UFC Fight Night 129 results: Claudio Puelles scores incredible comeback victory over Felipe Silva

Visit the Full Rankings Page. Mairbek Taisumov Round 1 The orthodox Taisumov and southpaw Green immediately start exchanging, with Taisumov establishing himself with hard body kicks alternating with keg kicks. Claudio Puelles scores incredible comeback victory over Felipe Silva. The Latest

Claudio Puelles def. Felipe Silva at UFC Fight Night 129: Best photos

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The exchange seems to wake Green up, and he backs up Taisumov with aggressive flurries of punches until the horn. Round 3 The lightweights exchange on the feet toopen the third round, with Green less willing to give up ground in the early going. By the second minute, however, Taisumov is once again the aggressor, tagging Green with head kicks and lunging straight punches.

With two minutes to go, Green is throwing more volume than Taisumov, but continuing to circle and back away. Taisumov tags Green with another slapping head kick with 90 seconds to go. With 30 second left in the fight, Green shows little urgency, but remains the more active fighter until the horn. The Official Result Mairbek Taisumov def. Desmond Green via Unanimous Decision , , Rustam Khabilov Round 1 Johnson misses with a jab but follows up with a straight right hand over the top that catches the Russian.

Johnson slaps the face of Khabilov with a left high kick just before the horn. Khabilov lands a left hand and shoots again, but Johnson defends the single-leg shot by hopping backward to the wall and then separating. Khabilov times another shot, this time diving under a Johnson left to snatch a single-leg.

Johnson hits the ground this time and immediately rolls underneath, hunting for a heel hook. Khabilov keeps a grinding pace on the mat, being sure to keep Johnson pinned and snuffing out another triangle attempt in between working his ground-and-pound, which keeps the American grounded until the end of the frame.

Round 3 Both lightweights land hard punches in the opening moments, but the pace is otherwise slow in the first minute of the final frame. Johnson catches a shooting Khabilov with a knee to the jaw, then does it again seconds later. Khabilov completes his second takedown attempt, but this time, Johnson is able to hip-bump and stand almost instantly. Khabilov keeps walking forward, eats another stiff jab from Johnson and shoots. Johnson hits the canvas this time, but he immediately wraps up Khabilov in his closed guard.

Khabilov jams him up against the fence, where both men land short punches. Johnson is still hunting for a triangle as he works off his back, and he finishes the round attempting a heel hook. The Official Result Rustam Khabilov def. Kajan Johnson via Split Decision , , R3 5: Yan comes over the top with an ill-intentioned overhand right, then pushes away Son as the Korean fighter attempts to grab a double-leg. Son starts landing his jab about 90 seconds in, but Yan slows down his progress with another big right hand.

Referee Marc Goddard calls for the cageside physician, who quickly clears Son to continue. Yan whiffs on a spinning backfist, drawing a smile and a shake of the head from the Korean Zombie MMA fighter.

Son traps Yan against the fence with an underhook as they enter the final minute of round one. Round 2 Yan comes out stronger in round two, stringing together some heavy combinations that put the Korean fighter in reverse early. No matter how blistering the combination that Yan lands, Son just stands in front of him with a smile on his face. Son scores a takedown, but Yan uses butterfly guard to do some good work from his back, popping Son with a few elbows.

Son nearly mounts, gets pushed back to butterfly guard, so he stands over Yan to drop punches. Yan rolls onto his knees and defends a back-take from Son in the last 20 seconds. Yan reverses to top position, and the bantamweights climb back to their feet before the horn. Round 3 Yan zaps Son with a vicious left hand, but when he tries to follow up, Son slips the combination to plunk the Russian with a left of his own.

Yan steps inside and absolutely slams Son with a standing elbow strike. Yan clinches and tosses Son to the mat, but Son stands up just in time to eat another left. Breaking out of a clinch, Yan blasts Son with a spinning elbow; the strike lands clean, but Son just stands in front of Yan, smiling and calling for more.

Son is finally bleeding from the nose, but otherwise shows no intention of going down. Son absorbs a head kick and swings back to crack Yan with a right. The bantamweights are still swinging when the final horn sounds. The Official Result Petr Yan def. Khalid Murtazaliev Round 1 Dollaway takes the center of the cage and presses out as Murtazaliev circles clockwise around the outside. Just 80 seconds in, Dollaway gets hold of Murtazaliev and hurls him to the ground.

Murtazaliev hurts Dollaway with a thudding liver kick, then takes down Dollaway at the fence. Dollaway climbs back to his feet, only to be ridden back to the mat and socked with a few left hands from the Dagestan native. Dollaway stands again, this time trapped against the wall, where Murtazaliev hits him with knees to the body.

Murtazaliev hits another trip takedown with 40 seconds left. The Russian lands a few elbows, stands to drop punches, and passes to half guard just before the horn. Dollaway steps over to full mount, whereupon Murtazaliev immediately rolls over, exposing his back. Dollaway gets both hooks in, but Murtazaliev peels them away and takes top position.

Dollaway tries to buck and escape, but he winds up on his knees with Murtazaliev in the wrestling ride, blasting him with big shots to the body and head. Dollaway tries to stand, gets a knee to the head and then gets ragdolled to the floor. Murtazaliev has taken control of this fight, punishing an increasingly tired Dollaway as they fight at the base of the fence. Dollaway rolls onto his knees, covering up, and Murtazaliev sees the opening to blast away with big punches.

