UFC 2 Career Mode: Heavy Bag Hands Drill

The straps seem to be very durable and they have the advantage of keeping the bag more stable and steady than some other bags. Once upon a time Bump before I try again and waste away my Sunday We also recommend it to aspiring MMA fighters who are looking to develop their technique on steady punching bags without injury. Post navigation

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This is because we find them easier to set up and better for home use. This is a pretty good size for standing bags and it provides ample striking surface and multiple target levels that you can use for training.

The bag is made very easy to fill and comes equipped with an internal leak proof system. When the base is filled the entire bag and base weighs in at around pounds. This makes it quite a bit lighter than some other standing bags, like the Century Wavemaster bags , which are pounds.

The actual bag portion of the Training Station is designed with a polyurethane foam layer that is meant to absorb strikes.

The cover material is made from special OcTek fabric that is designed to withstand repeated blows without tearing. Unlike the other two bags we reviewed, this one comes in a more traditional black color and has red lettering down the side.

Also, unlike the OcTek bag we reviewed above, this UFC heavy bag has more traditional chain straps that are used to hang it from a ceiling or wall mount. The MMA Training Bag weighs pounds, which is a good weight for people with some martial arts experience and those with a decent amount of power.

The bag itself is ideal for aerobic fitness users who want to get a good workout in, as well as children and lighter fighters. It is an excellent size for wrestling drills that involve lifting and carrying a punching bag over any distance, which is something that MMA fighters might find themselves doing in training from time to time.

Heavier young fighters lbs and up , however, should consider purchasing a heavier bag UFC bag or another brand in order to properly develop power in their shots as 9 pounds is too light to offer the necessary resistance.

The UFC Training Station is a free standing heavy bag, which is adjustable in height, ranging from 51 inches to 67 inches. The shell of the bag portion is constructed of OcTek material, which is a strong interlocking woven vinyl material. Under the shell you will find a matrix of force dispersing closed cell polyurethane memory foam style padding.

Unfortunately, because of these extra features, as well as some design issues, this UFC bag has a number of drawbacks that might dissuade serious MMA fighters from purchasing it. As a free standing heavy bag, it provides enough padding for aerobic fitness users to strike with hand protection, however we would not recommend it for heavy power kicking as these strikes will go right through and reach the hard plastic centre, which could lead to potential injury.

The filling assembly has some water leaking issues, and a common complaint is that some of the plastic pieces, such as the height adjusting insert or the plastic screws, tend to break after repeated use.

The extra workout features also tend to break down after heavy impact. Therefore, we would not recommend this UFC training bag to serious fighters. Aerobic fitness users may enjoy the size and shape of the bag, so this could be a consideration for them. Heavy Bag Guide Your source for the best punching bags for mma, boxing, kick boxing, Muay Thai, and more! Free Standing , Kits , Reviews. UFC devotees know better.

That means UFC fans know that Rousey and McGregor could easily be back at the top of the mixed martial arts scene later this year — the sport can change that quickly. On the contrary, though, it was exactly as nature intended.

But when McGregor cocked his fist to deliver a blistering left hook, the outcome of the fight had already been determined — by physics. Why did Aldo go down so suddenly back in December? Head movement is especially key, and EA Sports UFC 2 offers full degree movement to protect your noggin from incoming blows.