman called Peyton mediocre? I don't think he would ever do it, but holy hell it would be incredible and awful to watch. Wilson is pretty religious and probably the MVP if the Seahawks win. I'd put money on the G-man.

This is the page I found it on. If you do make our own I would totally like to see it. Sorry about the shit quality, I did it in Paint. I thought about it and heard that people said they've mellowed out. That plus the weather made me wary. Flea still did a handstand and was shirtless in the rain.

I'm kind of hesitant about the concussion. If anything happens it would be, at least from a health standpoint, intelligent to take him out.

And I like baldwin man so I don't know. He almost had one last game so I'm hoping he pulls it off. Baldwin is a good receiver that Russell trusts, I find it hard for him to not get at least a couple TD passes thrown his way in the SB if they have the opportunity.

I was surprised that Golden Tate wasn't on this list unless he got injured and I wasn't aware, in which case sorry Seattle fans. Another funny one I saw on Bovada, you can bet on whether or not the broadcasters will say the word "Marijuana" during the broadcast. How is the game score tiebreaker to be scored? I did one of these once and when it went to the tiebreaker we realized we hadn't defined a metric and it was chaos.

If all else fails it's a split between the winners. Turnover first, wouldnt that be Denver, not Seattle? Also, does the charged timeout count as a timeout taken? Will an answer sheet be posted? I want to do this but am way too lazy to do all the research after the game. It's still possible , just bloodly unlikely. Granted then he gives himself a chance of getting at least one if he loses all the quarter bets, he still gets the game bet.

Here is where I found it. Printable correct answers here. This is the site I found it on. That is a good looking sheet, I hope you don't mind if I borrow some of those bets. Here is my beta version of this year's MasterBetter spreadsheet. It is copy and pasted from excel to google docs, so it lost some glory, especially the autosums that can display as a bar graph leaderboard during the game: So, can we get a live thread for this shit Sunday night?

I drafted my fantasy football league into this. If the national anthem takes longer than 2 minutes and 24 seconds someone should drop a satellite on Renee Fleming. I've sung the national anthem at sporting events. Frankly, even that is a terrible pace for it. It's not a a funeral dirge. No way Peyton's running in anywhere close to 2. This comment not to be construed as betting advice. Will someone or a website be putting up the result after the game or do we have to keep up with it ourselves?

Can someone do all the correct answers and put them up after the game, I will want to make sure I get them all right for friends and myself. This site should have the answers. Triple zeros to kickoff for halftime. If a play is still going when the second quarter ends, start the timer when the ref signals the ball dead. Kickoff to triple zeros for the game. If there's a play still going when the fourth quarter ends, stop the timer when the ref signals the ball dead.

It doesn't say halftime show, so my guess would be start the timer as soon as the 2nd quarter ends and stop it at the start of the 3rd. And on the same note I would start a timer at kickoff and let the timer run until the end of the game..

As long as you and the people buying in agree or you make it clear how it will be judged it shouldn't be a problem. Could somebody please explain the player touchdowns on the left column and the point spread on the right column. I don't know much about football stats or betting so I'm not exactly sure what the numbers are referring to. How can a player have. Denver is the favorite, which is indicated by the negative sign This means that Denver has to win by 2 or more points in order for that pick to be correct.

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