Referee Herb Dean tells Dollaway to fight back, but Dollaway has nothing left. Dean, in one of the more baffling decisions you will see this year, allows a cowering, fetal Dollaway to survive to the end of the round, even as Murtazaliev mashes away on his head with hammerfists.

After the horn, Dollaway is unable to get to his feet, and referee Dean finally stop the fight. The Official Result Khalid Murtazaliev def.

The welterweights get off to a slow start, with few strikes landed for either man in the opening two minutes. Mostly the fighters test the distance with kicks, but Kunchenko begins firing more punches around the midway point of the round. Round 2 Kunchenko comes out with a bit more aggression and gets a left-handed counter from Alves in return. Alves stays working off his back foot as Kunchenko presses forward, both men landing hard low kicks.

Kunchenko is looking to back up Alves straight into the fence, but the American Top Team product continually circles away. Alves eats a right hand over the top, then lands a switch kick to the body. Alves is landing a steady stream of low kicks, and he follows one with a clean, straight right hand. Another low kick nearly chops Kunchenko to the ground. Kunchenko catches Alves with a nice right hand in the last 10 seconds, but Alves snipes back with a right of his own just before the horn.

The Russian tries to come forward and gets backed up by an Alves straight right, followed by another leg kick. Alves is doing well to dodge and deflect the combinations of the Octagon newcomer here in the final frame. Both welterweights are throwing combinations, but neither is landing many clean punches.

Kunchenko is doing the better boxing, while Alves continues to chop away at his legs with nasty kicks. An inside leg kick catches Kunchenko on the cup, but he needs only a few seconds to recover from the inadvertant low blow. Kunchenko catches a kick and trips Alves backward, falling to the ground at the base of the fence. Alves jumps up again, only to be underhooked against the cage. Kunchenko releases and lands an uppercut, then keeps Alves on the defensive with more straight punches on the outside.

Kunchenko misses with a spinning elbow, and the pounders finish the fight throwing hands. The Official Result Alexey Kunchenko def. Thiago Alves via Unanimous Decision , , R3 5: Shamil Abdurakhimov Round 1 Abdurakhimov tries to get inside for an early clinch, but Arlovski shoves him out of the pocket.

Abdurakhimov allows Arlovski to stand, only to take him back to the floor seconds later. After a stretch of inactivity on the floor, referee Leon Roberts orders the fighters back to their feet with just under two minutes on the clock.

Abdurakhimov ties up again, gets pushed away and chopped down to one knee with a low kick. The slow pace continues in the last 30 seconds, with neither heavyweight committing to any attacks. Arlovski catches an incoming Abdurakhimov with a short right hand just before the horn.

Round 2 Abdurakhimov takes 20 seconds to get inside, clinch and jam Arlovski up against the fence. Arlovski walks him back to the center of the cage, still clinched up, and lands an inadvertant low blow. Same as round one, the big men keep a glacial pace once the fight hits the floor, with Abdurakhimov unable to offer much in the way of offense as Arlovski tries to keep him wrapped up from the bottom.

Arlovski stands up, eating several left hands from Abdurakhimov along the way, and now the veteran is leaking blood from somewhere around his eyes.

Arlovski hits a surprise trip takedown, but Abdurakhimov is back on his feet within seconds. More circling and clinching marks the final 90 seconds of the round, neither man in a rush to do much of anything. Arlovski hits another trip with 15 seconds left, this time keeping Abdurakhimov on the mat until the horn. Round 3 The final round begins with more clinching, then back to circling, throwing sloppy punches before clinching again.

Halfway through the round, neither fighter has done anything to take charge. Arlovski gets a poke to the right eye after Abdurakhimov open-palm pushes away on his face. The fight resumes with 2: They disengage, Abdurakhimov tries a spinning backfist and misses by a mile. They clinch again, Abdurakhimov throws a knee inside and it catches Arlovski on the cup.

Arlovski takes only 30 seconds to recover, and the fight is back on with 60 seconds remaining. Arlovski is sliding backward, seemingly waiting to counter something. He looks at the referee, complaining perhaps of another eye poke, but ref Leon Roberts tells him to fight on. The Official Result Shamil Abdurakhimov def. Andrei Arlovski via Unanimous Decision , , R3 5: Jan Blachowicz Round 1 Krylov backs up Blachowicz with a few kicks, then fires a right hand down then center when he catches the Polish fighter near the fence.

Blachowicz threatens with an armbar, then abandons it and socks Krylov with a backfist from the bottom. Blachowicz sits up and drives forward, instantly flipping the script by putting Krylov on his back. Blachowicz is transitioning all over Krylov here, moving from one side to the other, at one point hunting for a kimura or straight armbar, then back to landing ground-and-pound.

Krylov regains half guard with 70 seconds on the clock. Blachowicz stays heavy on top in the final minute, keeping Krylov pinned and offering the odd punch to the face. Round 2 Blachowicz catches a body kick, turns it into a standing rear waistlock and then uses that to drag Krylov back to the floor, just 40 seconds into the middle frame.

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