Sports Betting Odds Explained

Let's take a look at another example:. You can make your adjustment before the game starts. As in other sports, a prop in football can be anything a casino thinks to offer. Tips On Football Prop Bets

How NFL Betting Lines work

You can be the best handicapper in the world, and you can pick winners with shocking regularity, but if you don't understand odds then you can't know if a bet is worth making, and you probably won't be a winner in the end. Fortunately, understanding sports odds isn't that tough once you figure it all out.

Before we look at the details of things there is one thing to keep in mind - your job as a sports bettor is to determine what you think the likelihood of something happening is and then to compare it to the odds of that event occurring. If the posted odds are better than your anticipated likelihood then you have a bet worth making, but if the odds, or the potential return on the bet, is less than the chances you give the bet of being successful then it is not worthwhile.

Novice or unsuccessful bettors think that sports betting is all about picking winners, but that is only a small part of success. There are a number of different ways that odds can be presented, but they all come down to the same thing. Sports books assign what they think is a fair price for a particular outcome. By fair price I mean that the books try to set a price that is attractive to bettors so that they will bet on it, but not so attractive that they will get too many bets and risk losing money.

Books will adjust the odds once they have been set if they are attracting too much or too little action.

Sports odds can be presented in a number of different ways, but they all represent the same thing in one way or another - the amount you will win if you make a bet and are correct. They express them in different ways, but that's the meaning.

Fractional odds - These aren't the most common in sports betting, but they are the easiest to understand so we will start here. These all represent the different lines that are available on the San Francisco vs. We'll explain each of these lines more in-depth below.

Because most NFL games are mismatches, bookmakers use a point spread to balance out betting action on the two sides. Otherwise, everybody would just wager on the favorites to win, and bookies would be left to cover the difference. So in the case of the 49ers vs. Rams, San Francisco is the favorite at Anybody who wagers on the 49ers would need them to win by 7 points or more for a winning bet.

It's also worth mentioning that a half point is used in many point spreads such as the With a moneyline, the team you pick merely has to win the game. However, the action is balanced out by how much money you stand to win with either side. This is a wager that deals with the two teams going over or under a combined amount of points. In the game involving San Francisco and St.