MLB 15 The Show Tips: Zone Hitting 101 and Hitting Approaches

Navarro will be an excellent bench player as he can hit from both sides of the plate, as well as play C, DH, or 1B. The Blue Jays should still have a great lineup with tons of power, but they will be lacking some defense, especially in the outfield. There is bat control, plate discipline and good at bats.

I saw a lot of users online still using them, despite their down year. Do not be surprised of the Red Sox become even more popular this year and be sure to give their offense a try! The Dodgers also went through of a lot of changes in the offseason. They definitely will be missing the power bats of Matt Kemp, who went to San Diego, and Hanley Ramirez, who became a Free agent and eventually signed by Boston.

Fortunately, the Dodgers had one of the deepest benches in the game and had a plethora of outfielders that can now step in the place of Matt Kemp. Ethier should now be given a chance to start every day, while Van Slyke and Joc Pederson will be able to platoon. However, do not expect for Rollins to be hitting for much power or average.

Despite the lack of hitting, he will be an upgrade defensively and on the basepaths. Heisey will also be another useful power bat off the bench in key situations. They have the best pitcher in the game in Kershaw, along with 4 other quality starters.

Whenever you choose the Dodgers online, expect to have a quality hurler on the mound. Their vulnerability, if they really have one in the game, will be their lack of bullpen depth.

Jansen is a great closer, but he may not even be usable upon release for online. If I were to pick a faucet of the game which is needed least in an online baseball game, then bullpen depth would be it. Dodger Fans should be proud to use their team online and with the key additions, expect the Los Angeles Dodgers to be one of the most common teams to use online. If you are struggling with pitching then perhaps you should give them a try as well!

Seattle will be another trendy pick for online gamers due to the acquisition of Nelson Cruz. They also added Seth Smith, who hits right handed pitching very well. Other than that, there were not many big offseason moves done by Seattle. With the addition of Nelson Cruz, the Mariners should instantly turn into a top 10 lineup. They have, arguably, the best hitting second baseman in Robinson Cano, a young emerging 3B in Kyle Seager, and a catcher that was 3 rd in the league in homeruns.

There will be plenty of power in the middle of this lineup. Add in Iwakuma, Paxton, and Walker and you have one filthy rotation. The Bullpen will not be a letdown either. Fernando Rodney and his nasty circle change is always tough to hit. Farquhar, Wilhelmsen, and Furbush add some good depth to the bullpen, as well. One reason I like using Seattle is their surplus of left handed hitters.

Cruz should add a little more balance with the lineup. Of course, the split attributes work both ways and can act as a double edged sword. A major weakness with Seattle last year was the fact they could not hit left handed pitching. Cruz will help offset this a bit, but do not get twisted at all. This team is designed to hit right handed pitching!

Expect to see Seattle be used a little more this year. Make sure and give them a try and see if you can take advantage of the smaller RF in Safeco! The Washington Nationals will be the favorites to win the World Series, easily. They have, by far, the best rotation in baseball and it could possibly go down as one of the greatest rotations ever. With the huge signing of Scherzer, the Natitude faithful should be excited once again to use their team online this year.

The rotation has 3 guys at 90 overall or higher and the number 6 pitcher, Tanner Roark, could easily be a number 2 for some teams; enough said. The Nationals will miss the left handed power bat of LaRoche, but getting Ryan Zimmerman back from injury and placing him at 1B can surely replace LaRoche. This lineup will be extremely balanced with no real holes. Harper still possess some of the most raw ability and power in the game.

Rendon also had an amazing year last year and stepped up when Zimmerman got injured. The one weakness with this team would be their bench. Espinosa does not really possess power nor is he a competent bat off the bench.

Other than that, there is not much home to write about with their bench. The bullpen should still get the job done, even with the loss of Clippard. The Nationals will be used a lot for online and I expect the same this year.

Do I even need to tell you guys to give them a try? I think everyone will be aware of the Nationals hype the media and fans are giving them, so we might as well jump on that bandwagon! In all seriousness, give them a try, especially if you need to throw a number starter. I wonder how many of you guys have had actually took advantage of the practice mode? Anyways it is a great way to get some good swings in and refine your approaches.

There is bat control, plate discipline and good at bats. I recommend plate control the most since it helps with your timing and PCI placement. Secondly, make sure you have a good hitting camera. This can make a huge difference. Most people will just stick with the default camera and have never even tried some of the others.

Experiment and see which ones you like. Trust me it makes a difference. Do not sit too low or too high or it will affect your ability to read pitches. I recommend a nice office chair and if you cannot afford that then try a lounge chair. Third, put your TV in game mode or spend a little money to get a better TV suited for video games. I use a 24 inch BenQ. Anything over 24 inches and there will be input lag means you have more time to react.

Again make sure you have a good setup. Fourth , try out some analog extenders like Kontrol Freeks. They help with you literally everything in the game. Not only do they help with grip, but they allow you to be more accurate with your PCI when hitting. It may take some time to get used to them, but they will only benefit you in the long run.

Do some research to see what you may want. Next… have a game plan when you go up to the plate. Take pitches early on, especially with no runners on. Mix it up when you swing first pitch or when you are taking. Sometimes I win games due to patience alone. Anyone can set their controller down and see pitches.