Tecmo Super Bowl Game Tips!

Not only can Andre Reed catch almost anything thrown at him, but so can Thurman Thomas. Most people play with a linebacker or a safety. Catches where the receiver is out of bounds, but leaps and the computer gives credit for a catch What I've been been doing lately is just treating this game like TSB 1. How to best play defense?

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Elevate Your Game

Once you're done with the configuration, press "OK" at the bottom. The next step involves a couple of settings that need to be changed in order to prevent problems with desynchronization when playing online, as well as some other issues.

In this window, the first thing you'll need to do is check the box in the "Save Data" section that says "Treat as Read Only. The next setting needing alteration is in the "Save States" section.

There is a checked box that says "Use Internal Compression. Doing so allows information to be read from your save states which is then used by different websites for statistical purposes later.

Here's what this screen should look like: Doing so will open a window with a blank box and a couple of buttons. The button that we're interested in for now is the "Add.. Since we're not actually starting a game just yet, go ahead and click "Cancel" after you've added the ROM. At this point, you are done with the initial setup. Yes, you are sure. At this point, in Windows 7 at least, you will get a message saying that Nestopia has stopped working, and the whole default Windows error report stuff.

You can close that out without worry. This happens because Nestopia is expecting a different Netplay client than the one that we use with Nestopia, so it throws a fit when trying to close. An annoyance, but nothing to worry about. Setting up Netplay and TPC Now we're ready to rock and roll and play someone online!

But how do you find people to play? First, you'll need to register an account on the TPC website. Simply click "Register" located on the left side of the website, and then enter a Username and E-mail Address.

A password will be e-mailed to that address, so please be sure to use a real one! While you are waiting for your TPC password to be e-mailed to you, take this opportunity to create a Discord account, if you don't already have one. Discord is the primary means of communication for online Tecmo players and where to find pickup games.

If you're interested in installing something on your computer, grab a Windows or Mac client here. Alright, back to TPC! On the left, you will see something that says "MyTPC. In that page, you'll see the default black Tecmo silhouette player portrait, and a summary of your profile.

Go ahead and click "Edit Profile. Also, it's probably a good idea to change your password to something you'll remember. Once you're done with that, your registration and profile setup for TPC is complete.

Be sure to read the rules for TPC before you begin a game. These rules are pretty standard for all online play. Once you're done with that, you can head back to the Discord to begin looking for an opponent.

You'll need to navigate to the looking-for-game channel. This can be done by expanding the "Challenge Table," and finding someone who is showing as being available online in AIM. Post a message in the channel stating that you are looking for a game.

Something as simple as "TPC game? When you do find someone willing to play, you'll have to negotiate who will serve as the game host. For the sake of this guide, I will assume that your opponent has the capability of hosting. Please note that this guide will not cover hosting!

That is an extensive topic in itself will be covered in a guide I plan on writing in the near future. A link to that guide will be put here when that's done. In the meantime, reference "Bruddog's Guide to Port Forwarding," which can be found in the post below this guide if you're in immediate need of hosting help. Your opponent will give you an IP address and port number that you will use to connect to them for example: Time to fire up Nestopia!

Recording your game Part 1 -- Recording your games is a good habit to get in to, especially if you are interested in online Tournament play or League play.

Having a video file allows for stats to be extracted in league games in the event of a disconnect, and is also the ultimate evidence if any disputes ever come up. Fortunately, this is easy to do. Doing so will open up a window where you can simply insert a file name and click "OK. That's all you have to worry about for now! You should then see a License Agreement, which you agree to, and then you'll see the following window: You don't need to worry about too much in this window.

The "Nick" field will be your nickname in chat during the game. Change it to whatever you like. Be sure when you're entering this, you're entering it without any spaces before, after, between: Once you have that taken care of, click "Connect.

If you get this window without the "Connection confirmed" message, then the connection was not successful. Sometimes, for the first time you use Nestopia, Windows Firewall will prompt you on whether or not you'd like to allow Nestopia to communicate across the network. You may have to allow it, then close the chat window, and try again. If problem persists, you may have other programs installed that are interfering with the connection, or you may not have a problem at all, and it could be your opponent's issue.

After the ROM is loaded, both players have to click the "ready" button, and then gameplay begins. This will begin the recording of the match-up. Some players claim that you also have to stop the video file once the game is over in order to have it successfully record, but this has never been the case for me. According to TPC rules, the winner of the game is responsible for uploading the results of the game.

In order to upload the results, you will need to save a state of the game when TSB is at the blue stat summary screen. You can save multiple states at a time in the event you win more than one game against someone before getting around to uploading the results. All of these files can be uploaded without any problems. But where do you do this on TPC website?

You will then be asked to indicate whether you were "home," or "away. After you select your opponent, you'll be prompted on what type of ROM the game was played on. After you've completed these steps, click "Submit. This page is just a quick review for you to make sure everything looks correct.

Verify that the stats are correct, and that the proper players have the proper teams, and that you didn't flip-flop them. Once you've confirmed that everything is correct, go ahead and submit! If you're seeing ridiculous stats like 52, yards rushing or Interceptions, then you did not uncheck the "Use Internal Compression" box.

Refer back to Step 2 on how to do that. Do not upload this state, it will get deleted, and you'll just wind up wasting your time. General etiquette is to give someone "Good" feedback unless they were a complete asshole. If you've made it all the way to this section of the guide, then congrats! You've now joined the ranks of the online Tecmo community.

Eventually, you'll want to set yourself up with the ability to host games, which can be a slightly difficult process based on how your connection is setup. Once again, for help on hosting online Tecmo Super Bowl games, please reference "Bruddog's Guide to Port Forwarding", which can be found immediately below this guide in this same thread.

Good luck and see you on the field! If anyone has any questions, feel free to reply here, or message me on Discord. My Discord username is Neerrm. What do I do? This might be your fault, but it might not be. Try to avoid playing on wireless connections if you find yourself experiencing lag or disconnects. If you do play on wireless on like a laptop, move as close to the router as you can so that there's less to interrupt the connection.

Also, make sure you're not in the process of downloading anything, or streaming movies or something along those lines, and that no one else in the household is either. Try to eliminate anything that could be taxing on the Internet connection. How to best play defense?

Hi, what is the most effective way to play defense in Tecmo Super Bowl? What plays should I concentrate on calling defensively and what position should I take control of?? Obviously limiting points and yards is of importance! Thanks for any replies!

Ok, yeah I don't want to get into the whole 'lurching' thing at all I guess right now I want some pointers on how to play the best possible defense with SF and PIT, as I'm playing those two teams right now. I really hate giving up long runs, but sometimes find when I try to counter those, I give up a big passing play or two!

It depends if you want to "cheat" or not. You can take the guy in the middle of the defensive line and go through the offensive line to sack the QB over and over again. It gets boring after a while, though, and if you ever play in a TSB online tournament, this is not allowed and totally disrespectful.

There is always someone in each team who's more effective than others and the position is not the same. Some teams have a beast who take cares of sacks, some others have a man who specializes in interceptions. Also, check every team's strenghs. So pick passing plays on defense. You know, some things like that. Know how the plays work.

Formation, whether it's a run or pass. Then during that brief time after you've selected what defense to play, read your opponents formation for a pass or run.